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  1. Nice video. I was instantly overcome by desire to order one until I checked my bank balance and realized it converted to like 2 euros .
  2. I cant speak for james, but for a lot of people the only reason to want to see was to see WHAT was done. See the pretty picture of 71 wingsuits in formation. Be it 100% slotperfect or 99,9% slotperfect. Its just because of wanting to see something awesome...Not to rate it. Dude, if every request for 'the pic' was as perceived as you say it, this thread would have half as many posts Anyway, being part of something like this is a life enriching experience. Not my thing but would have loved to be in Elsinore during the event just to recharge on the positive energy. Kris
  3. the excel is so people can easily plug in numbers and see how wind effect a comp. If anyone cares that is. And what does the equation compute to 35x45x0.5 divided by 10 or 78.75. We should just bring a tape measure to our next meeting and settle this once and for all eh, Matt
  4. In the above example, 35 down @ 2 and 45 down @ 2.5 the slower falling suit will only win when the tailwind is 79 mph. Isn't that very interesting? If we say the slow suit is falling at 30 mph(30% slower than the other suit) then the tailwind needs to be 45 mph before the race is even. People who are joining the weight watchers program put their hands up.
  5. Your wrong dude!! As an example if the competition is judged over 1000m and Suit 1 : 35mph down @ 2 glide Suit 2 : 45mph down @ 2.5 glide Suit 1 will win in a still wind by 71m. A headwind of 5mph is needed for Suit 2 to win by just over 1m. What happens in downwind? Do you really need to ask? See how wrong you are Jarno . If you like geek speak. The ratio of the downward speeds needs to be smaller than the ratio of the glides for the downwind factor to come into play.
  6. After watching that commercial there is a fact I really wanted to know .
  7. not GTI but the good old Skyflyer.. edit to add: talk about "eliptical" wings..i can`t say i ever seen any bird with eliptical what`s the benefit with that??? just wonder I have not seen any human that looks like a bird either.
  8. kinf of like scallops????? Spitfire!. The benefit in a wingsuit application? who knows
  9. It will be Big for sure so I would put it in the same league as the floating suits out there. SM1, Stealth, etc. Not sure if he is doing this for all suits but I asked him to move the grip outward for the arm wing on mine. Kind of like in the picture. Do you have to ask why? Kris
  10. Not a V3 related post but Martin Frentzl is featured in this really cool video.
  11. You mean he was trying to get the magnets loose? He only did that with the Big SM1 not the smaller one.
  12. Who would have guessed. The anti-GPS man himself . Looks like it works. When jumping with one, do you feel its presence at all? You know I would never jump with one like that as it would ruin my L/D by like 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% Kris
  13. Yup, That can be quite a few secs. Video will solve that problem. Or use a stopwatch Kris
  14. Is it the same guy in this picture? The dude flying the Black/Red V2? Don't want to make another post. Looks like a common habit. Links to pics posted earlier. Pic1 Pic2 Kris
  15. Looks Great!! Man that is some color coordination green and black shoes too
  16. Darren, Order one now. Even with a 12-16 week wait you should get to jump plenty in the sunshine state before any trip next year. luka, When you can match my phantom flights in your new V3 or V10 or whatever, you can talk to me. Kris
  17. That is my opinion. Didn't ask anyone else to follow it. there ya go .
  18. A perfect flock is one that is fun and safe. Things start to become less fun when we take ourselves too seriously. I read lurch's post and think maybe things got all washy towards the end because everyone was trying too hard. Something, I am very familiar with. Take the goal away and just enjoy the experience. Kris
  19. Scott always had me beat in wingsuit numbers and variety owned even in my peak days. Now I have just one(S8). While it is great to have a bunch of suits if I had the option I'd rather have jumping weather and money for lots of jumps/ trips. Kris
  20. Pretty please with sugar on top? Kris
  21. Oh my God! Flockers are killing us with the math. Who would have expected that! Congratulations to everyone involved in the 71 way. Would have been cool to even see this from the ground. This has got me really excited. I went to the DZ this weekend after a year of no jumping. Kris
  22. Looks SEXY. Must be coz I can't have it. Jason F~%k off Kris