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  1. Don, Welcome to the forums!! I am a newbie from the Houston area as well. I did an AFF Level 1 at Lexington, Tx and 5(yahoo!!) jumps last weekend at Skydive Spaceland. My last jump on Sunday was on the sunset load and we jumped from 14.7K. Awesome!! Definately try and get on the sunset load. It is so beautiful!!
  2. Hello! I stopped eating them because I would sometimes feel ill after having a burger or something. It would feel like 10 pounds of cement in my stomach. I decided that if something (other than alcohol) made me feel that sick, then there was something just not right about it. Ooh! Turkey dogs! Good call! How do you get that Burger cooked....rare??
  3. Yeap that's the vibe I am getting from my friends too..... Welcome Trepel. I did my first jump on Oct 5th. Sprained an ankle and I did 5 jumps last weekend. Yahoo!! I look at the blue skies outside and think can I make it to the DZ for one jump today?
  4. Hey Skydiving movies has a static line jump where the guy was doing his first jump and he had a Malfunction, he cut away and landed safely on a round reserve. This is in the students section. This one is a fox sports movie. Check it out and see if its the same one that RealTV played.