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  1. I heard from an Israeli AFP student at our DZ that was talking about going there sometime that they charge an arm and a leg for gear rentals, she said it would workout cheaper if she owned altimeter(certain about this), don't know about jumpsuit, helmet etc though.
  2. Did'nt the media jump all over Guvnor Ahhnold for saying something like that, years ago. Granted he did'nt say "if you do it the right way"
  3. I know firsthand that skydiving makes you lose weight. So is skydiving better than sex!!? It's like eating the cake and having it too.
  4. Check out this page.
  5. Geek Just printed it, my G4 is due in a couple of weeks.
  6. I went directly to that version from 1.17. My Neptune freaked out, doubled a couple of my exit altitudes (ff time and average speed remains normal) and shifted around the dates of my jumps without any obvious pattern. I had to change the date on every jump I uploaded, with an exception of five that Paralog won't take because they're from the future. I suspect this was because the "new" battery I used when upgrading apparently wasn't so new after all. None of my jumps were made this year so I did'nt have that issue. The system date was like way off. The alti-2 site does mention the date issue. Correct your system date on the neptune ASAP.
  7. I updated my neptune to 2.0.14 and got the Paralog update from Klaus, I was able to download and save.
  8. I have noticed that most order forms have a comments section. Maybe that is a good place to put all these things. However it is a better idea to have an explicit question. That way people don't forget.
  9. It should be on the sony support website. The crappy sony software that is....
  10. KrisFlyZ

    I'm done

    Thanks for everything Derek!! You will be missed. All the very best in everything you do.
  11. There is an error in this. The shape of the area in which the canopy will land if wind speed is less than canopy speed will still be a circle. However the center of the circle is shifted by w*(h/d) units in the direction of the wind. In high winds however the shape is an ellipse and the center of the ellipse is shifted the same w* (h/d) units in the direction of the wind. This ofcourse does'nt mean much in the real world.
  12. Very good point, I won't jump if I don't have coverage. Where can I find information on getting insurance that would cover skydiving.
  13. I was not saying anything derrogatory about the software. Was disappointed I could'nt play with Paralog(I had spent all of 20 mins on it...including installation) when I made the above post. I would not have posted that if I was smart enough to realize it might be interpreted in a bad way.
  14. Just did, have been thinking about it for a while.
  15. I just got my license today. I am having the same problems you are having. Can't save.
  16. You can also send it back to Alti-2 for the upgrade. The upload and data downloads are via an InfraRed port so no wires but the process is similar. It is very easy if you have alaptop with an IR port. Most times its not an issue but sometimes you might need help with the initial setup, then its a breeze. There seem to be enough software/ tech saavy people in this sport, so it should not be too difficult to get someone to help you out.
  17. I had 2 accidents within an hour of each other, the second one actually as I was pulling out of the police station after filing a report. The car was a 1999(this was in 1999) Mitsu Eclipse GS-T. I had owned it for less than a month old at the time.