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  1. Edited : The option 1 should say Driving A post from the incidents forum. Not really 40000 might be a big number compared to 23 but the number of drivers in the US is much much bigger number compared to the number of skydivers in the US. Say a skydiver makes 2 jumps a day on average(I think it might be less), a driver on average makes atleast 2 trips. I am sure the number of trips made in a year in the US is well into the billions. On a percentage of jumps to fatalities vs auto deaths to auto trips, driving is safer.
  2. KrisFlyZ


    2624 to altitude and one hop and pop. And yes I like to get my taxes done early. I will be moving to Canada in Q2 and its going to be worse. 18% sales tax and 40% income tax.
  3. I did 23 jumps this year. Did my first jump on Oct 5th an AFF1, twisted left ankle. Started AFP on Nov 1st after a tandem and did 22 jumps until nov 28th when I broken the left ankle. It could have been 50. What do jump numbers mean to me anyway? I am just a fun jumper who likes to wear a "No Fear" T-Shirt
  4. The maximum size main a voodoo container holds is a 170. So I did'nt even think it existed. What's the street price of a Voodoo??
  5. Thanks for the offer. I am in a cast and can't jump. As for the party? I think I will rest and keep the leg out of harms way
  6. Staying in most likely. Will go have a real nice dinner. A nice steak......wait Mad Cow. I thinks Sushi!!!
  7. "Am I cool because I skydive, or do I skydive because I'm cool?" Neither!! I think skydiving is cool.
  8. Have Fun!! I miss NY City sometimes. Its an awesome place.
  9. Amen, sista! I always do a little victory dance when i stand up my landings. And Kris, I don't think that you got the fact that Jessica got the sarcasm in PhillyKev's post (), thought it was funny, and was simply adding on some of her own. At least that's the way I took it, because I thought both posts were very witty.
  10. I usually don't get on websites from work. Our company is closing down so I spend a lot of time on the web now. At home its a different story. Never learnt the "Art of PW" though
  11. I think its a good thing that Aerodyne set a precedent by including all the popular options in the base price instead of charging an arm and a leg for options. This is a good thing for us.
  12. Dove!! Actually Billvon for the save!!
  13. I was jumping the Sabre 190 before the incident.
  14. I have thought about that a Spectre 210 would fit my container and so would a PD210. So which one of those?
  15. The Problem : You want someone to make less money than you. That is outside your control, instead try and make *more* money yourself. Try and get a job as a teacher maybe?
  16. No I am not jumping with unhealed injuries. I will be enjoying a few months of "picnic bench jumping" sipping a hot beverage or a cold beer. My Mirage G4 M5 is in production right now(paid a pretty penny for that). The largest Sabre 2 it will fit is a 190. I will start back on the Sabre 230 and go thru the whole canopy progression again. Maybe I'll just store that and get an old H/C that can hold a ZP 230.
  17. For freefall speed I like MPH. Under canopy ft/sec. Yes I have an Alti-2 Neptune.
  18. I am not jumping for the next 4 months atleast. Until I can get back to running my 3 miles in 20 mins everyday.
  19. The DZO recommended a Sabre 2 170. But then he was going to sell me one so....
  20. I have 23 jumps total. I started on a Sabre 230 and moved to the Sabre 190(via the 210) on my 18th jump. I don't have issues with flying a pattern and most of my landings were accurate to 30 m. I completed the accuracy requirements for the A-license around the 16th jump. I weigh 170(with Cast etc.) now. I would be loading the 190 at 1.05. I will be not be jumping if the conditions even seem remotely unsavoury. So is 1.05 too much? I will be starting out again on the 230(due to the incident posted by me) and working my way down.
  21. Good luck with your resolutions!! I have not thought or made any resolutions. Thanks for reminding :)
  22. Its the eyes!! I can't believe they are'nt in the poll.
  23. I have a Mirage on order myself. Its just a plain Black and silver G4 with my name on one of the ring covers.