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  1. Try sitting in an airplane that is descending like a jumpship that is'nt pressurized. I was at the DZ yesterday, just purchased an observer ticket and went back up, just to get the feeling of being at 14K. On the way down it felt like my ears would start bleeding. I did the hold your nose and pressurize and nothing happened. Hmm, I never felt anything wrong with my ears when I was jumping. I asked the pilot and he showed me the same thing...this time I did it longer like for 15 secs...until I felt the air escaping thru the ears. Much better now. Try doing that thing longer??
  2. Yes, and they probably look like Jabba the Hut You would actually be surprised. I was referring to the car one in the original post.
  3. ROFLMFAO!!! Kelly I used to race this car and I've seen a few cars like the one posted in person. There is actually a few women out there that think cars like the one in the picture are cool.
  4. Cheapo!! You live in England and won't even pay me in GBPs??
  5. Do you think my All PD Silver(which is more like charcoal) with black ribs canopy would be difficult to see? Even during the day??
  6. Yes...just when things were getting exciting.......
  7. Its a Crossbow. A workout machine thingie. I did'nt finish putting that thing together before I broke my ankle so it is now serving as a rig hanger. I think it will make itself useful during rehab.
  8. I am a software programmer. The cutaway handle has been reffered to as the "Oh Shit" handle so......
  9. I am stuffing a Sabre 2 190, Silver with black ribs(internal only)...on order. I will wait until I am ready to jump to put a reserve and AAD in that thing. The wingloading will be between 1.05(present weight based) and 1.10(usual weight based). I plan to drop a few pounds(12% fat is a bit much for me) as well. Hopefully I can drop enough to keep it below or close to 1.0.
  10. Congratulations on your G3!! I won't be able to jump for the next few months and even then I won't be current so I will start back on the 230 and downsize to the 190 (that is what this one holds). so MOAN:::::::GROAN still jealous??
  11. Here are a few pics of my New Mirage and the eight hundred dollar rig hanger It was delivered 5 weeks to the day after I ordered, Christmas and New Years included.
  12. Hmmm, Did'nt I see that video before? Stevie was kind enough to show me that video(on his camera) it looked very cool but I did'nt know I was looking at a World Record!!!. Very Cool!!!!!!!!!
  13. I made one jump on Oct 5(AFF1 my first jump), twisted ankle. Did'nt make a jump until Nov 1st. Made 22 jumps in Nov before breaking my ankle on the 28th. I plan to spend some tunnel time before getting back to jumping again. I should be ready for the tunnel mid Feb and be able to jump in March. I just received my Mirage G4 today
  14. As I was walking into the lobby of my apartment complex, it hit me, 5 weeks ago I had ordered my Mirage G4!! Has it arrived? I was'nt expecting it to be there, and since I am injured was not really bothered about it being hypothetically late. I asked the security guy at the reception. "If it is there it is a big package" I said. Sure enough, there it was!!! 5 weeks to the day with Christmas and the New Year holidays, I was expecting a delay. It's Gorgeous!!! Will post pics later. Thanks JP!!
  15. KrisFlyZ

    Friday quiz

    The reason 270 mph came up is because of a common misconception. If you travelled for the same amount of time and two different speeds, the average speed is the sum of the speeds divided by 2. But this is just a special case and not always true. If you travelled between points A and B(distance d miles) and travelled one direction at 90 mph and the other direction at 270 mph the average speed is not 180 mph. It is 2d divided by d/90 + d/270 i.e 135 mph. Average velocity = Total distance / total time The problem is an example to illustrate what many posters(kallend first) have said; If you have covered an nth part of a fixed distance d at an average speed of w, you cannot in the remaining distance travel fast enough(lets say v) to make the total average speed n times w. Equation 1 :(d/n)*w + (n-1)*d /n*v = d/n*w this indicates that v is infinity. The equation above is the time for travelling the first nth part of the distance or the distance d divided by n at an average speed of w. (d/n)*w The remaining part or ( n-1/n ) * d at v for a time of d * (n-1)/(n*v). for the average speed to be n*w Equation 1 must be true. which says (n-1)*d /n*v = 0 or that v is Infinity. since Michael Schumacher does'nt use an Infinity he cannot do it.
  16. Congratulations Jeremy. You have the coolest Mom!!
  17. Funny noise could be the hard drive getting ready to die also. Backing up your data would be wise. You do not need a router if you just want to use the laptop now to connect to the net via your existing DSL. You can get a Network card for your laptop at BB or CC. The DSL service provider might give you a free Laptop network card and set it up. Talk to them. As far as backing up data, you might have to use the method Dave suggested, an external Hard drive is the best solution, only problem is I don't know if your PC has a USB or FireWire port.
  18. You would need a router. Yes the guys at CC/BB can help you.