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  1. Ok folks, no more PF suits will be sold to me so I can't buy a V3. Please continue with regularly scheduled programming. Kris
  2. It was not my intention to imply 2 steps back. I did say arm wings. As discussed earlier the V2 had a solid leg wing so overall being better than the V1, it does not IMO make an argument that the shoulder inlets are better for the arm wings. As the V3 is here what's the point arguing about outdated suits? I know I started it. Kris
  3. Yes, we're the same size. I demoed direct from the manufacturer, oddly enough. But I did like the V2 and flew it almost exclusively for the past 200ish WS jumps, so maybe it still comes down to preference on whether you will like the next Vampire. Nothing odd about you demoing one. People like to hear positive things. No offense, you are a self confessed known positive. I am an unknown that used to be a known positive( as a guy that pre ordered two previous generation Vampires, counting down the days to the release). As for my questions about a possible demo/order, I'll take them up to Robi. If you are so happy with a V2, why change it? We, the ones that moaned for something better all along will get V3s? Nah kidding, everyone wanting the fastest suit should get one because it is finally here. That is just my opinion, you guys make up your mind. Have you stopped to think for a second why Robi changed the V2? In such a radical way? The V3 is closer to the V1 than it is to the V3*. Go ahead, ask the man yourself. The direction that the V3 has gone says it loud and clear. The V2 design ideology(shape over inflation) for the arm wings has been dropped. It is in the dumpster outside the PF Factory. Kris * Chuck mentioned this over two years ago and his suggestion met with a lot of skepticism(me included). He was right.
  4. what if the dude is all muscle? weight equals speed. I was 200 lb in that yellow v1 pic. 30ish secs from exit to reach the LZ at ITW(1st jump) You order a V3 jakee?
  5. non metric vendors got sued in London. Did you just call all Americans gay? Darren, Very tempted to order V3. Would be nice to do a month to six week trip of the big Walls. I totally miss the hiking. Drop me an email dude. 3-2-1-order v3 Kris
  6. Yes, very impressed. PF has outdone themselves again and raised the level of high-performance WS. I'm excited enough that when I get it I'll begin training on it in whatever silly-low temps we'll have here at the time. Hey, where did you demo one? Me and you are the same size unless I am confused. 6'2", 175 lb? Kris
  7. First I am very intrigued by the attachment system...can't see it. Interesting things I can see are a) Based on the amount of Orange(leading edge) I am guessing that the wing of this suit is 'thinner' compared to older models(attached pic of V1). Compared to Phantom(thickest part of the wing was 7" on mine and about 11" for the V2) and it also looks like the arm portion of the wing is not designed to inflate. Tony? James? b) The inlet runs from the shoulder to the MLW hole and is air locked? That is a HUGE inlet but otherwise the same concept as a V1? Kris
  8. Me getting out more? I have done quite a bit of that lately. I think I am ready to settle down and this getting around isn't helping. It is a bit self perpetuating. As for the my crotch, I have to by XL condoms . Its for the girth, more than 5 and 1/4 inches. Couldn't resist, know you love it when I post numbers Kris
  9. Do you think I care about what you think most people on this forum think of me? People can think for themselves. As for the hug, it is because you seem like you need to ridicule others to feel happy. Hardly behavior that is expected from a 'Big cat' Do you have any information that you would like to share with us that is relevant to this thread? How many jumps do you have in a Phantom, V1 or a V2? Kris
  10. Oh and yea. Viagra doesn't make you better in bed it just helps you to stay in bed longer, even if you are finished. Well, you would have made it back if you could hold it a bit longer . Finished or not! Kris
  11. Well its not that simple. Its easy to say that just because a suit demands a better pilot, there is an error in the suit. If you think about a Fomula 1 car andd compare that to a BMW M5. Both of them are fast cars, teh BMW has a V12 engine and is fast as hell. but the formula 1 is about 100km/h faster.... Pretty much everybody can drive a BMW M5 in 220 km/h on a big road. But only specially trained drivers can drive a Formula 1 in 320 km/h. If I sat in the formula on I would either drive of the road and crash or I would drive it slower or take the curves wrong and loose speed. can you se what Im saying? Over all the phanome is not a faster suit than the vampire no.... their maximum speed is different. But you need to be a better pilot to use that extra speed the vampire has. good luck. As a car enthusiast and Top Gear fan, I must point out that the M5 has a V10 . Agree with you that the V suits are faster than the Phantom. So Formula One pilots like yourself and your friend could not fly a V1 for 5700 ft (1750m) efficiently, there is no way 'Joe the wingsuit skydiver' is flying efficiently with the Vampire at break off. Its not the arrow, its just that the Indian needs something stronger than Viagra. Out of curiosity, How far is the landing area at this 1900m site? Kris
  12. Oh Well. Can't win then . Kris
  13. to put it simply, quoting T: it's not the arrow, it's the indian sometimes the indian needs a different arrow, only good indians are aware of that I am the Indian in this forum . Kris
  14. Martin, Thanks for taking the time to write that post. A number of things you have posted about the head position, shoulder position, the angle of the arm wing attachment and the consequences of that on body position and the ability to make a smaller angle with the arm wings and torso are very good points and I totally agree with you. To put it simply, the V1 and the V2 don't perform consistently because of all the reasons discussed above. So it is not a big surprise why a consistently flying Phantom will fly better most of the time than a Vampire as the original poster noted. Kris
  15. Absolutely agree that big pressure in the wings is a good thing and that the V3 with what you just said about inflation would be easier on the arms. As a side note, I think that the V2 performance increase over the V1 was from a more consistently inflated leg wing that does not flap. As a result of that, the contribution of the V2 arm wing inlet changes to improved performance, in my mind is not that significant. Can you explain what these skills(other than strength) are needed to fly a Vampire vs a Phantom? What do you mean by more faster and more aggressive? I understand faster(much bigger leg wing, so, more drive) but do not understand 'faster and more aggressive'. How are these skills different between these two suits, for a person that has already figured out how to fly fast and steep? Kris
  16. My experience has been that I never felt in about 50 jumps on the V2 that the suit(my particular one...not generalizing) had the potential to fly much better than the Phantom as I expected. My estimate was that they were about the same in performance with the V2 being a pain in the butt for the resulting performance. Now comparing the Phantom I flew to the V2 I flew is comparing apples and oranges. With the Phantom, the instant I stepped out of the airplane, I knew the suit had potential. As a fellow phantom flier, you certainly know that feeling. The V2 wing uses the same ribs as a V1 wing and there is no obstruction to adding V1 style inlets on the V2. I added those and used two wristbands on each arm to try and 'plug' the big holes at the end. See attached pics. The V2 on the other hand, the arm wings never inflated well enough, even with the V1 style inlets added. The V1 had a leg wing that was too long and that caused flapping at times. The V3 based on the pictures posted looks to be a suit that is designed to inflate solidly. If that is the case, it would not surprise me if it performed as much as 30% better for the same person than a Phantom 1 would. Kris
  17. For the same guy, if he knows how to fly both suits, will the Vampire perform much better than the Phantom? I guess the original poster's question could be reduced to that. Kris
  18. What does this mean? Will this have a big impact on the election? Kris
  19. Never got to use em...or get meaningful video as I tried to do it solo last year. It wasn't as successful as masturbation . Kris
  20. Ok, will do when I get the opportunity. Good point, the wind tunnel they did those tests in is probably only good for much smaller scale objects. Kris
  21. Can we dismiss the ass-pouch? The pics here seem to show that there is a somewhat for lack of a better word 'attached' flow. Norwegian Windtunnel pic here And this pic from tonysuits wingsuit page of the Intro looks like it has a deflector. If it is the guys butt than he has Scott Bland beat!! Kris
  22. What I find most funny is that relative to anything else that flies, both our "floating" and our "flying" are both crap. A glide ratio of 1.5:1 vs 2.5:1 is not really a world of difference. Both are pretty much "falling at an angle"... no bird or pilot would describe either as "gliding." We are massive air deflectors at best. Fortunately, it's still hella fun, and when you have the right visual references, it still feels like you're flying (but so can simple tracking). There is a clear difference in the way 'flying' vs 'floating' feels whichever one the person flying chooses to do more of. Kris
  23. It does look like the Intro has a butt deflector.