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  1. Simply chasing after the slowest average fall rate will only cultivate bad flying habits. Learn all flight modes between trying to get the slowest fall rate to spending a segment of the flight trying to fly to some place. It is just like making a turn, think about it(I want to go there) and the rest of the stuff is intuitive. Anything close to 50mph is a good. I don't know who these top pilots are but no one of your height and weight has flown 32mph average(from 13k to 3k) in a classic suit.
  2. By all means, prove me wrong. I'll gladly part with the money
  3. If I were you Id rather take that back. Glide 3.7, but how long? Thanks for the advice . After consideration of that I have raised the amount to £1000. Kris
  4. I am speaking about balance for speed and glide. If that suit can do 3.7 with that pilot in no wind, I will pay the manufacturer £500. How about that? Fair enough? 3.7 is more than anyone has measured in a competition. No one has proved flying 3.0 in no wind. It is natural to be skeptical. Brand wars? Robi won't sell me a suit. So what company do I represent? Kris
  5. Just saw a better picture of this suit in flight(on the website). The balance if the suit is all wrong. It looks nothing like a V 1/2/3. More like a S1 with V suit arm wings and a Rigor Mortis style attachment and butt deflector. Would like to see some backing for claims of the 3.7. Kris
  6. A 2D shape does not make a design unique. It(balance) is a constraint if the required outcome is a suit that is easy to glide in. The 'Gibolin' suit as I interpret from the pictures, has implemented the obvious next step of improvement on balance. Smoother wing materials. Kris
  7. Cool! Were you flying at Headcorn? Had to miss it due to an injury.
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    Neither picture is presented as an example of great inflation!
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    How well an inlet works depends on how much of its opening area points into the relative wind. In the attached picture, the inlet is marked in red. As one can see, how well the inlet works depends on how much pressure the pilot puts on the wingtip. It is always better to fly relaxed than tear the wing apart. Look at the leg wing in the below picture(overextended.jpg). That is an example of how not to do it .
  10. A real wingsuit competition(one that is a test of pilot skill only) would be one that tests the skill of the pilot. This example is like Drag racing vs racing in Finland(anyone see that episode of Top Gear?...or fellow Finns help please!). Drag racing : put loads of money(area in wing suiting) into the car and win. Finland : Race is around a kind of like a rally circuit and at the end of the race any competitor can walk up to any other competitor and buy their car for a predetermined amount(like $1000). It keeps the competition honest and only a skilled driver will be able to win. Maybe that's why Finland has a history of producing great Rally drivers. For wing suit competitions to be tests of skill only, there would need to be too many weight and height classes to make it practical. And there would need to be restrictions on suits area or have an additional round where the pilots swap suits. That seems to be a popular notion. To each his own.
  11. Great flying(bet Yuri wouldn't go near it for his D/L Hall of fame) and fantastic video. As far as companies taking advantage, don't blame them. It's not personal, it's just business. Don't turn in your videos/edits to someone without specifying your expectation on the credit you expect to get. In fact, get some kind of a written agreement even if it is just an email on your working arrangements. Kris
  12. Or atleast use the winds aloft forecast instead of using ground wind data. Every DZ has that information.
  13. Drag coefficients of Convertibles and coupes of the same model car tested experimentally and published as part of the specs. Which one do you think has more drag?
  14. He's the world's best whiner, he can say whatever he wants. His whine/contribute ratio is pretty high actually. W:C approaching infinity. Did no one else see the original post as funny? Considering this reaction was known to be certain. Kris
  15. Don't you want more drag when flying a wingsuit so you could get more lift? Drag The good thing about this suit is that its balance is different. As far as having lesser drag, sure it will have lesser drag than a suit of the same area and balance that a suit with a planform like the other Tony suits(other than the SM-1 XS) due to flying a shallower angle. The idea of making the wings to match the rig thickness was done by the JiiWings guys on their GS1. Unfortunately, adding thickness to reduce drag is not a good idea.
  16. Right around the time they did the Stealth? Grow up man There is only so many ways to arrange wingsuit area around a human form.
  17. He's being sarcastic. There is no 'new' suits left to make. Just new to the manufacturer.
  18. Awesome!! Very nice implementation of a suit with a faster speed balance.
  19. Only if you turn off the backlight
  20. We'll let you off this time because you are drunk Mack! Next time we'll refuse to make suits for you.
  21. A few years ago I would have agreed with that but after flying suits with simple locks that are made of materials lending to increased torsional cell stiffness and the locks effectiveness, I'm going to disagree. My comment(was mistake) is limited to one design of airlocks(for hole in the wing inlets). Is this opinion based on flying the same design with and without the airlock? Jarno, As far as X-bracing goes, that is to reduce deformation and maintain a thinner wing shape. Airlocks as far as my knowledge goes were introduced to make the canopies handle better in turbulence. As for better pressurization and arm strain, I have been saying that since 2005 . Having an airlock on an inlet for a wing that has a) Vent at the root or at the wrist (you know the design I am talking about, can post a picture if needed) and / or b) Is not air locked at the sleeve is wrong on priorities.
  22. Inlets work best when most of the opening area faces ( is at 90 degrees to) the relative wind. Airlocks are only needed for acrobatic suits to lock the opening on the upper surface and serve no purpose on regular suits.
  23. No Really!! That is how it is. It is no conspiracy
  24. Sure. Unless a zillion ribs are added any wing that pressurizes well will deviate from the design airfoil shape in between the ribs. In the attached picture, only one state(black airfoil shape) is shown. If the tension is released on the wing span, the airfoil will inflate and take a shape like the shape drawn in green. Relaxing the tension will also allow the trailing edge to be lifted up by the air etc etc...but that is a different discussion.