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  1. A friend told me that exact technique and it was just like you said; like I was falling faster and would not go as far. Instead I went much further and the controllability was a lot more at the faster speed.
  2. That was one of the suits a friend had who could not keep up with me. He is now considering buying a P2.
  3. Just a follow-up / review of my new PF Phantom 2. What a great suit to start on. I have about 20 jumps on it so far and have no adverse issues to report. This is a great first flight suit and now that my initial jumps are over I can't believe the range of flight characteristics it has. Ive slowed it down to an average of 49mph for slow flight and out raced a variety of other suit when pushing it. Even beginning flocking seems fairly easy. As a new wingsuiter I thought wingsuits would "in general" be sharply aggressive and a handful to control; this is not that suit. Your inputs are really minimal to fly it and if you just relax, your body naturally conforms to a decent flight position. Basic acro is fun and stable. In a nut shell I enjoy this suit tremendously. There seems to be alot of great suit on the market these days. The PF Phantom2 is definately one of them. It is obviously tried, true and very tuned. Thank's for all the advice on this site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5jeo3qWHG4 Video:15th jump out of King Air Mark
  4. Ok all is well. A mistake was made. I am amazed how Morpheous Technologies and PF responded. They are a first class professional companies. I look forward to my next purchase from them. The quality of my suit is off the hook. I can't wait to jump it this weekend.
  5. I did pay the $60. I guess they messed up the order. I'll call tomorrow.
  6. I just got my new phantom 2 and was wondering if I got the backfly inlets that I ordered with the suit. Are they hidden inside the suit or big inlets like the front? I'll attach a pics. The quality is great. I'm very impressed.
  7. I think my question is answered. Not anticipating base anytime soon. Thank's for the input!!
  9. Distal bicep ruptures are significant injuries. If you want to continue skydiving I would have it repaired. This injury if not repaired is associated with a 40% loss of arm flexion, 40% loss of forearm supination (moving palm upward), and a 15% loss of grip strength. The surgery is the easy part. Most commonly I repair these with a 1 incision approach, (in front of the elbow). Although some do it with a 2 incision approach, (front and back of arm). The hard part is the rehab and recovery. Expect 6-12 months for full recovery. Most do very well, but you have to follow your rehab closely. You will be non-weight bearing for a while on that arm. You will then slowly progress your weight bearing status. In the end you should do well and expect AT LEAST 6 months until you skydive again, unless you want to take the risk of rerupture. Mark Duber Orthopedic Surgeon
  10. I am an orthopaedic surgeon. Buff is on track with how the costs work. I guess this is a plug for Blue Skies Mag., but I will be doing an article on the 10 most expensive orthopedic injuries in skydiving and base jumping. I'm aiming for June/July issue at this point.
  11. I never had an individual schetch made for the suit. I had them make one similar to the pictured EVO suit on the site b/c I liked it so much and it matched my container and canopy. Red/Black/Charcoal. I'll put pics up once I get it. I have seen alot of nice Bev suits. You'll be happy with it.
  12. Post pics of your EVO suit so I can get even more impatient as I just ordered one. Can't wait to get it!!!
  13. The N3 is great!! Made 9 jumps in one day at z-hills on the 23rd. Easy to read and very compact. It is very easy to use. I still have to link it to my computer but no compaints so far.
  14. Just to fill in everyone. I *finally* got a response. EG lives!! Here it is 9 weeks later. "ok I will send you the bag soon.. sorry for being so late....if I can't send you .. I will refoud the amount.. thank you Eg" I support him for traveling and promoting his products. I just wish he would have let me know up front that there would be a excessive delay. I leave for Z-Hills Monday and I was hoping to have the bag for the trip. Either way It will be used alot once I get it. Mark
  15. Here is the email I sent today to resolve this issue. I'll keep you posted ***** EG I need to know if I have to cancel my order. I paid for my bag 8 weeks ago. I bought it with the intent of using it for travelling to DZ destinations this winter. Nowhere on your website was it stated that you would be gone for an extended amount of time. I could have bought another bag from another company and had it with much time to spare. I leave for Z-Hills on the 19th of December and again for Skydive Arizona on Janurary 10th. When can I expect the bag? If it is going to past these jump dated please cancel my order and refund my money. I look forward to your response.