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  1. It's $3.22 here in Statesboro and the nearest DZ is 2h30min...and will really affect when the AV-GAS and JET-A price hike up the lift tkt price.
  2. I don't see why not. Most Dz's are subsidizing the cost of fun jumpers with the small margin from Tandems and AFF. I know it sucks, but we may see $25.00 per lift tkt sooner then later.
  3. Here in Statesboro, filled up Laurel's car at $2.67 parked her car, got into my car and drove to the same station and was hit with $3.22 per gallon. The gas station attendant said it may go up to $4.00 by tomorrow. Wondering what's happening with AV-GAS and JET-A prices and what's going to do to lift tkt prices ???
  4. Our thoughts and prayers. Vic and Laurel
  5. stl135

    tony suits

    always had an excellent service from Tony and his crew.
  6. Chambersburg, PA. Look up at Have fun !
  7. Not hiding...Had my son with me for July...We will be back. Yes, I jump that 182 any time. Later, Vic
  8. she is already in the US...READ.
  9. I think Clint is doing the right thing...all around...and the reality is, still cheap. Keep it up Clint.
  10. One more reason to be there...put my cooler in the motorhome, so you will not forget.... edited to add:you can fill it up,hehehe
  11. NO. You've got work to do; I am taking your slot and Laurie will be there, too. Vic
  12. Come on don't have jump "that KA"...jump the CASA...
  13. I live one hour south of Augusta, that would be really nice for a bunch a people including my wife and I. But, have you look at an aerial photo of Daniel Field? Have considered the proximity to Bush Field? Have you......????? Besides economics that are lot of other things to consider and believe me, just because is federally funded airport does NOT mean that getting permission to use it for skydiving on the regular basis it's easy. PM me if like to discuss it further. I do what Katie said...I drive to Monroe or to St. George. Vic
  14. Based on the description of the incident above and previous comments: BIG lesson number ONE: If you cutaway, you WILL pull the reserve handle. It's like: exhale, inhale...there is no alternative. If you CAN NOT pull the reserve handle, then don't cutaway and use what you have to slow down and pray for the best. It's's from first jump's a survival's simply's purely basic... If a jumper cutaway and do not pull the reserve, I would have some serious talk to understand why and help the jumper evaluate his/her place in the sport. VM
  15. In case your not satisfied with your search in the UK, there are dropzones in Brazil where the staff can communicate in English. Go to the Brazilian Association website: or to the Azul do Vento website(no desrepect to others) and find the one that can help you. Do your search and keep in mind that your adding a difficulty fact (language) to your AFF course. How about Spain ?
  16. There are good places in the UK for you to take your AFF course, check the British Parachute Association website to get a list of drop zones and call them, explain your situation, they should be able to assist you. Here is link: or better, yet: Good luck...
  17. Are the pic's on the main page at Skydive Chicago ? Sure looks like it.
  18. Yes, it is a chance for the DZ to re-open. Unfortunaly I can't get into details without breaking the forum rules. Consider my limited english. PM or e-mail me directly and I will be glad to tell you more... Vic
  19. Due to personal circumstances that conflicts with the DZ demand for my time, Skydive Statesboro is closed. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.
  20. Trying to post an ad, website gives me this error: "Unable to find category with ID '5'." Any ideas ??????