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  1. Skydive DeLand is hosting a weekend of fun in the sun. Brave the heat and come play with us! Friday July 10: 4-Way Scrambles with Hal Spence and Frank Arenas Saturday July 11: Big Ways with Tim Webb Sunday July 12: Track & Field with Micah Couch and Nick Scott-Tomlin Don't miss out! See you all there.
  2. Mike, hope you can rest now - bsbd
  3. Hey Scotty, Tami, tommy and herc. I can't make it either. Happy Birthday Scotty!!!!!! be safe, Vic
  4. Ditto. On Friday, I was set to go to another DZ in NC then a buddy of mine said that he was going to MAD Boogie - Glad I changed my plans - Great vibes, fun jumps with some old and new friends.
  5. That's right: It's a girl and her name is Phoenix. Born last night at 10PM in Kansas. Mom, Baby and Dad are well.
  6. Bob Holler: One year since your earthly life was taken. Hoping that you are happy and in peace. I miss you, my friend. Until we meet again. Vic
  7. jumping in Deland...USPA meeting in Orlando...dinner in Orlando...I'll be there...
  8. I'm with lauraliscious on this: Let's wait to hear from Brandy. Vic
  9. Lee; don't worry about the fire-wire or altimeter you forgot to take with you. When Bob is showing things around just ask him for sushi - I'm sure he knows a good one. Until we meet again...
  10. Bob; make sure Lee didn't forget anything around here. Remember, the first thing he is going to ask when you two meet is: "Any sushi around here ?" Taking care of him while we get there. Until we meet again...
  11. Lee, until we meet again. Brandy, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. Yes, 113 is the new POPS World Record - CONGRATS !
  13. Well deserved and overdue recognition Congrats Norm !
  14. You will have to drive north to Fortaleza or South to Joao Pessoa
  15. Thanks Lee. Did the 8-way B.O.B. scrambles yesterday at Skydive Deland. Still, not the same without him. After sunset, we all gathered at the restaurant to watch the 8 way videos, after that played a dvd with footages of the Holler's Whatever Ways and there were a lot of teared eyes. Miss you there.
  16. Laurel and I had a great time ! Thanks to Skydive Deland and the Ya-Ya's.
  17. I heard this from a long-time jumper: "Skydiving has 3 enemies: Gravity, Government entities, and pettiness among jumpers." Be safe !
  18. You're right ! Today would've been Bob Holler's 51st earthly b-day. Celebrate his life, honor the memories. edited to add: Laurel says; "Hoist a Sam Adams"
  19. Laurel asked me to post: "I am working on it. I will finished it when we return from Deland, give me few days."
  20. Just sent PM to add Laurel and I to the list.
  21. Johnny, Muff, muff... Have fun and love life wherever you are! Vic Moreira Muff brother #2361
  22. Trey: Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for another great Freeflight Festival. Aircraft support: Great! Jumpers: Great ! Everybody was looking-out for each other. Food: What can I say: The Carbone's did it again. Party: FANTASTIC ! and 2 Georgia POPS records, a 14 way and a 20 way.