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  1. Thanks for the info Dave. May I make a correction? The hotel is Hometown Inn and there's a link from the dz website.
  2. Mark your calendars...With RW and Freeflying organizers...
  3. Skydive Statesboro will host a Coach's Course on March 25-27, 2005... Contact Course Director JR Sides at (717) 264-1111 for more detailed information.
  4. While we wait to hear(read) what else Chris has to say.... Skydive Statesboro staff would like to THANK all of you that came out to play with us. Keep in touch, 'cause, while we fly the 182, more turbinessss are in the works for Skydive Statesboro. Till then...Be Safe.
  5. Weather kept us from going to 14K...We had no choice but, do hop&pops...The weather experts promised sunny and blue skies for tomorrow...Still time to come out and play.
  6. Quick reminder !!! Caravan will be ready to fly FRIDAY morning.
  7. What is with the face ?? humm?? You don't want to be here...Guess what buddy??? We will have chicks, too. OK ? What do you care ? You are married. hahahaha
  8. Our prayers and good ))))))vibes(((((( out for you and your mother. Be strong and be there for her.
  9. StatesBORO is located 45 min West of Savannah. For more info look us up on the web at:
  10. Hey Chris, Sent out an e-mail, reminding everybody on our list. For those who are not on our list, go to our website and sign up. We will have with the roamingDZ jumpers, some of tallahassee crowd, some CRW Dawgs, our regulars, our recent graduates, our AFF students, tandem students.........
  11. Congrats, both you !! Hope to see you(both)here Nov 12-14; if not, see you at the Dublin Boogie.
  12. If you are on North side got to Skydive The Farm, if you are on South side go to Skydive Atlanta. Have fun !
  13. Now that ya'll recovered from the amazing sceneries of the Mountain Boogie...Time to plan to be here and have fun with us !!!and that includes you, chaoskitty...right Chris ?
  14. How about Statesboro ? You forgot to add that to your poll.
  15. Thanks for your kind words. Well, this weekend is over and we had a blast. Thanks all the fun jumpers for the support and some of you owe "Heinekensssssss" for 1st.time jumping the Porter. Check our website for events updates.
  16. I know !! Big hugs from all of us.
  17. If the Roaming DZ does that; then you have no choice but be here and have with us!!!!
  18. We wish you could be here, it's not the same without you.
  19. The Porter should be here by noon on Friday.
  20. That's right !!! Don't miss this one. Keep checking for more updates.