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  1. I needed a door stopper and created Mr. Boint. I already fell in love. (edit: forgot pic ) #1094
  2. German paraglider dies in El Hierro A German paragliding enthusiast who crashed during a flight on El Hierro has died from his injuries. 33-year-old Stefan Oberlander was part of an international team taking part in a competition at the week-end. He sustained serious injuries in the accident, which occurred in the Valle del Gofio part of the island, and died 24 hours later. Oberlander and his colleagues had stayed on after the event, which is the second biggest in Europe, and decided to go out for another flight on Sunday. The local sports councilor Milagros del Vale expressed her sadness at the news and conveyed her condolences to the deceased's family. sad....... #1094
  3. I just had a look and was surprised that it is not on the list. But: I`m pretty sure you would still get a "Super 7" if you would want one (same with their "Fandango"). Their are quite a few skydivers jumping the S7, especially light girls or wingsuit flyers, etc. #1094
  4. Hey Mike, you`re right. The "Super 7" is from Paratec (Germany) and is similar to their "Speed 2000" reserves. It is definitely a normal main canopy and not a reserve chute. bye Kat #1094
  5. Thanks a lot - that`s what I need. :) Kat #1094
  6. Hey guys Does anyone have the book "The American Dream Turned Nightmare" (Richard H. Ropers) and would send me the table of contents via mail? Can`t find it online and need it badly. Thanks. Kat #1094
  7. Is it the same place? #1094
  8. #1094
  9. #1094
  10.;search_string=sundevil777%20tube;#774316 #1094