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  1. Last message closes this thread. Items have been sold. Auf Weidersehen.
  2. You know I havent jumped or been invloved with skydiving for the last seven years...the big breakoff came in in 2004 when I was laid off, went broke...actually I remember when that was being reflected on this forum and then that was it. I was in SD, out of work, going thru some real hell, a year later getting a job back in my career field, in San Diego. These days I live in OC, got a job interview Teus, gonna get things back together. I came back to the forum because I am trying to sell my skydiving equipment, then found myself going through old posts from 2003...all the shit I was learning, all the shit that started comming back when I went to Elsinore to try to sell the stuff. Seems that I havent totally broken free from it, but I really need to. This isnt a sport I can afford anyway. This is a cool sport though, I learned a lot during those times, and I would be lying through my teeth if I said I wasnt going to miss the living shit out of it. If I keep messing around with this forum, the interest comes back, one thing leads to another...well my equipment is being sold so there that is...the final step to being done with it forever. Its just not something I can be involved with and Im afraid of bringing up the past. I mean it would almost be like moving back to AZ...God I wouldnt want that! Its why I started skydiving back in 02, I was into surfing but...six hour drives to SD or LA...couldnt do that all the time and hard to do just on weekends...I took up skydiving and got real interested in it...I guess it cushioned the blow of living in AZ and being a surfer. Thats really fucked up, so glad I found this when I did. Since the first part of 04 I left the arena.... since then, I have been in the martial arts, out surfing in spots like Strands, T Street, Laguna Beach Pearl St, extreme balance training, skateboarding as more balance training where Ive been skating 2-3 miles along Aliso park walkway, then for the first time, DROPPED IN at the Laguna Hills skate park. Did that several times. Its funny, but my weight has pulled back to 150 pounds, making me super fit for shortboarding, hope to be back out in the water this summer around July. Skydiving was cool, really cool, and damn sure as hell memorable to say the very least. Funny how all of these years went by and Im still missing it...never thought that would happen.
  3. Altimaster V close up. You know after having used it for several jumps a long time ago, I have to say Id choose this altimeter over any others Ive seen, on the dz or online. To me, this alt proved to be dependable, and easily readable during freefalls. I have heard criticisms about it and I dont know why, Id choose the altimaster V over most of what Ive seen.
  4. $25,000.00 in cash, unmarked bills.
  5. Changing the subject back to the original subject: Price Reduction: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=93983;d=1 There is another Altimaster V being sold for $50, Ive reduced my price from 70 dollars to 50 dollars for the Altimaster V + the Skydiving Gear Bag + the Skydiving Goggles + the Skydiving Handbook Can take PayPal transactions, shipping not included in price. This equipment is being sold for pennies on the dollar..I remember when I bought the gear bag, paid 36 dollars for it on EBay and is still in the same new condition. Dont remember what I spent for the goggles...they are not anywhere near as bulky as normal skydiving goggles and have less chance of blowing off your face. This is a good deal...lets get some takers going here.
  6. Reality is for people who can't handle drugs. "Drugs are for people who cant handle reality, reality is for people who cant handle drugs"...
  7. I wish you well in your battle with your demons. It's sounds like you're planning another TJ run though? That's not a great way to sober up, is it? Think...."metaphor". Nope not a great way, but guess what? Wasnt planning on it. No demons here, there is a price to pay and as long as you dont mind the price...its worth it. So there are some chills, you get tired and feel worn out for a few days, then after three or four days you break out of it on a tolerance drop. Its like skydiving, just like skydiving...cause you always gotta know what you're doing. And you dont jump without a parachute...always a good idea to have a parachute when you jump. Otherwise, you're pretty likely to take a fall. Thats pretty metaphoric Ill have to remember that.
  8. Uhh, we like jumping, maybe? I guess if I were more inclined towards it Id be doing it habitually. I just dont know how some of you guys can afford it...damn expensive sport. Especially now, when hardly anyone is able to hold down a job...then I keep hearing of all these crowded dropzones and people going through AFF...what are they doing robbing banks? Whatever it is let me in on it
  9. Anyone reading this be advised...I have seen posts on this and other forums about marijuana and sometimes other drugs. If you are going to post something on a forum about drugs, do so talking about "someone you heard of but dont really know", not about yourself or about anyone you know (ie, like a friend). Saying something about yourself is called "incriminating yourself". Saying something about a friend (someone you know and have contact with) makes you an accomplice. There are these people, called "cops", who earn their paycheck by busting people who do illegal drugs, so they are always looking. Its how they put food on the table....its their job. Also, you need to realize that drugs (including alcohol) have caused so many problems in this society, the world is just fed up. Sure, there are those who use drugs responsibly and control their habit, but there are many more of those who dont, and those are the ones who bring the law down on everyone. Needle users are a good example of what Im talking about...like anyone doing that is just begging for trouble. Drugs in the schools...there's another one. As for those that are responsible enough to stay out of trouble, dont do anything to place yourself into the same category as those who are always getting in trouble. Keep in mind, they dont know you from anyone else.
  10. Whatcha withdrawing from? Im withdrawling off of alcohol...which is a legal drug. Im not talking about myself...since I "just say no" to drugs . But narco users (not necessarily addicts) doing oxycon, morphine based drugs, ect will get a withdrawl on and off during their use of the drug. Most people think its like the movies, where you're shaking...thats really what is called the "chills" and you would feel cold and tired like you are unable to stay awake, even after drinking a pot of coffee. Even after skydiving...that wont help either..not that you would want to. There are minor and major withdrawls, the major is the part that needle users go through...which can be so bad, that some people have been known to commit suicide to avoid it again. Its just like skydiving...its dangerous and can cost you your life if you dont watch what you're doing. Then I see those who do watch what they're doing...10 years into the sport, thousands of jumps, those who dont, either out of the sport or ..... You get the point.
  11. I had two of those a long time ago, it was kind of trippy....hang off the wing strut then let go, I guess you're doing it that way. They say, its static line and not total freefall, but hanging off that wing strut makes up for it. Also, on he second one I remember I had a mal, lineover and was going into a slow spin but was able to pull out of it. Static line is every bit skydiving and is nothing like military jumps...you're still floating out for seven seconds where military jumps pull right away...nothing to it. I think old school skydiving is pretty cool...kind of like a tradition fading out. Really, if you want to get real old school, make sure you have a pocketknife ready to do a cutaway...used to love reading about how they did it way back during the days of the wingwalkers...
  12. Ohhh, well, yea you're probably right about that. We are talking about seven years ago though...if I rushed back to Eloy and started skydiving again, dont think she'd be around. I WAS in. And right now the only thing Im in to is getting through this withdrawl...so far Im winning. Day 4, got up this morning, chills were barely there this time, nose running some but not much. Sometime this week Ill hit somewhere around normal, then got a job interview in my career field next Monday. BUT NOT BEFORE IM BACK IN TJ THIS FRIDAY!!! YEAHOOO!!!
  13. I remember I was like that just one time, the door opened and I was in a hurry to get out. Oh, well, what happened see, there was this really cute chick on the skydiving team at Eloy who kept smiling at me, she and the rest of her group went out at something like 7K, so I wanted to hurry up and get down. Then she was up on the next load by the time I touched down...so thats what its like chasing skydiver chicks...you gotta keep going up, down, up, down...up down up down up down up down... Is that the reason why some of you guys have so many jumps? Even worse than surfer chicks...in out in out as opposed to up down up down...
  14. I didnt feel too crazy the first time I ever jumped, because that was not a perfectly good airplane. It was a really crappy airplane and I liked the idea of bailing out with a parachute a lot better than staying in that thing any longer than I had to. It was one of those Cessna 150s at a small DZ just outside of Tucson...cant believe I actuallly went up in that thing....that was the scary part...getting out was a relief.
  15. They used to tell me, if you get nervous, instead of looking at the ground, look at the sky, I remember I tried that and it worked! There's something about looking at the sky that has this calming effect. This shit was so mental...some people can handle it just fine and others not at all, but I think the key is to try not to look at it as a negative situation. I think one thing skydiving taught me is that whether something is good or bad all depends on how you see it, and that most problems you have in life are really just in your head. If you can control that I dont think you'll have any problem jumping. Im not really one to give advice on skydiving, I jumped a few times and not doing it now and probably wont again...and I was able to bail out of blaming myself for not facing it because financially, I couldnt afford to continue doing it. If I could right now, I still wouldnt. But I had a few jumps in the past and I was where you are right now at one time...maybe you'll handle it better than I did and you may end up like many of these others with 500-1000 jumps. If not, dont blame youself, after all you went through the process, jumped, and its something you'll never forget about. As for me, well, Id kind of like to forget about it but never have been able to. It really just wasnt my sport but glad I tried it anyway.