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  1. Yes, we do. It was a fun weekend and the train exit was just...can we call that a train exit?
  2. Thanks to all of you that showed up to have fun with us. Special thanks to Bruno Asmann and Kelley Frederickson for organizing some fun skydives.
  3. News for those that are not here: We had an awesome skydiving day, blue skies; OK, start up a bit on chilly side, warming up later in the morning...Thanks everybody...more to come tomorrow...or go on our website to signup for the newsletter to know all the details....
  4. Caravan is here and we are flying 8 ways...and some freefliers are arriving...If you are reading this you are missing beautiful blue skies, cool skydives and awesome vibes !!
  5. Her name is Kelley from the Dallas-Thunder 4-Way team. She knows about this kind of stuff !!
  6. Check this out: Skydive Statesboro is real dz near Savannah, Georgia...Southeast Georgia, 45 minutes west of Savannah.
  7. We will also be doing smaller ways for those not ready for the 80's. You forgot to mention that the "smaller ways" will start in Statesboro this weekend
  8. After been told by JAX DZO that the PAC 750XL was going to be at Herlong and heard that also it will be at St. Mary's, I decided to call Ray Ferrell and ask. He said that he had contacted JAX but it appear to him that it was not much interest there, he was then contacted by Glenn Bangs, who got him in touch with St. Mary's owner, Bobbi Owens who worked out the details to show the plane at her DZ. The dates that the plane will be at St. Mary's are very clear. The first thread says it will at St. Mary's from Jan 14-18, then this new thread says, the dates are from Jan 13-16 ??? If it's going to be in Herlong or not, I guess that still up in the air. Bobbi called me tonight and I decided to check the plane at her place, on my way back home on Friday, Jan 14th.
  9. Hey Rick, I see from the other thread that you are coming...Cool...How about your brother? Let's work on the POPS record...
  10. too. One thread says the PAC750XL will at Skydive St. Mary's, 45 minutes north of JAX in Georgia. The other says it will be at Herlong. I called both dz's and got hold of Patty(JAX DZO) and she said that, it will be there. Never heard from the other DZ.
  11. Jeff did not 'jump the gun". According to the JAX DZO, the PAC750XL will be at the DZ at the Herlong airport, just 10 minutes from the hotel where the PIA Symposium and USPA DZO Conference will take in place in January.
  12. Could not summarize better, myself. Clap,clap,clap to you Mr. Brent Finley.
  13. That's cool!! I thought I would have to drive up, what ?? 45 minutes, to Georgia to see the PAC. Now I can only drive 10 minutes from the hotel and jump the PAC and the Super King Air, awesome!
  14. Weather forecast for the weekend is very good...
  15. All right Chris, you are in. PD will be sending some goodies for our raffle at the seminar...Don't miss it. More to come...
  16. The link Skydive Statesboro is re-directed to the url Skydive Statesboro is a dz near Savannah on the Georgia's coast and is not associated with Atlanta Skydiving Center in Cedartown, near the Tennessee state line. That is where my focus is.
  17. I think this thread should be modified and the question should be: What can we do about SkyRide/ASC ?
  18. As far as the legal right to force the ad off, we are working on that...I just don't understand why the owners of a well estabilished DZ, see the need to mislead the public. We are at least 6 hrs away from their facility. About the #1 on the search engines below the "sponsored sites": That is a lot work and time invested to be, legitimately, on top of the list.
  19. How about this? If you go to or search engines and type skydive statesboro, the first option is a link to asc skydiving center. What is this practice called ?
  20. Come on out and let's build 16 way's and prepare for the Georgia record.
  21. One of our regulars, BRUNO ASMANN will be here organizing freeflyers, from beginners to advanced. On Friday evening a seminar on canopy piloting from basics to high speed approaches. Working on formation organizing... More to come