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  1. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, and center for politics, Military HQ's, etc...Like Washington, D.C. is for the U.S. or Lisboa is for Portugal. Hope this help some...
  2. Three things which threaten skydiving are: Gravity, Government, and PETTINESS. Here it is a pure example of the last one.
  3. {{{{{{{{BEST VIBES}}}}}}}}}} and speed recovery.
  4. My wife has about 2,000 My wife's bro's and sis's at least one tandem " father-in-law 4,000 " uncle over 5,000 " other uncle over 10,000
  5. How about paying a little more and adding a tip ? Buy your packer a beer at the end of the day.
  6. Thanks Judy. I understand BBB's role. Mentioned as place to start, if is already an unsatisfactory rating there, well, that's what the BBB does. Perhaps the regulatory agency is the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) ? Anybody ? Anybody with more knowledge or experience on this ??
  7. Folks, please !! What those, are doing is just plain wrong. For the ones that are really bothered with it, why don't you all call the Better Business Bureau and/or the Federal Trade Commission...Someone will, eventually, do something about it. "Skydivers pettiness is preventing our sport from growth."
  8. Skydive Sebastian has always given a jump ticket to any jumper who BRINGS a Tandem or AFFL1 student. Is just simply good business.
  9. GOING WEST: Deland is just down the road. GOING SOUTH: You will have Titusville about 45 min and then Sebastian about 1h15m. Both have awesome ocean views and great people.
  10. Regarding the article re-printed on by Dolomite, I'd like to set the record straight. As I read original release of this article in the Sebastian Sun, I realised that I had been quoted out of context, and immediately called staff writer Marshall Carter, author of the article. I expressed my disappointment at his carelessness, and suggested that he reprint the article with my entire quotes intact. This never came to fruition, and I had more important matters to attend to, so I dropped the whole thing. Now, I know, I should not have let it go, as I've been re-misquoted in this forum. Skydive Sebastian is going strong, the Super Otter and Caravan are flying, and jumpers are still enjoying the views and the vibes over the most beautiful DZ in FLA.