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  1. Skydive Statesboro will have "The Porter" here Oct 1st thru Oct 3rd. Come have fun with us!!!
  2. You can drive down and stay for the weekend with us. We are way south, near Savannah...We will be open year-round. Check us out
  3. kw airport. Very busy with airliners in an out...TSA presence etc...They have Part 135,121,91 operators. Not impossible, but I think would be very difficult.
  4. We liked !! Visit our website for more info and when you have a chance, drive to the coast, stop and see us!! We have a C-182 we are working on securing a Caravan(everybody is asking for...)we skydive and on the weekends we put our "pool" to cool off after jumping and on sturdays we cook-out.
  5. Hey Jeff, I know you want to come back here, you left your shirt.......
  6. I bet you've overcome your "Cessna's inhibition". Didn't you ?
  7. Sad to hear about it. I agree with Scotty. There are several other ways to retrieve a cutaway canopy and free-bag.
  8. You are right. Sorry about it.
  9. No change here, I am who I am. Just disappointment. To make matters easy, I just called the Marathon officials and ask them to withdrawal the application that had my name associated with it. You have to submit you own. Good luck and I hope you can secure one of the two weekends I had reserved. I don't want miss the fun.
  10. I wanted to ensure that there WOULD be a Keys boogie this year. The dates are reserved so the airport does not schedule other events, Skydive Sebastian can run their Keys Boogies on those dates. After I left Skydive Sebastian and until recently, I was under the impression that you were going to be a part of our new endeavor. Now that you have opted to stay at Sebastian, you are saying that you are "not real happy about this". Why didn't you just call me? Try to make look like an asshole is just not necessary. I always treated you with respect and appreciation for your talent and dedication, posting something like this without knowing all the facts really surprises me.
  11. An application has been submitted for the 1st weekend of November with the second weekend as an alternate date. It's in the works... By the way, it is true that Wendy did a great job running manifest and assisting me with the boogie.
  12. Like was said before: Quit your whining and go somewhere else until you can not find a place to jump. We are very fortunate in the US to have people that want to run a "business" and not make money. We are very fortunate in the US to jump so cheap...may be not for long with gas and insurance going up. Anyway, jump price should be around 30-35 $$$ but the "cut-throat"competition gets in the way. Blue Skies and if can not afford to skydive then jump less or quit.
  13. Great boogie. Weather was great, a bit windy today. Overall, great event.
  14. Actually, well over 800 jumps. Great Boogie. Thumbs up to Chris and all the jumpers for a safe and fun event.
  15. I agree. This is just ridiculous. Is this fraud ?
  16. Yesterday, to have a good dropzone, you needed a C-182. Today, you need a turbine aircraft. Tommorow, you will have to have a jet like Perris. I think it is great to see that level of progression in this sport. Actually, yesterday Cessna were OK because we could jump just about any public airport. Today, with real estate developments eliminating "outs", industrial parks shrinking airports, and security delays at major airports has caused an increase in corporate jet traffic...all combined are limiting skydiving presence to fewer and fewer public airports... Tomorrow, the only DZ's surviving will be the ones that own their own airstrips.i.e. Perris, Chicago, etc...
  17. Same here. Thumbs up to Joao and Juliana. Kudos to Mike Lewis, too. Nice show with the CReW dogs.
  18. A quote from the late Roger Nelson, when I asked him the same question. "DON'T"
  19. ))))))BEST VIBES((((((( I agree with the last post. I have friends on same condition and it's best to be honest about it. Be good, be safe
  20. TK, send an e-mail to the AOPA(Pres. Phil Boyer) and send one to the USPA(Ed Scott).