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  1. This DZ is extremely newbie friendly, coaches teach patiently and never make students feel like morons. Other jumpers very friendly, layed back atmosphere.
  2. On it's way to your Netscape address!!! Thanks again
  3. Danno13k , I lost one at there on the 15 of July. The last jumped logged was 456, time: 6:59.31.
  4. linc_harris

    Pro Track

    The last jumped logged was 456, time: 6:59.31.
  5. You Texans sure know how to fly. Note: Guano wasn't far behind. What happened to Alchemy this year?
  6. It's one great place to learn how to skydive and to have a good time. The staff puts safety before everything else, and the regulars make sure that you have a great time. For experienced jumpers driving through... just stop by and you can get on the next load.
  7. I know the California gas stations are using Katrina as an excuse to raise prices. I don't even think Cal gets it's oil from the Gulf states, so where is the shortage that these gas station owners are talking about?
  8. Messed around with a malfunction (spinning/line twists) too long, and in my opinion, chopped too low.
  9. It's good to hear that I haven't been totally forgotten. If I'm not busy doing the military thing next year, I'll try my best to make it out there. I might even see if I can't get a hold of one those Army tents for ya again. I seem to remember getting some complaints from the guys who put that up (2003); Civilians
  10. Hey Kevin GN's? Been too busy lately (The Army has me traveling quite a bit). I'm going to try again next Sept ('06). Lodi: Yes, the rumors are true, that's where I'm jumping now. Living about 20min's from there has been convenient. Have fun this year (Boogie). If I'm not at Ft Bragg (GN Knights Tryouts) next year, or playing Army, I'll try my best to make it out next year.
  11. Now Bonnie, your not mad at me, are you?
  12. NOPE, Missing it for the 2nd year in a row. I'll be in Europe that time frame.