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  1. I can not even imagine how may people will miss Paul, He was an incredibly giving person. I know this first hand! I will miss Paul! Fly free my friend!!!!!! MonkeyLip blic, blic, caw,caw
  2. Well it goes without saying that I am shocked and I keep wondering what happened. Peter was a good friend to me and we shared many thoughts and ideas. I will miss him, I am also thankful he was my friend as he was always honest and you knew where you stand with Peter. Here are a couple of pictures I took awhile back. Peace my brother and fly free. Also this is the only info I can find at the moment related to his death. Its a shame that true freedom only comes in death. blic, blic, caw,caw
  3. Wow I am shocked, I met Nick when I was young and dumb and a new fledgeling skydiver and had just moved to Eloy. Nick was a fun person and we shared many stories and beers. Condolences to his family may he always fly free!! blic, blic, caw,caw
  4. We are leaving in two days, I can't wait!!!!!!!! blic, blic, caw,caw
  5. WML? Ok i haven't been on line for about two weeks weather sucks today only two loads here in Eloy so far. Hence I am on the computer. I have met Brad and Annette. Now that I know the low-down I will definitely punk him for the beer. Brad has yet to do his first bird flight; however(comma) we have discussed the fact that it will happen here very soon. Peace Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  6. For some of you who were not here for the end of the boogie and maybe of interest. Total Jump #'s for the duration of the boogie were 16,500+. As for my total number I couldn't say however, whatever the number it was just right. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  7. Well all, I finally made it to Eloy. No major surprises and the camper actually did fine even though it looked like someone set off a small tactical nuke inside by the time I arrived. I got in at about 0230 and made it to bed by about 0400. I am now posting from the Hang Ten internet cafe here on the dropzone. My only trouble of trip was my experience with the border patrol and side slipping their checkpoint. I don't think they thought it was funny however, after about tem minutes and some explaining my immmediate need for fuel they let me go. Well the weather here is excellent and I am going to go make my first jump here, I know thats a case of beer! hehehehe!!!! Once again to all my friends and fellow 's thanks for the help and support getting my camper moved and me on the road, it was hard to leave. Edited to say.... Thanks to Pixie for getting me oriented to things here! Peace Lip P.S> I can't wait to see most of you over the holidays. JC blic, blic, caw,caw
  8. I know I am joining this thread really late however, if this boogie is as fun as rantoul, which I believe it will be, most likely better, I will be lucky to make 12 skydives as I only made 13 at rantoul this year compared to 50 the previous year. I can only say it is way too cool to be around some of the best people in the skydiving community. Such a kick a$$ family. I look forward to see my friends, and making new friends. JC Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  9. Hey tall guy sweet suit, it is great to see you have changed colors from Rantoul, even though I must say the Big Bird suit was bomb diggity! hooty F'n Hoo!! keep on Flockin big brother!!!! Lip Just another Flocker! blic, blic, caw,caw
  10. My final answer is just skydive and have fun and remember not to be to complacent. Oh and find a rigger you trust to pack your reserve. Statistics are great however, they do not factor in good common sence and appropriate actions and decisions when the time arises. Example our dz owner has not had a cutaway in 5800 jumps, hence his first square reserve ride since his last cutaway. Yes he did buy beer! It kinda shoots the statistcs out the window. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  11. I think I will have to conduct a double-blind study on the payment of pimp fees at the holiday boogie! So all you DZ.commies will need to show up in rare form so that this will be a successful study. HEHEHE If I were to vote now I certainly would have to say Hmmmmmmmmmm, I duno! blic, blic, caw,caw
  12. OK, I am leaving work in an hour and I certainly hope round one is about over as I have to get more sleep for work tonight. I sure am glad to hear Katie is in town though! I believe I am having boogie withdrawls having a hard time adjusting to life outside an enclosed DZ. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  13. Quote I'd like to see if Chuck and the rest of the Raeford gang are enjoying it. [reply/] I can assure you as I am part of the Raeford gang and we are not sucking here! The last two afternoons have had some rain. Lots of sky jumping going on and the parties are kick a$$. I am now finishing my dinner from the Carbone zone and it was fantastic. Now it is time to get my party on with all of the night creatures here in Rantoul. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  14. Justin, glad there was no offense taken as the question and statement were not meant to be of that nature. I was only curious. Be safe and like everyone else have a kick a$$ time, after all I am only a babe in the woods when it come to this sport. I have much to learn as well. blic, blic, caw,caw
  15. I sold my cobalt to a guy in Novosibirsk, Russia in May and the only real acceptable way to do this is via wire transfer to your bank account. I had no problems with my transaction. This is the fastest and the most secure way to conduct bussiness as there is a lot of credit card fraud in that country at this time. Once the funds were received I sent the canopy to the requested mailing location insured. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  16. personnaly the french are a bunch of cowards hiding behind a liberal agenda. Oh did I say the majority of the french should stick their head up their arse!!! Ooops I should be more politically correct!! Actually I am certain that some of the french are fine people; however, the rest are a bunch of liberal miscontents!!!!! It would be good if they were vaporized. Normally I am not such an ass yet for a country that has lost every war it has been involved in it should really get a clue. Ok I am tired of picking on the french! blic, blic, caw,caw
  17. personally I do not know your need for a D liscense if your you only do approxamately 30.5 jumps a year. are you planning on skydiving more and possibly going to start coaching or what?.... It is only a question; however, only making approx. 2 jumps a month in the last 4 years hardly suggests you are current. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  18. Personally. if you drive a truck from my perspective I am going to notice you more. Then again I drive a huge truck (ford 350xlt crewcab with a triton v10) people look, it is always natural to look at what is bigger than what you have. A woman in a truck is very sexy! OK i've been drinking again;however, thats my perspective. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  19. There are some photos in the galleries section by Lou Diamond. Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  20. Looking at the time of your post and knowing it is actually three hours later than it shows you must be doing the prefunction phase of the weekend.HEHEHE! Lip blic, blic, caw,caw
  21. MonkeyLip


    If the program installed then you should be able to go to your start button select programs then look for the new program select it and as the program loads you should be prompted for choices. Tell me you are not using a gateway computer!!! If your problem still exists in the morning PM me and we can come up with a fix. JC blic, blic, caw,caw
  22. BRING THE PAIN!!!!!!! blic, blic, caw,caw
  23. Hey Kris, I seem to remember somebody not showing up to the DZ from their hotel room until about 2:00pm after a night of nig-noggery, I don't know that you would be suited for the job. hehehe Lip P.S. Did we ever collect the two cases of beer, it seems we put you on the clock after 12:00 and every hour you didn't show up was a case if I remember correctly. blic, blic, caw,caw
  24. I must say I Love a woman that packs Lead! She is absolutely a Hottie!!!!! Wazzz uppp! JC blic, blic, caw,caw
  25. Look forward to seeing you at Raeford and eventually in the air!, Welcome to the forums as well. Lip JC blic, blic, caw,caw