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    Raeford Parachute Center, NC and now The Ranch
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  1. DaGimp

    Skydive the Farm for Halloween

    love that movie...... So....think anyone can convinve the army to let me come back from Iraq after only being here for three weeks for this event? wonder if ill need a recurrency jump...... "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  2. DaGimp

    DZs near Ft Polk

    i was on orders to go there a few years back, first thing i searched was DZs and sincne im a turbine slut....the closest was 3-3.5 hours away....either Gold Coast, LA or San Marcos, TX "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  3. Oh...and Bill Booth WAS there, he may not have given a seminar, but he did show some cool ass old time videos....and if you wanted some insight from him....sit down and talk to him like i did for about an hour. "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  4. Bolas.... again???? Actually It was RW with the skyhook system, letting people do an intentional cutaway.....only a few tree landings for the mains... "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  5. It must have been one heck of a party. I have pictures of an RV parked by the pea pit sunday morning... Some people also learned some russian law that morning... in true russian accent.... "In Russia, you fuck with a mans trailer, you get 10 years in concentration camp" funny shit "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  6. the planes are flying, the pond is beein swooped, and swam in, its all good times here....even though my leg looks like hamburger from the hard ass sand at the end of the pond... "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  7. haha actually the pond is warm.....going across it all day today cause its H O T here today "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  8. Liar....that was the military Casa this morning. Our Casa isnt here yet. So....the weather suck but the pond ROCKS....only getting a little wet in it. "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  9. i still consider myself a local anyway.....but ill be seeing you tomorrow night "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  10. so im leaving NY first thing in the morning for the 13 hour drive back to good ol NC....ill be drinking cockitillios by tomorrow night in Aviators!! See ya tomorrow!!!! "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  11. So, uh, what exactly is a TeXXas 20-way? im guessing by the spelling of Texas.....its a formation shaped like...... XX "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  12. DaGimp

    Grumpy Gimpy Old Farts Reunion At Taft

    damn i thought this was a post about me for a second... "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  13. DaGimp


    i would ask the same thing about you.......see any barbed wire fences lately???? "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas
  14. DaGimp


    yeah....what she said......smart girl.... "Professor of Pimpology"~~~Bolas