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    Raeford Parachute Center, NC and now The Ranch
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    Freefall Photography
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  1. DaGimp


    check video/photography and incidents forums....already threads there if you want info and such
  2. welcome HA i beat Skymama....enjoy the weather adn the sport....it becomes less of a hobby and more of a way of life...
  3. DaGimp

    What flash for digi rebel?

    I use the Cannon 550EX Speed light....works wonders with photos....most people dont understand why to use a flash in the daytime....but it DOES make a diffrence
  4. DaGimp

    Need multiple CF cards?

    i dont see you ever filling up a 2GB card unless you can not download the pics for an extended period of time...and i feel that it IS valuable to have more then one card....if your decisions are between a 2GB or two 1GB....get the two 1GB cards.....i have three cards myself.
  5. DaGimp

    Say hello to the rookie!

    hey..and welcome to the forums.....(i beat skymama ) this is deffinatly an addictive sport which i can tell you already feel....but believe it or not we are all rookies in the sport......there is something everyone can learn from someone else.
  6. DaGimp

    Accommodations at WFFC.

    check www.freefall.com but i would recommend tenting or an RV......party goes all night every night there
  7. DaGimp

    Keeping your image still!!!

    funny thing is im sitting here with my hand on my head raising and lowering my eye brows.....never thought about it, but worth a try. I dont have much movement in my videos anyway, but every little bit helps.
  8. DaGimp

    Alts for a Cam-eye?

    a small mirror set up like your ring sight?? so you can see the red light?? just the first idea that popped in my head
  9. DaGimp

    Pac 750XL....exits

    i did a video out of a 750 in Rantoul....it was basically like a king air exit, only with a bigger door....there is a step that is below the door which runs from the front of the door to about a foot past the back of the door, and a bar above the door which runs the same length.....now im sure there will be modifications and slight diffrences with each plane.
  10. DaGimp

    Raeford Parachute Center

    i jump at raeford.......no reason to be skeptical just because we allow 16 y/o to jump....we are a USPA dropzone and USPA allows 16 y/o to jump. But, its a great DZ, i have been here for 5 years...friendly staff, big jump planes (super otter primary) and Avaiators Bar & Grill on the DZ. Diverse types of jumping aswell....RW..small or large, FF, Bird Man. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.
  11. DaGimp

    Keeping an AV cable connected....

    maybe you can just drill a hole through the inside of the helmet so when you need to hook up the cable....just run the cable through the inside of the helmet....... just my thought
  12. DaGimp

    night photography help

    for one....that built in flash will give the strobe while trying to ficue, my advice, either get a real flash..440, ,550...or use manual focus now keep in mind...that i have NEVER dont any night jump filming......so take my advise as needed.
  13. DaGimp

    what's in a camera helmet?

    short answer...flexability....with the FF2 your limited to a side mount video and a top mounted camers. with the FTP you can top mount both, video top and still front, add a flash, have two stills and a video, have a video a still and two flashes, two videos and a still because you very rarely get "perfect lighting" unless its around sunrise or sunset...where the sun is directly in the face of the student......aff and tandem speaking.....the flash elimates most of the shadows in the faces....also can get some bad ass lighted up shots of BM or RW around sunset......perfectly lit up subject with the awsome sky lighting in the back ground. bigger ...yes...heavier....not by much....a guy at my DZ jumps the FF2 and i have the FTP...bot hhave basically the same stuff on it...and weigh just about the same deffinatly
  14. i dont really know how low you fly, but the Flat Tops already have your cameras at a slight up angle, so i would say no, but it makes it easier to fly lower.....less strain on the neck.