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  1. So you know him and can vouch that its genuine.? I was hoping that someone who knew him or his situation personally would verify this. Thanks.
  2. There is a message currently circulating (mainly on Facebook I believe) saying that Rob Stanley has been injured in Thailand while doing a beach jump and appealing for funds to pay for his treatment and repatriation.. Since several of these "injured overseas please help" scams were doing the rounds a while ago, Im a bit cynical so would like to know if anyone actually knows Rob Stanley and whether this appeal is genuine? His facebook profile (with updates and appeals from people who appear to be genuine) is here; https://www.facebook.com/rob.stanley.35175 If anyone has first-hand knowledge - please post. Thanks
  3. A lot of debate on whether this incident is for real. Ive search and cant find any discussion on DZ or an incident report (although I could have missed it); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9fHrJbj1SY Anyone know the people involved? Comments.? Has to be some lessons to be learned here! Mike
  4. From Oliver Scott-Tomlin, Dear All Nick will be layed to rest on Saturday the 27th In Hermanus South Africa at 1100. Please let me know if you can attend. If not please be with us in spirit. Much love Oliver, Tanya, Norma and Frank
  5. It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Nick Scott-Tomlin in the early hours of the 3rd February 2010. Nick was a great guy, a free spirit and a talented free-flyer and he touched the lives of many people. Nick's Brother Oliver has asked me to post this message on behalf of his family; --------------- We are hoping to have a service on the 20th of this month (in Hermanus, South Africa). I am aware that it is far away and short notice, but if anyone would like to come please ask them to contact me and i will give them more information. My email address is [email protected]. --------------- I will also try to post more information here when it becomes available and I hope a fuller obituary will follow. Gona miss you Nick. Mike
  6. OK thanks. I found the tech support number and called them. They say I should send it off for repiar, but cannot confirm if my problem as described is due to a manufacturing fault or not. Fingers crossed or its going to cost about £175 ($200?) to repair. M
  7. I have an odd fault on my PC101 whichlooks like a chroma or colour cast. The camera is slow to react to changing light conditions and the colours look very 'washed out'. All the settings are correct (first thing I tried was to verify the light balance settings etc). Someone told me they thought that there was a model recall for a certain batch of serial numbers, but I have been unable to find anything about this. Anyone else have a problem or know anything about a manufacturing fault please? I cant afford to replace this at present... :( Thanks Mike
  8. He just lost the entire main. It dropped into trees, and despite several searches, we never found it. We think someone stole it (some of the locals are a bit anti-skydiving due to the turbine noise). I dont go along with his theory that a badger used it to wallpaper his sett. Not those colours anyway. ;) He had the presence of mind to keep hold of his reserve handle. He got a message last night that Rob Colpus has managed to ship him the bits he needs annd theyt shouold arrive today(!). We're just waiting for confirmation. Thanks to everyone for suggestions.
  9. PC101 since start of last year. Very reliable and might be some deals out there if you can still find one as they are old models (but the newer ones dont have any better features that make me want them any more). I got a GREAT deal on Ebay last year when I bought mine.
  10. Thanks piisfish, but we kinda figured that out already... :) But when you ask someone to supply you with a new main "because youve had a cutaway and lost it all", it would be nice if they had mentioned that you needed to order risers etc at the time of ordering the replacement main... Live and learn.
  11. Im hoping someone from one of the UK gear stockists can respond to this? I have a friend who had a cutaway last year and lost the main in trees. His replacement main just arrived, but to to a communications error(!) its short of some parts! He needs to find the bits he needs for delivery by middle of next week as we have a jumping trip to France planned for the following weekend. Do you know of anyone in the UK who can supply them ex-stock? He has a Vortex container and Pilot 190. He needs suitable; Riser set Deploy bag Pilot chute (anything else) Please PM me if you can help as time is short - [email protected] Thanks if you can help.
  12. Rainmagnet


    I ordered in July 2003 took delivery in August. I had mine fitted with a Cameye II and a funky purple paint job which cost a little extra, but looks a lot cooler than black... Initial impressions were very good. Fit was excellent even with my head size (I ordered mine for a 62cm head size - one of the largest they've supplied - no comments please!). One minor gripe I have had is that the video camera (tripod-mount) screw on the mounting plate never fitted quite right. Im not 100% sure if it was the screw on the helmet though, or the thread in the camera base plate. I now have the video (PC101) held in using some rubber 'bungies' (rubber bands), which I prefer to the solid mounting as its not only holds the camera quite firm, but also allows a little more 'give' in the event of an impact to the helmet. The other small modification I made was to superglue a small fibre washer (about the same thickness as the button) around the cameye button, as I found it was too easy to push this accidentally, and it also makes it easier to locate the button by feel while the helmet is being worn. I also fitted a quick-release to the chinstrap, as this is now a requirement when jumping in France. All-in-all, I highly recomment the K2 helmet. I know 3 other people who also use them and we are all very happy with our paurchases. MikeA