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  1. sunnydee123

    2007 M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Boogies)

    Question - are people responding other places about this? I know it is normally a good thing or is it still too far in advance for the skydiving non planner types? I have wanted to come visit since Boogie #1 (hurricanes hit instead and messed up that plan) and this might be the year I can actually make it so I am starting the planning......was going to fly into Salt Lake (best deal on flights from FL) and drive down (I'm sure the sights will leave nothing to look at right?
  2. sunnydee123

    Swoop training camp at Lake Wales April 6-8

    Are you doing that sign up thing again with deposits? I'm in...I'm in!
  3. sunnydee123

    NWCPC event 3

    does anyone have a Star Trek-esque teleporter I could borrow for the weekend so I can compete with the NW Crew? Katana Power to Brad
  4. sunnydee123

    South East CPC Meet 5 Results

    Can we please make special mention of the lovely winds we once again got to deal with .....I don't think we had anything under 10 but I know it got pretty close to the cutoff a few times......But hey, good to learn in all sorts of conditions right? CONGRATS GREG..........and see, landing in the water isn't so bad because at least you went for it and scored - game on for next year I hope!
  5. sunnydee123

    SE CPC in Lake Wales

    So I guess I'll be geting a bunch of surprises this weekend in Lake Wales then huh ~ oh goody! or doesn't anyone want to play with me ...that's ok, I've played with myself before and it's not so bad .
  6. There is so many good things to consider doing this summer....holy cow - I can't decide.
  7. sunnydee123

    Canopy Piloting World Cup

    First load was to be in the air at 6:50 this morning....I believe today all competitors will complete the 2 speed rounds. Not sure how the clouds will affect the time frame but should turn out to be a nice day. From what I also understand, it seems most results from the day won't be posted/available until late each afternoon...
  8. sunnydee123

    WCCP daily updates?

    I could find out tonight when I "catch up" with my man who is over there, with the rest of the US Team