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  1. I was fortunate enough to meet DL a little over 2 years ago while doing swoop training out in Colorado with Marianne Kramer. He didn't know me from "Adam" yet was super supportive. Then I started seeing that bright smiling face all over the place and it was always a good time. It was nice to find someone with such a happy go lucky attitude in this tough world we live in. When he made Sebastian his "some" and then I heard he was getting married, I was overjoyed because good people like DL deserve every happiness. Val, you are in my thoughts and is everyone who's lives were touched by DL, you are all in my thoughts. DL my friend, I will see you again one day, and we WILL play in the clouds, together. Until then..... Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  2. Why on earth have I waited so long to stop and visit here? Now there is this massive boogie, with tons of people I haven't seen in far too long and I am not there. Anyone want to run and pick me up and zip me over for the weekend? I'll be your best friend. Have fun, get a little crazy, be safe! Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  3. Gosh darn I miss the "family reunions" this year. But I look forward to seeing the gang on my home turf in April.....(although home turf I have not played on in some time). Time will tell - if I am watching or playing in the breeze with you guys. Be safe until then my friends. hugs, D Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  4. All this FLCPA talk. I am so confused I was able to make my first real 2 jumps this past weekend and they went pretty good. We'll see how the next few weekends go, as to if I will be ready for competition yet. Be safe until then.... Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  5. Great to see everyone in Lake Wales and look forward to seeing everyone at all the meets. You will quickly see how this becomes one big extended family - watch! So since I was only a baby skydiver in the early days of the original FLCPA, and hadn't even thought about does "opening up" the FLCPA coincide with being part of the SE CPC and attending the Colorado CPC Championships? Are you going to be a pal and show the cash breakdown like the infamous Mr. Hayes did last year for those of us who are NOT accountants? I knew I should have asked more questions when you opened the day Saturday morning wit "Welcome to the First meet of the FLCPA"...I knew it Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  6. I am coming out Friday afternoon but sorry kids - I fear I won't be competing just yet (lucky for you all ). Only made 2 jumps since the accident and they were not good. Taking a lot longer than I hoped to get all the muscle strength back. But I'll be there to A) attempt a jump or two B) check out the competition for this year and C) taunt you all from the sidelines - I mean cheer you on. See ya soon.......xo, D Can't wait to meet you Pia! Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  7. Well Chris, I had a feeling this would be coming. Five years is a long time so let me first thank you for opening the door as you have. Had it not been for the Southeast CPC, I don't know if I would have fallen in love with swooping and then decided to invest in that side of skydiving. Having it so close to home and having such amazing people to work with made it all worth while. The SE region has grown into my extended family thanks to all your efforts.....but I've got to give the "guys" props too because due to there drive and passion and there appreciation for what you put together, the SE continued to grown and I like to think of us as one big happy family! You ran the show like no other but change is good - It keeps things fresh and I think Al will do a really good job....we'll definitely make him earn his way though because you know how demanding we've become with wanting courses set up for extra practice days, etc. 2007 was a big year for me with my progression but it wrapped up with quite an eye opener yet I think I will always love flying my wing and therefore will always look to promote things in the SE for my own selfish benefit. Thanks again for everything Chris and I look forward to flying with you again some time soon. All the best to you and Michelle on your new adventure. Can I come visit in Canada? Seriously! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and great big hugs! Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  8. Glad to hear the pond is open again but bummed I didn't have more notice to plan a visit. Hope weather is good for everyone because Keith rocks under canopy.......Looking forward to the upcoming season! Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  9. Anyone know how I can reach Adam from Eloy who won the other "Spectacular Crash" award? Thanks guys.....I'm still healing but just wait until NEXT YEAR
  10. Believe me, I have beaten myself up more than you know over this. It was a series of bad judgement (or mistakes) on my part. But I will heal and I WILL be back. Mistake #1 - Was going to swoop the side of the pond instead of the middle cause didn't want to get wet. STUPID IDEA. Mistake #2 - Took my turn up 100' but did not allow that adjustment to follow me through to the plane out. I KNOW things dive longer out there..... Mistake #3 - Not trusting myself enough to know I can fly and remembering that the pond is there for safety. I feel very fortunate yet now sit in judgement on myself but it is a learning experience......a hard one but I will learn and I will be back. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts. Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  11. It seems my scare tactics have worked....I just visited random dropzones and flew my ass off and look - a few less competitors to deal with The rest of the CPC should thank me too cause the Southeast Region was ROCKIN big time this year (again) so now everyone has a better chance of snagging those Top 10 slots. Well............maybe..... 24 hours and counting................ Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  12. Is this CPC/PST Talk or a bitch session straight from the Oprah archives? I am cracking up over here....... Good attempt at "the list" Ian - but we are talking skydivers here...I'm surprised anyone has even started thinking about Colorado yet SE CPC Representation that I know of so far: Loud Dan Sunnydee (me) Craig Bryan Chris Watkins Frost (Russian Mike) Aaron Stockum ...and Jairo, I like Mike's idea of selling that trouble making little car so you can come play with us. I can not believe you are going to miss the lottery or something DAMN IT! Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  13. Question - are people responding other places about this? I know it is normally a good thing or is it still too far in advance for the skydiving non planner types? I have wanted to come visit since Boogie #1 (hurricanes hit instead and messed up that plan) and this might be the year I can actually make it so I am starting the planning......was going to fly into Salt Lake (best deal on flights from FL) and drive down (I'm sure the sights will leave nothing to look at right?
  14. I'm going to see how things play out in Colorado and then for the first time in a long time, I will make a LAST MINUTE decision on the trip ....... See you soon. Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...
  15. I ordered Tru-lock also and asked specifically for Louis Loops. Can not WAIT! Dreams become reality, one choice at a time...