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  1. Thanks for the quick replies guys! I left a message with FFE on friday, so I expect to hear from them soon. I took a detailed look at the manual & checklist and it looks reasonable, but definitely way more of a PITA than your standard Softie/Preserve combo. I have all of the tools except for the exotic break tie tape. I'm not averse to taking it on, but like you said, it'll be for educational purposes and take hours at a loss... unless the good folks at FFE talk me out of it
  2. A customer brought me a Softie seat rig that hasn't been repacked in 10 years. I opened it thinking that I'd find the usual Preserve 1c, only to find a Preserve V (Diaperless round in a D-bag with a strange "lazy leg" system). I opened up the manual and found that it calls for several wraps of "MIL-T-5608, C/B, T/I (P/N 131708)" to be used as break ties. I've spent 20 minutes searching for a source for this stuff and I can't find it for sale anywhere. Does anybody know a source or any substitutes? Is it commonly used on military gear, or is it unique to the Preserve V?
  3. eUrNiCc

    Hyde Park Chicago

    Congrats on getting into UofC! My wife and I live in Hyde Park, where she is finishing up her law degree this June. I'm not sure if there are any other jumpers in Hyde Park, but the university doesn't have a club (yet). The closest DZ's are SDC and CSC, both of which are about an hour and a half drive. We moved to Chicago from the south and I will never get used to the winters up here. The summers are really nice and the DZ's are really busy, so bring your rig and your checkbook.
  4. eUrNiCc

    Looking for 4th....USPA Nationals advanced 4 way

    I'm available to do video if you guys need help in that department. Good luck finding a 4th!
  5. eUrNiCc

    JVX Flying styles

    Where did you get the info about air "spilling out where the stabilizers would usually be?" I have about 650 jumps on a JVX (ZP) and I feel that the inputs are anything but mushy, even in the bottom end. The JVX is a very fast & low drag wing. I regularly go significantly faster (measured by viso) under my JVX 80 than under my stock VX 69.
  7. eUrNiCc

    8mm broken film

    Transparent tape will do. Make sure that it's archival if you want it to last for more than a decade.
  8. eUrNiCc

    Cut resistant materials for carry off SL setups

    I've noticed some paint transfer on my carry along SL setup. I always try to attach it somewhere sturdy with no sharp edges. Maybe you could get some narrow tubular webbing and thread the dacron line of the SL through it for abrasion resistance. That way the webbing sleeve can be easily replaced if damaged, and the dacron is well protected.
  9. eUrNiCc

    BASE 652

  10. eUrNiCc

    naples, fl

    Same here. I'll be in FL the 26th to the 2nd. I know that FL turns into a zoo over the holidays, but I'd love to make a jump on a warm FL night. Seeya, Eric BASE1127
  11. eUrNiCc


    8 smoke canisters on one jump?? That'll get expensive fast! The paragear cold smoke sucks, the only thing that I've ever had any luck with is M18 (hot) smoke. I talked to Joey Costa, and he said that the Orbit Punks used to be sponsored by some company that made really good cold smoke.
  12. eUrNiCc

    A Question

    I've seen a couple of people with BASE number tattoos. I'm willing to bet that they'd be against switching numbers. I'd be curious to know what percentage of jumpers on the list had a BASE number?
  13. eUrNiCc

    When Does the Bridge Close?

    I think I remember someone saying that it closes to traffic at 7. I'm not 100% positive about that though.
  14. eUrNiCc

    Lincoln Sport Parachute Club

    I stopped @ LSPC because it's pretty much the midpoint on the drive from Twin Falls to Bridge Day. All of the locals were very friendly & the facilities were quite nice. The Cessna is quick and jumps are super cheap! I'll be back the next time that I'm passing through NE.
  15. eUrNiCc

    rsvp needed for after b-day fun

    I'm only coming if you'll jump with your dreads sticking out through the holes in your ProTec again