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  1. Just a reminder that the boogie is a month away! Check out our website to pre-register for the Mother Of All Boogies. If you would like more information feel free to call the dz anytime! (435) 259-5867. Ask for Rachel
  2. Skydive Moab in Moab, Utah will be hosting the 11th annual Mother Of All Boogies!! Dates for the event are September 25th-28th. We will have turbine aircraft available for on-site skydives and will also be offering OFF-SITE skydives into ranches along the Colorado River as well as Mineral Bottom Canyon! *You must be a C license card holder to participate in the off site skydives but everyone is welcome to the boogie for fun on the dz! Moab is such a unique and beautiful location that one would be CRAZY to miss this boogie! It is also home to world class white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, canyoneering, and SO MUCH MORE so skydivers with families can bring them along to play in the surrounding area while you play in the sky! It's a WIN for everyone! Preregistration is available on our website: Call (435) 259-5867 or send an email to [email protected] for more information
  3. Nope, I am not. Dave and I met in 1999. We go way back! He needed help, we gave him a job, food, place to sleep, anything he wanted. He just left one day and that is it. End of story. Clint MacBeth Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012
  4. Skyvan & Super Otter from Skydive Arizona Organizers: Craig Admire, Freefly, Skydive AZ Skydive AZ's RW Organizer TBA soon. Melissa Nelson - Freefly Lyle Presse - RW - 20/40ways. Utah state record attempts Jeff Nebelkopf from Tony Suits and Project XRW - Wingsuiting Jay Epstein will be helping Jeff out Off Site Locations: Mineral Bottom Canyon Castle Valley Sorrel River Ranch Night Life Thurs - Moab Brewery Friday - BBQ, Beer and Bonfire Sat - Dinner and then Party with Disco Band and DJ More info to be added in the next few days! Clint MacBeth Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012
  5. ok, but that doesn't help me. I'm looking for a glove that is already made for both cameras, not just the cx100. Thanks. I'm looking for a glove that has it already set up, no experimenting.
  6. OK, so is ANY company making this glove yet? We are modifying ours right now but I need to buy one ASAP! I'll buy today if someone is making it. Please call 435 259-5867, - Clint MacBeth Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012
  7. FRENCHY! He and my grandfather were great buds at the campfire in Z Hills and then in Lake Wales. He was very good to me, a 17yr old punk ass kid that would mess with him all the time! He loved it and hated it at the same time. I remember when I burnt down my trailer... well, it was my grandfather's, but Frenchy's trailer was right next to it. It was close to burning his down too, he was mad, but none of his 10000000 t shirts got burnt. I do remember the gold shovel, I remember him chasing that guy, I was there! I spent 3 years with him at Lake Wales and Frenchy was one of the main reasons people stayed out too late, listening to him ramble about who knows what! I remember Mike X doing that jump too!! Miss YOUR fireplace and I'm sure you and grampi are arguing about who gets the lady angels tonight! FLY high and Swoop Low! Clint MacBeth
  8. I spent 3 months with Ron this summer when I was in Thailand. I've got so many photos of him!!! Gonna miss u Ron!! Thailand = Ron!
  9. I don't want to be the one that write this but I found out early this morning that Ron Andre passed away, in his sleep, from a heart attack or stroke. I LOVED that guy. He took me under his wing and did his best to keep me out of trouble when I went to Thailand! He let me stay in his BEAUTIFUL house for 6 weeks. He taught me so so much about Thailand and life! I was just talking to him 1 week ago and asked him to do me a huge favor over there and he did it that next hour!! I first met him in Deland, FL. He used to do the world record RW jumps with Roger Nelson and my father used to jump with him on those jumps! MAN, He was only 60! He live the life of a pure ROCKSTAR! Dam it!!! I was going to be staying with him next month and start 'running' with him again! I have never met a 60 year old that can party more than that brilliant man! He was RON, but he always made me laugh. His best quality was his heart! He had the biggest heart, would do anything for ya! I'm so going to miss you my friend! I'll never forget that 1st night at your house, you hooked me up and you said "......................................................................... it's Thailand, live it up! That's why I'm here! and because of him, I'm going to try and do what he always told me to do, "work hard, play harder and fuck like there is not tomorrow" I'll be moving to Thailand to follow in his footsteps some time in the future! LOVE YOU RON ANDRE!! You made my Thailand experience what it was... The best experience of my life!!! Clint MacBeth
  10. I have to tell this story because it could've changed our lives. Long story short, We met these 2 girls, went to bar, we fought over who got who, I won, I got married to that girl!! That is one of the best stories of my life. Meeting my wife, almost got in fight with the 2 guys who we stole the girls from... I'll never forget!!
  11. I just had another memory of Crash, one that sticks with me EVERY time I make coffee. He never washed out his pot with soap because it ruined the coffee! He was determined that the soap stayed inside the pot! Anyone ever hear Crash say, Home Depot? He ALWAYS said Home De POT! So many memories from that year. That fridge, outside his van, I'm sure its still alive too! - Clint
  12. Damn, 3 in a week. RIP my friend! CM
  13. I'm not going to say much about my best friend in '99 and '00 but boy oh boy did we spend some time together. And we got into SO much trouble. They hated the two of us hanging out together because we were ALWAYS up to no good. Shit, I remember that one time..... shoot, there are too many stories to tell and most I cant say on here. He was CRASH, great at his job, always loved jumping and packing and rigging. I never understood how he could like rigging, he had no patience for people, sometimes, but when it came to your life, the gear was important to him! I could go on and on and on but, he really was my best friend for 2 years and when I heard the news, it was just like yesterday, we were going to NY for my 1st swooping competition, he said 'Clint, You can beat all these guys, you taught me and I can beat all these guys so it's a sure win for ya" I knew he was lying but it felt great to hear. Fly free my friend, say hello to my other buddy that is sitting beside you laughing your asses off at us living folk who are still trying to get it right! Please watch over me, I need the help! Clint MacBeth Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012
  14. I'm working on having 8 BASE jumpers and 8 Swoopers, swoop the BASE jumpers off the cliff and land in a raft on the Colorado River. Easy for spectators to see. My dream come true is finally coming true! Clint MacBeth Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012