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  1. I don't think that in both cases the slider will be securely stowed... and might come off in the most critical moment: during your final 270 turn execution:)))
  2. Looks like somebody was flying XF15 during World Cup 2008 in South Africa;) here is the picture:
  3. sounds like it's a high-performance swooping machine of the Stiletto era:) Which doesn't make it a bad canopy... judging from the videos on your website it opens really softly and without much snivelling! just what camera-guys dream of:)
  4. Ok, but how about loading that standard Cobalt or Pilot up to or exceeding 2lb/sq ft??? and then trying to get a decent performance out of it (landings, getting back from far-away spots, predictable openings etc.)???? will it work? You are right, Atair stretched the range for their Cobalt canopy... but why they didn't stretch it even further, making it one-good-for-all canopy? Why they decided to make a Competition model dedicated for higher wing-loadings? and then went further to creat an x-brace Onyx? Why modern Atair has introduced 7-cell Dragon for moderate wing-loadings and Radical as high-performance elliptical? only marketing??? Or maybe optimizing every model for their performance envelop...
  5. my point was, that it is very hard to have the best of both worlds:))) and I haven't seen such a wide range of wingloadings for other canopies... for instance for Crossfire and Katana lower recommended by their manufacturers wing-loadings are around 1.4...
  6. Maybe they have invented some groundbreaking canopy, that can fly both as Intermediate and as advanced high-performance swoop-beast.... But all this sounds a little bit strange... on their website they state recomended wingloading range 0.5-2.3 lb/sq ft!!!!! I mean up to 2.3!!!! that's X-brace territory Now, I just can't imagine the situation, when somebody would call PD and ask if he can buy Velo 200sq ft for sub 1.0 wingloading and get a positive response from them:)))))) ohh, they don't make one in that size:) And what is that dual break line system? maybe that's their secret weapon:)
  7. you can demo virtually anything, as long as you can find somebody who owns, what you want to demo:) PM Paul Russow known on this forum as proswooper. He used to compete in the PST under various JVXs and now he has switched to Velo, so he probably can provide you with some comparison of their flight characteristics.
  8. they should've called this "PDFT-Team X joint project" :))))))))))))))
  9. animal rights activists might consider this incident as animal cruelty:)))))))))
  10. From introductory statement under Skydiving section on manufacturer's website: "...Since than we have been developing high performance tandem canopies. The HOP330 is a pioneer in 'small tandem canopies"... here is the link: Those guys really take to the next level:))) high-performance tandem, yeah! Looking at the pictures, it seems like XF15 has a lot in common with one very popular x-brace canopy:) May be people, who jump XF15 can tell how it's different from the Velo? And also that Raptor canopy... I couldn't find any pictures of that high-performance monster on their web-site... Am I safe to assume that it might have a lot in common with Katana? :) Strange enough, it's only available in relatively big sizes.... If PD started testing their Katanas from smaller sizes to larger, looks like JOJO went in reverse order:) They have sizes from 170 to 108 availabe and nothing smaller:((( no mercy for skinny jumpers:(((
  11. Man, I didn't know that Paratec hired such experienced test-pilots, they're gonna rock the canopy world!!! I think PD spends too much money on Jay Mo & Co., they should get closer to the real customer and offer test-jumping Velo-2 prototypes to virtually anyone:))) you're simply too demanding... if your slider refuses to collapse, just roll it really tight and put it in your mouth, welcome to the old-school;)))) probably the first canopy on the market which brings you faster to the ground under lighter wing-loadings! Atair once boasted that Cobalt could be deployed even in head-down position, even made a video of it... nowadays people seem to settle for much less... please don't slam me on my hop&pop:)))) Have you tested all of them, really? you're the man! That's a really good comparison, and don't worry about that handful of freaks, who don't jump Cayenne and have no clue what other "brand new canopi" you have in mind:))) Please, don't be too shy! why setting such a low standard? try to go for a Jay Mo's distance record;) "Impossible is nothing" Adidas slogan:)
  12. Our DZO jumps similarly modified Aerodyne risers with his JVX-79.
  13. A few points about Mamba: - to open a visor you will have to use both hands, unless you have a really large hand:))) but I think it's easier than opening Z1 with one hand in thick winter gloves:))) -I don't think tinted visors are available for Mamba for some reason... I couldn't find one on Paragear when the time came to replace the visor on my Mamba. -Mamba looks really nice in standard carbon fiber color, I haven't seen other color patterns besides the white one and I didn't like the look, that's why I got myself standard one:) -I think oxygen or factory diver are more narrow-profile and their visibility range is better, but as an all-around, all-conditions full-face helmet Mamba is second to none in my openion! It saved my face from winter jumping in Russia, jumps through rainy clouds... you name it:) But I advise, if it's possible to try on both. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Freezer, haven't even seen one in real life...
  14. Great! We found somebody, who has actually seen one in existance! Maybe you can find out, what kind of lineset they put on that canopy? Or any general feedback from the person, who jumps that canopy on your DZ: openings, recovery arc, soft front risers or not so soft? any details are welcome!!! Or maybe even photos in flight:) Thanks