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  1. Sorry, a bit late to reply... I never claymed to be a test pilot, i only said i got one to test jump as it was new on the market. I was only trying to make a review based on my expirience. No no, slider workes just fine with the serial one - and yes, there´s anoter way than sticking it into your mouth, but i´m sure that i don´t need to explayn that to you.
  2. Yes, it´s semi-eliptical. But my yoump number is higher, haven´t been updating it for a while. It´s a demo from Paretec, but mine will be hopefully delivered this week.
  3. Hi 2 all, i like to post my recently gained expirience with the new chute from Paratec - called the NRG spelled ENERGY. Ive flown a 160 at a WL of about 1.2-1.3. I had the oppurtunitie to test this parachute in a CC training with Moritz Friss - the review refers to a test chute supportet by Paratec and Boss Rigging. First Thing i have to say for the bad things is the slider - on 80% of the jumps i was not able to collabse the slider as i used too... This was because - so my and others opinion - it was a fault in manufacturing, the lines who are supposed to collaps the slider dissapeared into it - so you coldn´t collaps is. A knot in the lines helped, but not solved the problem - i hope this will be solved with the serial ones... Second thing was that the steering lines were too short - grabbing the FR was OK, but pulling FR´S down, the tail of the parachute was pulled down also, causing absolutly unpleasant FR behavior. On the positiv side: Good flare (due to the relative steep line trim) and general setup of the canopie. Travels real (for this WL) great distances while flaring. Was the 3d on exit and the 1st to land due to mouch lighter WL. Openings: Really comfortable, i only did hop and pops (my VISO sometimes never logged the jumps) - but genarally, they´re OK, sometimes closed end cells. But thats a matter of construction - whitch appears on almost any elliptic/semi-elliptic foils. Packing - it was OK, between a Chaienne and some other, brand new canopi. Summarie: Fun 2 fly, good pack job... If rigged with correct steering lines i can bet to outperform a NITRO at the same WL... Hopefully the slider is better tan the demo one... Ah, and i did a CRW with a guy on a spark at WL 1.0 - worked also good - so the lowend in breaks is definitly OK. If there are any question´s left, PM me...
  4. I startet FF yust like u after AFF, in a RW suit and by now, Back - and Sitflying goes very well. I didn´t bother to tuck the end of the trousers into my socks at all - and it worked. So what im trying to say is that if you can do that with a normal (military) fligth suit you can do it with evry other type of clothing.
  5. I have jumped a demo NRG 160 a few weeks ago as i was looking for a new main for me. Was not a good day, so i was only able to do one jump on it, but i found it nice to fly - a bit more "groundhungry" compared to a chayenne or spark. Landing was nice for my first jump on this canopy, opening a bit "strange" (but i assume that was maybe the pack job of the guy who jumped it before) flyes at a good speed for me. Didn´t had enougt time to do some frontriser turns because i was far out at the DZ, so i had to go straight back to the LZ. So at the moment im looking forward to order one, then i can do a better review on the NRG.