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  1. I will be going to Saudi Arabia this summer for work... so I was wondering if anyone knew of a DZ there? I know that they hold an annual international competition near Jeddah, but haven't really found anything solid on a permanent DZ. Does anyone have any more info?
  2. another thanks to SSD. i was a new guy there two weeks ago checking out a few rigs. everyone was really friendly despite me being a noob... big thanks to sarah for putting up with my packing issues
  3. lol did the dog still not notice it was his own foot even after he bit it? lol dogs nowadays
  4. yeah... the DZ is in Umm Al Quwain. i just say dubai b/c if i said Umm Al Quwain no one knows what i'm talking about! yes dave, you win! ill be in college station in about 5 days for the winter break, then im coming back to qatar. u jump at skydive aggieland? hahha, i just saw the thread about the qatari paratroopers doing their training in Deland.
  5. hey all im in qatar temporarily for study... are there any other skydivers here? the closest dropzone that i know of is in dubai... so i figured chances are slim to none, but worth a shot!
  6. thanks for the info. i see that the firebolt will perform as a good all-around canopy when put under a medium load. i just wanted to make sure i wouldn't break my face with it
  7. Hi all, I've been shopping around for my first rig the past couple of weeks, and I came across what I think is a good first deal. It's a Firebolt 200 main, Angelfire 180 reserve, and Racer 2k3 container. DOM is 2005. This price asked for it all is $3200 (including a Cypres-2). The previous owner was 6'1'' and 180 lbs, I am 6'2'' and 175 lbs. My only concern with this purchase is that the Firebolt has an aspect ratio of 2.65 . I've only had 40 jumps... would this be too much for me? I've had good canopy control so far and soft landings. I don't plan on doing any fancy maneuvers anytime soon. Thanks for the help, -Tim
  8. I had such a great time learning to skydive here. the instructors really love the sport and just want to help you learn to be a skydiver. The weather is beautiful in the summer and the drop zone is in a nice, calm area