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  1. I should come out to pay a visit to my old stomping ground. PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  2. Wow, where have I been to miss this post? I really need to get back to the DZ because I sound like a distant memory. Afterall, I was once the chocolate sauce on the Funnel Cake 4-Way team. PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  3. The day was awesome! Thanks for the well wishes Adrian.
  4. That is by far the BEST analogy I have heard in a while! PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  5. oooh, I love whirly ball and it's always a good time. PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  6. Why and when did Buckhead die? Been a while since I've been there, but it did not seem like a place that would dry up and go away. Does that mean The Tongue & Groove is gone? Yep, they're going to build Condos & Highrises there... In 2 years they say even The Cheesecake Factory will be replaced. PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  7. I know, I know...I'm going to have to take all 7 levels of AFF by the time I jump again. PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  8. Now that the "clubbing" district of Buckhead has died, where does one take a Bachelorette Party in Atlanta these days? ....besides Swinging Richards....
  9. Ahhh, the good ole days... PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  10.'s cold...real cold. My co-workers don't understand why I give a lonesome sigh everytime the Delta pilot says, "We've reached 20,000 feet" And my family doesn't understand why I get all excited when I see the glimmer of a skydiving scene in a movie, commercial, or magazine ad. Or why I sometimes unpack and repack my canopy just to see if it still feels the same. Today I really considered using my upcoming tuition to buy a AAD.... I'm oh so sad. I haven't jumped since..... November 12th 2005 at 2:15pm... PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  11. Uh oh, I've been out of the air much too long. Have people forgotten why it's so great to be a skydiver? PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  12. Which salad did you get? PMS #62 Zarza R[red
  13. Threads like this make me miss PMS #62 Zarza R[red