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  1. That's all... Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  2. Anybody coming from LAX on Thursday night or heading back to LAX Sunday morning? Sep 29 Depart Kansas City (MCI) at 07:05 PM Arrive in Los Angeles (LAX) at 08:35 PM Oct 2 Depart Los Angeles (LAX) at 10:50 AM Arrive in Kansas City (MCI) at 04:05 PM Would love a ride!!!
  3. You are right, it is malicious. It's not really a virus, though, but an SMS Scam. Once you click on the link, it takes you through a few screens and if you read the fine print, you're actually signing up for a $9.99/month SMS Serivce. Check out the Symantec site for more info by copying/pasting the address into your browser: (Intentionally NOT a Clicky) http://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/sms-subscription-fake-iq-test Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  4. Blue Skies, Dennis. Thanks for your help and assistance on behalf of the West Point Parachute Team over the last two years. Katie Blue Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  5. Assclown skygod! That's funny... bounce bingo! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  6. I have a RAWA but didn't want the Go-Pro on top so I drilled out the top rivet and used one of the plates that came with it and screwed it in with a locking screw. Kind of hard to see in this picture but it's significantly lower than the top. It works great HD or on my belly. Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  7. Wow. Thoughts and prayers with his family - real, military, and skydiving! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  8. I think that was the same year I met Chris - very early in my wingsuiting days... good times. Hugs to Kelly! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  9. My boyfriend has one in a TJNK and it's fine. I had a Pilot 104 in one and it was a little loose. That's why I love that you can tighten the closing loop ;) Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  10. Thought of him and Corrine and the girls when I was drinking from my Starbucks coffee cup the other day...[/:(] Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  11. Blue skies, Steve... CAW CAW! Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  12. I think you can learn just as much "on the net" as "off the net". What's the rush? I struggle with my awareness in the tunnel and tend to "tense up" off the net but my tunnel coach said that's normal. There's sooooo many good drills to do while still on the net at a slower airspeed. Why not do those drills first before getting lift off? 360's, switch daffy, 360's are one of my favorite drills. The other one I really like is being held by 2 TI's in an accordian just off the net while I work on my forward/backward. Finding my "stall point" is another favorite. The guys that got kicked off the last record will tell you that flying super strong in slot is really important. If you think you're stable, have the TI's push you around a bit - see how you counter and react. I don't think you need to rush getting off the net until you have all the basics down. (I don't mean you personally, just in general.) Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here
  13. Miiissssttteeeerrrrr Buckley! Damn it!!! I still remember Raeford when we first started jumping and you downsized to that small canopy (was it a crossfire?) and you hurt your ankle. Never could tell you anything. Then you had that little car with the God-awful Birdman graphic. That kept you occupied for a while but you moved onto BASE. Next thing we know you're on TV hung up in some antenna wires and everyone in NC is disowning you... Then you started to grow up. You had a few girlfriends, became really responsible in your job, worked your ass off at Bridge Day, and finally had a son. Everytime I saw you recently you never seemed to surprise me. You always had a big heart and rarely any bad intentions. You just wanted people to like and respect you. Thanks for all the conversations that helped me pass the time while I was deployed. Thanks for the awesome vid of me at my first Bridge Day. Keep an eye on the rest of us... BSBD, Katie Blue Katie Get your PMS glass necklace here