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  1. Added one more practice day on the 4th of July. Come on out and jump on Independence Day! Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  2. I forgot to mention the after party. There will be a pajama party, complete with festivities, such as a raffle and a pillow fight. Bring it! Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  3. We are going to break the current NC Women's Formation Record (of 22) at Raeford Parachute Center, Raeford, NC on 14 & 15 July! If you are a female skydiver (or know any) and want to help make this attempt a reality, come on out!! If you want to help in any other way, ie logistics and organizing, contact me (Laura) or Carrie at Sky2Ground for more information. If you are not a female skydiver, please help spread the word! Also, come on out for an awesome weekend at RPC where the male-female ratio will be totally reversed! One final note, anyone interested is encouraged to attend the training camp weekend (open to both sexes!) the 16th and 17th of June at Raeford DZ. This training camp isn't mandatory but will be fun. https://www.facebook.com/events/196348567152538/ Email me at [email protected] or on Faceyspace Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  4. I received that email this morning. I worked at and frequented SDD for a time years ago. That must be how he got the email addresses. I also know of the email he sent out earlier this year or last looking for PRO rated jumpers. He hijacked the PRO rating mailer list for that one too. As a skydiver, military member AND Golden Knight, I'd sure like an explanation. Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  5. This is a sad day. I know many were holding out hope. Word just came in that LeRoy passed in UT. All the information is not available but I know he was well loved and will be missed. BSBD, LeRoy. Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  6. Everytime I attempt to view the calendar when I am signed in, it gives me the following message: A fatal error has occured: Unable to auto-create user: JustPlainChic. Reason: Column Password cannot be left blank Column Password cannot be left blank at /var/home/dropzone/dropzone.com/cgi-bin/calendar/admin/Links/Authenticate.pm line 123. Please enable debugging in setup for more details. Any ideas?? Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  7. Just over 2 years now and it still doesn't seem the same. You are still missed, John. Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  8. I still can't believe. I miss her so much. BSBD Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  9. I remember meeting Mariann at Skydive Dallas about two years ago. She was this amazing, bright person who was always smiling and always, always willing to help when you needed it. My favorite memory of her, which I'm sure many other people will remember, is when we would be on that hot and sometimes long climb to altitude, Mariann would be sitting in the door with her feet dangling outside like she was sitting on the edge of a dock with her feet in the water and her eyes on the sky. She loved the sport, the sport loved her and she will be truly, truly missed. BSBD Mariann. Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  10. I live very close to Venice and have heard rumors of a DZ on the island of Lido just south of Venice. The website is down and I can find no more info about them on the web. If anyone knows this DZ or has been there recently, any info would be greatly appreciated!! Ciao Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  11. HeHe, good poll. I heard about it on the Sunday Night Sex Show on Oxygen or Lifetime. That woman cracks me up. She demonstrated with a Dental Dam. Kinda creepy, but informative, I guess. Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  12. I have a question for everyone. At this point in my life I am having to make a big decision that skydiving is a big part of. I have weighed the options and hope I am making the right one. I wanted to know what types of things others gave up, besides their credit scores, for love of the sport? Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'
  13. I remember when I first jumped at Skydive Dallas. I was a nervous wreck. But everyone was so friendly and helpful. After my first jump, I felt so much better and got hooked on SDD! Everytime I go, I go alone but still am able to make many awesome jumps with lots of talented jumpers. They are extremely safty concious so I know I am in good hands. I can't wait till my next weekend up there!!
  14. I believe in always planning for the worst and hoping for the best. When I was a student, I would have freaked if they had taken my altimeter. Students shouldn't focus on them too much but they should have them and use them correctly. Thats my$.02!
  15. Thanks everyone for your advice. I'll have to try some of your suggestions this weekend! Laura "Belle" 'Blue Skies'