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  1. Because the COVID-19 pandemic might as well have some benefit to skydiving... Skydive Spaceland has developed this online refresher course for all skydivers, completely free of charge. Enjoy and share if you like it. :) It includes six videos and a test. Obviously this doesn't replace on-site review of emergency procedures/etc., but it's a start to keeping our heads in the game and anyone, anywhere can use it. Stay healthy out there!
  2. Hey FSers, here's some info on the Pre-Nationals competition at Spaceland Houston! Who's going? Events: 4way FS, 8way FS, Mixed Formation Skydiving (MFS) Aug. 18-20 at Skydive Spaceland Houston More info: Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  3. Hey Phil, I know I answered you on this awhile back... but since I was researching usage of our jump package for 2016, I thought you might be interested to know that we have a couple of jumpers well over 900 jumps for the year already. One's nearing 980/1000 with a month and a half left to go in the year (!!!). For sure the winter months are a little slower, but there's a ton of potential there. Out of the 18 jumpers on the package right now, they're averaging 454 jumps apiece. 2017 package: Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  4. Have you ever checked out Chris has done a great job of collecting skydiving aircraft crashes by date, type, and cause dating back to 1982 if you want to look for trends. Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  5. Hi all, the weather is great today and we're flying the Skyvan nonstop! Annnndd.... the Skyvan will now stay Monday as long as there are enough people to jump it. Hope you can join us! Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  6. Hey all, don't forget the Everglades Boogie is this weekend at Skydive Spaceland Florida in Clewiston! We'll have a Super Caravan and a Super Skyvan (raft jumps!!!)! More details: Jan. 22-24, 2016 Registration - $25 (
  7. Hey Phil, it just depends on the weather, which can be brilliant for the "winter" we have here. Yesterday (Monday, Dec. 14) the weather was fantastic and we flew 11 Super Caravan loads to full altitude. Of course we fly a lot more on weekends. Yes, we have the occasional front that sits for a few days at a time. The good thing is we usually have students training here from all over during the week as well as weekends, and we're close enough to town to pull some fun jumpers out on good weather days, so we tend to make the most of all those days.
  8. Spaceland's 2016 jump package has just been opened up for purchase, and it covers lift tickets at all current and future Spaceland locations. FB4086 :) Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  9. Fantastic! The Houston crew should be there by midafternoon and the forecast is great! Hope they're right about it for a change! :) Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  10. Hi all, Skydive Spaceland Atlanta is hosting its first SIS event July 10-12. We'll have belly and freefly organizing, free canopy coaching, seminars/open forums in case of weather, and maybe even some female Georgia state records! Hope you can join us for the fun! PS: Spaceland ATL is also currently running a jump ticket special (not just for the ladies): 10 for $150--but only through this Saturday, so grab it quick if you want to make this a fun AND inexpensive weekend. :) No limit, no expiration. More info on Facebook Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  11. Happily for all of us, it's parked under trees to stay cooler. :) I always thought the portapots on pavement in the sun were to make people quit bitching about how hot it was outside them... Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  12. Yep, one that isn't leaving as soon as opening weekend is over. :) Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  13. Thanks for the bump! First load takes off at 2pm, weather permitting. :) Oh and by the way... There will now be a long-term outdoor restroom for tent/RV campers, and it's already here. See ya soon!!! Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  14. Me too, Zoo! One clarification on the camping to answer an offline question that others may have: There will be no long-term RV parking (no hookups), but tent camping is fine. The hangar and thus the restrooms will be closed at night, so plan to make like a bear or head to the nearby gas station for any late-night restroom needs. Hope to see you all soon! Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464
  15. Yes, we are! We look forward to seeing you! :) Blue Skies! -=Christy=- D-21464