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  1. GAskygirl

    Skydive Spaceland Atlanta

    Convenient to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga, Skydive Spaceland Atlanta opens May 1, 2015, with full-service skydiving and skydiving instruction out of a Super Twin Otter. The completely remodeled facility will have you skydiving in style in the beautiful Georgia foothills! And you can get your basic skydiving license in as little as a week with our industry-leading Skydiver Training Program. We look forward to flying with you!
  2. GAskygirl

    2013 Holiday Boogies - Where to wrap up 2013

    Check out the 7th annual Everglades Boogie Jan. 24-26 at Skydive Spaceland-Florida! Free Load Organizers *Scotty Burns (wingsuit) *Tyler Roemer (freefly) *Scott Latinis & Michael Wadkins (RW) The Fastest Fun Airplanes in South Florida! *Super SkyVan *Super Caravan *Bell 407 helicopter Live entertainment Saturday night Lots of shenanigans! FREE BEER! (Can you drink $25 worth of free beer in 3 days? I know I can!) Registration: $25 (includes goodie bag, boogie shirt and beer!) Call 800-533-6151 to preregister and save time at check-in. Jumps: $25 from Skyvan/Caravan, $75 from helicopter Skydive Spaceland-Florida is located on the beautiful, wide-open Airglades Airport, with scenic views of Lake Okeechobee just 4 miles north.
  3. GAskygirl

    Word of Mouth Marketing and Skydiving

    "No detail [is] too small when offering the single greatest experience life has to offer." YES.
  4. GAskygirl

    Skydive Spaceland Houston

    Don’t bother with online skydiving resellers that might send you hours away to jump–skydive with the best! Our family-owned business has been training world-class sky divers in the Houston area for more than 18 years. We offer the most modern facilities and gear, and the safest and most efficient way to learn to sky dive with our exclusive Tandem progression and Skydiver Training Program (STP). And we have multiple full-time turbine aircraft and organizers every weekend for our awesome fun jumpers!
  5. GAskygirl

    Skydive San Marcos

    Jumping Thursday through Monday, office open every day but Wednesday. $22.00 fun jumps Monday - Friday, $24.00 Saturday and Sunday. We are the only DZ in Central Texas that has a turbine aircraft, come out and jump!
  6. GAskygirl

    Skydive Spaceland Dallas

    Skydive Spaceland Dallas is a paradise for everyone who loves (or wants a taste of) flight. Our passionate team wants to make your dreams a reality! Major improvements to be completed in mid-2016 will add top-of-the-line facilities to this awesome, supportive, fun-loving culture and make this THE place for North Texas skydiving!