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  1. FB1609

    Add inlets to a Phantom1?

    I just got an old P1 that fits perfect and I plan to learn with. I can't afford anything else so I have to do with it. I have a lot of sewing experience doing sail repair and was hoping to add some inlets as the P3 has on the front only, wings and legs. Is this worth doing? If anyone who used to jump a P1 can give me their opinions how it flew, how they think it would improve with inlets... or anyone who has added inlets to any wingsuit, if it was fairly easy let me know what they think. Thanks!
  2. FB1609

    World Parachuting Championships 2016 - Wrap Up

    Enjoyed these, are the final results for the whole meet avail somewhere?
  3. FB1609

    You Know Nothing About Seatbelts - Part 1

    Seatbelts can also cause problems in some cases. A buddy on the latest LODI crash was belted thru the harness. He told me that there was no way he would have been able to unbuckle his seatbelt afterwards, couldn't even see it, another jumper had to do it for him, so imagine if there was a fire. Yes maybe it saved him or someone else in the actual crash, but maybe not. Also cases up in the air when every millisecond counts. I use seatbelts when I can, but there are some negatives, just maybe the positives outweigh them.
  4. FB1609

    Parachute Center

    I arrived an experienced jumper (over 1000 jumps), but had not jumped in 15 yrs, no logbook, gear or licence. Bill asked me where I used to jump, then just said, "Once your out the door it's like riding a bike, take a 210 for the 1st jump" Awesome, thanks Bill. I ended up there for 3 months, bought all the gear and did camera for some tandems. Really fun times around the firepit, living in the bunkhouse, great people from all over the world. The jump prices still astound me, I was paying more in the 80s! The main thing is...if you stay for more than a few days, work around the DZ or you will be told to leave. Always offer to help with anything, filming landings, airplane "hangerupers" Empty the garbage, clean the bathroom, always say "yes Bill" to whatever he says, jump every day and never break any of his rules...and you will stand a fair chance. Bill is absolutely the most experienced skydiver, DZ operator, jump pilot, manifester etc that you will ever meet, so do as he says. He is also a nice guy, Cathy is super nice as well. How many times they brought amazing meals for everyone at the DZ, Turkey dinners with all the fixings, great bbq all beef dogs for lunches, really great DZ. I highly recommend and look forward to going back. Just be good, or for sure you are gone! Bill puts up with nothing
  5. FB1609

    GoPro Hero 4

    Coming in Oct/Nov 2014 I heard..in time for xmas.
  6. Start a new DB thread, I have a slow connection, that one is huge and should obviously be archived
  7. If you sold your gear and need new stuff anyways, I'd go for a few jumps using something bigger than what you used when you stopped. That first canopy flight will feel familiar but faster than it used to I imagine.
  8. FB1609

    16mm movie circa 1978

    I want the cheesy music I had a rig like that, Wonderhog with belly band and 252 foil actually, wearing it in my profile pic...1984 Clairsholm Alberta
  9. FB1609

    Wingloading for profit, not fun.

    I would recommend a 170ish, Sabre 2 or similar.. very friendly canopy that will give you enough performance to keep you happy and safe. You have a great attitude IMO, don't let the ego take over.
  10. ? I was hoping to see a spectacular photo
  11. FB1609

    Nov Parachutist DZ directory photo

    yeah I did a night jump 2 way once with a guy and he kissed me lol! gay.... It was weird
  12. Congrats! Now I doubt you'll want to land with the plane again...ever! You have so much to look forward to in this sport, enjoy!
  13. FB1609

    Freak Brothers the movie

    oh yeah, that brings back some fond memories...cheers! Almost forgot about my Wonderhog. Skydivers used to be more fun, less attitude. Man I can't believe we used to wear those cut off jeans right up to our asses.
  14. The next step would be to get a Parafoil 252 and land in full brakes. Seriously though, you probably won't get much more speed than you are getting now, stay safe.
  15. FB1609

    STUPID WIND!!!!!:(

    Start windsurfing or kiting, If it's windy I go to the Water and take advantage...plus it's free. edit, just noticed you only have 10 jumps, was it you that just did your first solo? Anyways hope it co-operates next time