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  1. Thx for the info. I friend of mine actually ended up being a dealer for them, so problem solved!
  2. Ah, thanks. I got a hold of the UK dealer, but he doesn't deal with US orders. I'll see if I can get a hold of any of the Russians directly. How long did it take for you to get your suit, btw?
  3. Does anyone have the contact info for Skylark Parachutes US dealers? If you have a jumpsuit from them, who did you go through? Thanks!
  4. Emmie

    Tonfly vs Sonic

    Hey Stela, I have a Tonfly 618. It's a great looking suit, and it's pretty much bulletproof. I've had about 5 different brands of suits before I got it, and this is by far the best made. It's also very, very powerful. That may be a good or a bad thing. It's good because if you know how to fly it, you can do a whole lot in the suit. However, for someone who's a beginner, it may not be ideal. I got my suit as an experienced tunnel flyer. I've always flown suits with little drag, so I didn't think that switching to a tighter suit would be a big deal. The Uno 618 however has negative drag. What this meant for me was that no matter how big I tried to fly, there was only so much surface area that I can present to the wind, and I would sink out unless the air was cranked all the way up. If you're just learning and don't have the endurance to fly at supersonic speeds, this may hinder your learning. Also, it may make it difficult to fly with others who are used to flying at slower speeds. The 618 also has cordura on the arms. I think this may make it difficult to take docks if you're just learning. In my opinion, the 618 is an advanced suit, and while I love mine, I don't think it's the right jumpsuit for someone with your experience. I definitely don't believe in having your suit fly you, but a little drag is never a bad thing. I think Tonfly now released the 619, which has a whole lot more range. I've seen a few people with it, and it's a great looking suit. Anyways, hope this helps, and sorry, don't know anything about Sonic.
  5. Had an Ouragan, a Liquid Sky, and now have a Tonfly Uno 618. Ouragan was really well made, and so was the Liquid Sky. And with both of those suits, you have a lot of options as far as the design goes. Love my Tonfly for skydiving. Super sleek, badass suit. However, I'm a tunnel flyer as well, and have to admit that I don't love the Tonfly for the tunnel. It has zero drag. I don't like baggy suits, I think you need to fly your body. However, in the tunnel, a little drag is never a bad thing. No drag means you're forced to fly at much higher speeds, which in turn effect your efficiency. It's much harder to take head up docks when you're flying topped out... Just something to think about. Also, not sure that you need all that cordura on the arms. Other than that, I the suit is excellent. Also, I'm pretty sure it's bulletproof.
  6. Emmie

    Vector III

    Complete system stolen, vector III, Optimum 143, Pilot 150 and Cypres II. Canopy is White Blue and Purple
  7. Emmie


  8. The longer you fly in the tunnel, the more you will develop tunnel muscles, and will be able to go for longer sessions without feeling tired. However, that takes time. Personally, for overall core strength, you can't beat Crossfit. If you don't have one near you, there are lots of youtube videos demonstrating the workouts. I recommend a coach however, to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Deadlifts, thrusters, kettlebell swings, etc. all these will work your entire body. For the most part you are really using your core for every movement. I've had really bad shoulder bursitis for years, and head up flying, even for a few minutes would leave it in pain. Started doing crossfit, developed muscles to take the pressure off the shoulder in just a few months. Also, can fly forever without getting tired. Totally give it a try, so worth it, not just for freeflying, but for your overall health and wellbeing.
  9. I get dvds every time I fly. I usually fly between 15-20 minutes per session. I have a giant ass stack of dvds at my house that I occasionally count to get a rough estimate of how much time I have. Too much of a pain in the ass to actually log it. But then again, I'm lazy.
  10. Haven't jumped with it yet, just tunnel, so can't speak to the fogging via personal experience. However, it's very well ventilated (big vent in the front, and 2 in the back), and based on that I don't see fogging up being an issue. Also...I wore it around the house (don't judge, it was a new toy) for about 20 minutes with the shield down, and there was no condensation, or fogginess or anything like that. Can't imagine it would be any different in freefall, or under canopy.
  11. So, just an update on the helmet, for those of you interested in getting one. Do it, it's awesome!!!! This helmet is amazing!!! I flew with it in the tunnel the other night, got in, flipped head down and then freaked out because I thought that I forgot to put the face shield on because I was seeing things I wasn't used to seeing with my old full face helmets. It was like I spent my whole with bad eyesight not knowing anything was wrong with my eyes, and then one day someone gave me a pair of glasses.
  12. Yes, all open and functional. It's pretty badass! I wish I posted here first, would have saved me 2 hours of just staring at the helmet
  13. Mike, between taking pictures of the helmet and helping me out with pretty obvious questions, you're a total rockstar! LOVE the helmet, thanks for all your help!!!!