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  1. Emmie

    For ALL freefliers..

    Hmmm...personally, I think that things like body position can only be learned by actually flying it, either the sky or the tunnel, preferably both. What I think a dvd would be helpful with would be things like exits, approaching formations, flying once in a formation, etc. For me personally, I have a whole lot of tunnel time, so I can fly my body however I want to. But I am waaay less proficient with exits. Say I want to take out a linked 5 way sit out the door...well, I can guess what everyone should be doing out the door to make it work, but, I don't know for sure. This is the exact reason I love jumping with experienced organizers. They have the knowledge and experience they rely on that translate into successful skydives. I think that instructional dvds/books that could bottle up that knowledge/experience would be very helpful. Some things that are obvious to people that have done it thousands of times, while they may not be difficult to perform in the sky, are not so obvious to those that don't have the same number of jumps. I don't think there's anything like that out there, so there'd probably be a pretty decent market for this product.
  2. Emmie

    Glyn Johnson

    What horrible news! I haven't seen Glyn for a few years, but I'm sorely going to miss that goofy smile and hearing for the thousand's time all about his battle with the FAA. I remember one of my first jumps at Emerald Coast. I was about to track away when all the sudden this meat missle just flew at me out of nowhere, grabbed my face and kissed me. I was almost mad until I saw this huge smile on his face! That's the Glyn I'm going to miss! Blue skies my friend!
  3. Emmie


    I've only recently got my WIngs so I haven't put to many jumps on it yet, but so far the container is great! It looks awesone, fits great, and extremely confortable. It's a very well amde container, and the pin protection is great, the bridle goes over the oain pin, so there's litle chance of the pin moving at all. My only problem with the container is the cordura boc. If you're thinkking about ordering one with cordura, I strongly recommend getting spandex instead. The pouch is too short, and its damn difficult to get a zero-p pilot chute to stay in there. My packer and rigger both tryed many different techniques for packing the pilot chute so that it would stay inside, but no matter what you do the edge of the pilot chute is still sticking out of the pouch.