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  1. My pictures are up here: -Jon
  2. Cool. Yeah, an SVG would be great, I can print it out on my 13x19 photo printer. :) -Jon
  3. What software did you use to make it?
  4. I'd buy a poster print of that...
  5. Yeah, Sacramento's a bit of a hike when I've got a 5pm flight out of Reno...thanks for the info tho. -Jon
  6. I've got a day free after a business trip to Reno next week, was wondering if there's anyone still operating in that area. It looks like Skydive Lake Tahoe's shut down... -Jon
  7. 0:0:15 minutes Down in SF visiting family, no car, took BART over to iFly and spent 15 minutes in the tunnel. -Jon
  8. Hi folks, Had my first 10 minutes of time back at Christmas down in Perris, going back down in a couple weeks for some more. I'm realizing that I'll probably be racking up a fair bit of time over the next year, and was wondering how people track their tunnel time. Do y'all use a logbook? Mental math? Just forget about it and have fun? -Jon
  9. In expected order: * C license * Learn to freefly * Coach rating * Wingsuiting But most of all keep flying! -Jon
  10. Sorry, not Chacabuco, Chascomus: Looks like it's these guys: According to my friend, things change frequently in BA due to issues with air traffic controllers, and most of the operations have been pushed to the far outskirts of the province. -Jon
  11. I was just down in BA last week, and a friend took me out to a small operation running out of the Chacabuco Airport, about 1.5 hours from the city. Two 182's, one carrying fun jumpers, the other running tandems. Most of the folks were freeflyers. Good people, cold beer. I can ping my friend and get contact info if you'd like... -Jon
  12. Link? All I could find is this: But it's clear from that one that the d-bag came out and dragged the PC out of the pouch... -Jon
  13. You don't need to tether the balloon, you just need a pump and a tank. Fill the balloon, ride up, hop off, the pump kicks in and empties the balloon into the tank, it drops back to the ground under its own chute. Lather, rinse, repeat. -Jon
  14. If you don't want to carry it on, but are worried about the baggage gorillas, you can do what many pro photographers are doing these days: Pack it in a hard case with a starter pistol. Because there's a "firearm", they do the inspection in front of you, you lock the case and keep the key, and they're not allowed to open it up. -Jon
  15. I think the biggest factor will be how well you do with each level. I did three jumps my first day (levels A-C), and decided to call it a day to process everything. The next weekend I finished up the AFF levels (in three more jumps), and then did a few more solo jumps, for a total of 7 jumps that day. You can make pretty good progress in a day, just know your limits and pay attention to what's going on. At a certain point when you're learning something new, you reach a saturation point, and doing any more becomes counter-productive. -Jon