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  1. "A funnel occurs when one or more skydivers find themselves in an unstable body position and end up in a skydivers burble. The resulting loss of stability for the other skydivers usually causes the formation to break up." (I spent a long time making this and trying to get it to look just right and I'm giving away the file for free so please don't question every word in it. Thanks) Let Go and Jump!
  2. What happens when a formation skydive self destructs Let Go and Jump!
  3. Thanks. I know, I copied and pasted a glossary and when I made it the common words were supposed to be taken out but it missed some like "also". If anybody has more words suggestions that would be great cause I'm going to try to remake it so it has better words and it's printable.
  4. Well it still seems like it would work pretty well in theory, but the program I downloaded to print to an SVG file puts a big watermark on the file unless you buy it. It's called SVGMaker if you want to try it. Let Go and Jump!
  5. Sorry, It's midterm week and I've been really busy so I didn't check this post earlier. That's what I tried doing was tracing it in Inkscape to save it as a vector but it looked horrible. When I get a chance I'll try remaking it. I need to take out some of the words anyway. I used wordle and it included some like "also" even though it was supposed to take out common ones. I'm going to try to "print" it to an SVG file so it will have perfect lines. If you want to try it on your own let me know, but I don't mind doing it and just uploading it here for you. It would be cheaper for you to get it printed than for me to work through Zazzle or something anyway. Let Go and Jump!
  6. I would make you one but I don't have a high enough resolution. I tried enlarging it this morning and it looked horrible. Sorry Let Go and Jump!
  7. I've been working on AFF for a couple years now (I know, but it's expensive and I'm in college so it's a slow process lol) anyway, when I first started I had to learn all the terms, and today I found a list and made them into this... http://letgoandjump.com/post/4702582200/skydiving-word-cloud Let Go and Jump!