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  1. Gene03

    standard riser length?

    Hello again Josie, Most are 22" but manufacturers will make whatever length fits you best.
  2. Rockin' doesn't even begin to describe it. I met four friends from the mid 70's from New Jersey that I lost touch with years ago. Gawd, what a great weekend.
  3. Gene03

    My bootie stinks. Help!

    Nice title to your post.
  4. There was a device called a split bridle. Picture a pilot huge sitting on top of a forked bridle with each leg going down to each ring.
  5. EEEEEEOOOOCH. Nice shot.
  6. Gene03

    Riggers course in Chicago?

    I work there so I may be a bit biased. We're halfway through the fall course. The trainees are having a long-ass day blast. They remarked that they can't remember when they worked this intensely. It's satisfying seeing the pack jobs improve in just 5 days. It's also been said that the course is a lot more involved than a lot suspected.
  7. Gene03

    Bubble gum on a container...

    Try rubbing it gently with ice then peel off what you can.
  8. Gene03

    PIA email list for SB/AD notification

    Thanks to PIA for this. Could you post a link to the page please? I can't find it.
  9. Gene03

    - Imagine unlimited flight.

    Don't just sit there. Pass that thing around.
  10. Gene03

    Pete Wilson

    Pete. Straighten out your belly band. RIP
  11. Gene03

    Summerfest SDC

    Here's our website. Your best bet is to fly into Chicago O'Hare airport. Prearrange a pick up from the DZ, (hungry packer?) or get in touch with some body else flying in and renting a car. The Flying Hellfish may be able to help.
  12. Gene03

    Names read in memory of

    Graceful exits have always been a part of the warriors code.
  13. Gene03

    "EROS" system (kinda like a skyhook).

    A link may prove helpful.
  14. Gene03

    Slammer Openings

    My typical opening procedure for my Strato Star (bottom rope and rings) was; Track, wave off, clear above and behind, pitch, continue tracking until I sloooowy went feet to earth.
  15. Gene03

    stress on sliders

    Just copy any proven slider design on the market. Stitch for stitch, same for the material, tape, webbing, grommet depth compression setting. Do your home work first. You'll be fine. And it wouldn't hurt to have a few riggers inspect (pick it apart) also. What are friends for?
  16. Gene03

    What kind of rig is this?

    Please post some pictures of the rig itself, sorta hard to guess from that alone.
  17. Looks like a love child of an early Racer and a Wonderhog. Maybe home made? That's all I got.
  18. Gene03

    Quote fom a skydiver age 101.

    I'm calling Bullshit you ole Sugar Geezer, there's no way in hell you're 101.
  19. Gene03

    Flat pack- improvised

    Have you tried the base forum or maybe strong enterprises web site, tandem packing? Your description sounds like a combination roll/pro-pack or something???? Please keep us or me via PM informed as I would like to know more. Thanks in advance.
  20. Gene03

    What's this plane #24

    Wild ass Guess here. Breezy?
  21. Gene03

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Anyone remember Tom Phillips? He bounced in 72-73.
  22. Gene03

    IAD out of a Caravan

    At the risk of pissing off a lot of people here I'm going to tell you my opinion of IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment). I believe this is the laziest and most dangerous advancement allowed to creep into our sport. Why? What is a jumpmasters worst nightmare? A student going unstable on exit and wrapping or snagging the bridle and/or deploying canopy, and possibly a resulting fatality. This type of incident is almost completely avoided by relying on the time tested and proven direct bag static line system. Yes, I know there are other factors to consider as well, length of static line, grommets on bag beating side of aircraft, etc. Okay I've said my piece.
  23. Gene03

    Yamata Sewing Machines

    I've seen them years ago. There's a reason they are cheaper. Depends on how long ago they where made though. As always, "Try before you buy".
  24. Does the term "SHITCAN" have a special meaning to you?