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  1. Sounds good man,... I have a friend that works there too... So if I find myself in a bind, I'll be sure to give them a ring.... Thanks guys!
  2. I sure will,.... once im at least half way done,... i'll put something together for you guys!... :-D
  3. Well, I was able to get everything all free'd up and rotating again... It actually looked much worst in the photos than it actually was... I have the machine about 90% stripped down and should have the upper, lower and hand wheel all stripped/touched up and powdercoated within a couple weeks... This is actually going much faster than expected... I have found almost no parts that actually "need" replacing... With exception of the tension springs and disc... Will probable replace most of the generic type bolts/screws... Might machine new replacements for some of the larger shoulder bolts if I can't find replacements for them.... Anyone know if all the upper moving parts was originally plated or black oxide coated or etc?.... Having a local shop do the coating and plating if needed.... Should look like new in a couple months...
  4. Well, at least there is good new of parts being avail and all... I'm a machinist by trade & welder, so repairs shouldn't be to bad, i hope! This machine is pretty rusty and I will need to replace all the springs & probably the thread tension plates and a few other pieces that I can't sandblast, bake or burnish... Probably lots of screws and thumb nuts too... I have searched for the springs via part numbers have not been able to come up with anything... Thanks for the info guys.... I need to go pick this up on Tuesday as it's already bought and paid for... I'm sure I'll have a list together soon... This will be a winter project!
  5. Hey guys, Just picked up a decent Class 7-34 Singer for a song... Going to run through and do a full restoration on it, powder-coating and plating pretty much everything... I know I'm going to need a few parts here and there... My usual places like Henderson and Universal are not showing they carry much at all for them (I have not called them yet).... I know there are still 1,000's of these machines in use... Does anyone have any sources they would like to share? Also, anyone have the plans for the reverse hookup? I'm a machinist by trade and can make about anything, but a tried and true print could be very useful! Also, I've seen most ppl have done away with the bobbin cover slides and have placed a solid piece over top of where they used to be, ow does this workout with spacing the feed dogs up higher and the throat plate?... I can buy or burn out the plate/cover, just curious on how that all works out... Blue Skies, Kelly
  6. My friends and I drove 12hrs to jump the famous Mike Mullins Super King Air!... What a great ride to alt & couldn't ask for anything more! 7 minutes from throttle to exit and that is not a joke! Great Hiller Helo for some quick helo hopNpop action. Bathrooms were clean as well as the showers and the POOL, yes, they have a pool! What a great vibe this place has, no SKYGOD attitudes here what so ever. Very professional DZ with a home town feel... Do I think that a 12hr drive is to far to come here again, hell no! Will do it many more times as this place is top knotch class act and 2nd to NONE! Smiles all the way home thinking of how soon we can return with more friends!
  7. Skydive Great Lakes in Indiana closed and out of business as of 2012..... Can it be removed? I'm always searching for Dropzones when traveling and find old closed ones on here from time to time! Thanks
  8. Thanks for the input guys! Dragon, that might work out well, I have a 10mm Nikorr fisheye lens that cost way too much considering that I rarely use it.... I wouldn't have any way of mounting it vertically though.... I might have to check it out both ways...
  9. Roughly how many shots are you getting off aftet leaving the plane in AF mode?.... Do you have a focus range for me, how about a 18-35mm lens?....... lol, no I would not use tape, a fat rubber band from some broccoli, as it looks much more fancy! :-)
  10. Do most of you guys just tape off the lens at a predetermined focus point, or rely on AF??? I'm guessing MF and taped off at 8'+/-????
  11. Hey guys!.... I have a Bonehead Optic210, chin cup cutaway,... Just bought a CX550, cookie side mount black box, hypeye, .5 raynox lens, and extra charger and battery's..... I have a Nikon D80 12mp camera i'm going to use & ordering a flatlock for it.... Me and my wife are/were part time wedding photographers, and have several sets of lenes, (try to stop doing weddings, they SUCK!).... What lens range should I be looking for, and all my lower "mm" lenes are way to large and heavy to use!..... I though one of my fixed 50mm lens, but thats way too tight.... My handycam gear comes in today, so I'll get to play with it.... I just dont want to buy a $300-$400 lens when I might have a better option! Thanks guys!
  12. Newegg..... $5.99 for 1 or 2 gig.... Free shipping! http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007960%20600000456%20600000475&IsNodeId=1&Description=thumb%20drive&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=20 That link might work for you, if not, just type in thumb drive and select 1 & 2 gig from the dropdown menu's on the left of the screen....
  13. Thanks guys!.... However, I ended up buying a cx550, extra lense, box, hypeye, batterys, extra chargers and all... It was a good setup for about what I would have paid for a cx100/150.... They sent 7-8 skydiving videos taken with it and was very sharp and had no shake or noticable issues that I read others were concerned and asking about... Not to mention it looks brand new.... Thanks for the help!
  14. Lol.... Thanks a bunch,.... I'll see what I can get for the money then! Any word on an inexpensive ringsite?
  15. No one?... almost 200 views and no comment?.... That is not what I expected on here thats for sure! If I can buy a whole setup with a cx100 for $500.... Or cx150 camera only for $200, and have to buy the mount and box and hypeye all seperately and at full price, Is the cx150 that much better of a camera? come on guys, trying to seal a deal on some new/used gear here!