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  1. thanks everyone for the imput! I just got it! and now totally respect the cost of reflected in the repack but totally stoked to have it!
  2. thanks for the relative information, just wanted to see what the community was thinking I got a master rigger ill be touching basis with soon enough.
  3. and, yeah lee, I think ill need to investigate father into the air worthiness of this container... the intergrated risers do have a lot of ware because of the velcrow ....ideally I was hoping of getting this stuff together and get a student rig up and operational. I have a desire to make parachuting safe enough, while also lowering the price so everyone can enjoy with out droping 3G on the table for a new rig, and have someone to jump with. its hard...so hard to jump in the maratimes in Canada...
  4. yeah the risers on the out side are...intresting, although this version does have nice simple snaps for the main risers. also the nice Velcro going down the outsides of the canapy. the reserve is really intresting, Curris (im not sure on the spelling) 220 its got leath-wise construction, and 5 cells, the reinforcement tape looks on par with a raven, and the vents in the ribs are huge, looks like it should pressureize fast! also the leading eadge seems to have way more of a constructed airfoil (similar to a shark-nose on paragulders) I really want to fly this thing to see how it works...but no bridle attachment, so if I mod it...can never use it as a reserve :(
  5. #2,1,3.think this was a late 80s I also have an ealr 80s version so I see a few improvements, but im chopping that one up for other projects. the other one I have seems like a M and this one seems same I cant really see anything on the back panel but I know there is a data card but i think that's mostly canopy detail, (ill look it up) 4 single pin toss 5 its a leg PC toss system 6 orginal free bag check, seems the right size too, it fit with out much of a problem 7 its a "modern" spring PC, conular size looks 40"ish disconeect the hat, and toss that shitty Kevlar closing loop its more yellow then a Twinkie, replace it with some nice fine cypress loop? that's spectra I think it said that's fine, ill need to double check that.
  6. So I acquired an old RaceR, and I cant find the size cause its old and warn off, anyone know the mesurements IE. I got a currus 220, and its real tight! also anyone know how the hat comes off, is it a cut of the thread? I have the instruction manual but it seems a little unclear.
  7. not what I was saying, but I do have PC,and bag, just need some risers and a reserve-harness and ill be good to go for planes..
  8. so if i where to modify it for BASE, i guess i could keep the old Y ... but as with the (was it apex's) milti-point bridle attachment more complicated bridles are not friendly; (not that this canapy would be anything more then a water rig)
  9. I have and still use my V2, I had 2 replacements on the Velcro Risers, and if it needs it again I am confident enough to do it myself; never opened in free fall. I did a bit of head down stuff and fun free, also had the pin tuck-in-flap, with more Velcro to the BOC for the bridle, never had any problems and iv done 300ish free jumps, and over a hundred wingsuit jumps, but always keep an eye on the velcrow in can last as little as 100 JUMPS! iv seen a lot of shit jobs with fabric covering bridle, might as well stick with the tried an true bundle and hook.
  10. Hello, I just got a hot deal on an comet 280, as I am relatively new last 20 years of sky gear I don't really understand the old stuff. fist do they have a label on the parachute I haven't found one, and the bridle attachment uses 2 points on ether side of the center cell looks like Dacron to the bag; and has relatively low amounts of reinforcement... (no CRW alteration, or collapsible PC) 1# why did they stop using this looks like there is a minimal chance for something to go wrong, but more complicated then the single large reinforcement patch in the centre. other then that looks like a fun excrement to fly this piece of history its got a hand deployed PC as well, so cool stuff, in the day I imagine.
  11. I could be talking about the CSPA Rigger A !! rad ill check that packing artical out! thanks! ill work hard to pretend im serious about it....but fuck i pack my reserve* every time i hoop off a low EP its skydiving whats the worse that can happen study hard and get edu-micated sounds fun! thanks everyone!
  12. hahahahaha great what i expected! thanks for the laughs boys! i guess ill save up and get "smart"
  13. looking to pick up the riggers ticket, multiple rigs are killing my pocket change, im consistently moving (job) so have difficulty finding a local rigger i can work with.... to make it worse im from east Canada, and usually do my jumping in the US. i got over 100 F-111 flat packs so i got the moves, keep my mind open and seen a few reserve packs. any courses or masters up in the north east? I would prefer the US FAA.... but any Canadian certs are fine. thanks,
  14. hello just picked up an old mirage, but no RESERVE!? she will fit a PDR 126 or Optimum 143 i flew the Optimum 143 was great! landed my MicroRaven, she went backward a little but was soft. Anyway took a look around, how many reserves are even out there? aerodyne and PD, are there anything else out there for a good price? and to all yee wise jumpers who would like to lecture me on safety or price thank-you very much but lets skip it.
  15. best way to celibrate the holidays run away! anyone on the way split the fule for a honda civic ..almost free pass!