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  1. Pit76

    Down Plane probe, strap, slings

    Just out of curiosity, what are probe/slings used for downplane in CRW?
  2. Pit76

    No opportunity to learn to pack

    Isn't learning how to pack included in the AFF course? Here it is. I did my AFF in France and there it wasn't included so I followed a packing course at my home dz. Costs me about €20 on a friday evening. For our AFF's it's included in their course so they don't have to pay extra for it. After I bought my own rig I asked a friend to teach me how to pack over the shoulder and I practiced at home during the winterstop. At the start of the season I asked a packer to follow my "over the shoulder" packing to verify. Got some usefull hints and tricks, free of charge (for a beer ofcourse). Can't you find anyone who wants to teach you after hours or on some other day? Not for free ofcourse, ask them what they charge.
  3. Pit76

    Beginner WL

    I think that with a wingloading of 1.2 on your 210 with 'only' 87 jumps (according to your profile) you'd better keep that 210 for some time. I have only 140 jumps in total, jump a Silhouette 190 (+- 80 jumps now) and have a wingloading of 1.1. My reserve is a PDR193 just because I didn't want a reserve that is smaller then my main. My noobish advice: jump around 200+ jumps on your 210 before even thinking about downsizing. At least that's what I'm planning to do and even then I'm not sure if I would go down. I'm a bit older than you so I don't need al the speed stuff, I'm happy under my 190, flying around in the sky. And to be honest, on no wind days I'm happy it is a 190. Landings are fast enough then. My goal is to have a great and exiting time up there but definitely going home in one piece. Take your time. In the end I guess that it all depends on how many jumps you do a year. My goal is to do around 100 jumps a year but I understand that if you do 300/year that you'll want downsize quicker.
  4. Pit76

    L&B Viso II

    Time to buy a second alti like an audible. I bought mine when I got my A license.
  5. Pit76

    Does this sound right?

    I did my AFF with a Dutch company in France and my instructor used a radio. I certainly didn't mind that. It gave me some peace of mind that I wasn't completely alone up there for the first time :) Helped me for the first 3 jumps, especially the flaring part. After 3 jumps we still had the radio but it would only be used if you would totaly fuck up. The intension was that after 3 jumps you could land by yourself without any help. There was a student in my group who was on his way to the beach instead of the DZ if they wouldn't have told him to turn around
  6. Pit76

    I feel a bit lost...

    I'm in the same situation as you right now. I'm AFF graduated and have now 22 jumps in total. Did the theoretic exam for the A licence, but I still need to do the coached jumps to get the A license and thus to be allowed to jump with others. I can't say I feel the same. I enjoy the solo jumps, gives me time to work on my stability and try some things. I do understand is that it's hard to see what you're doing is actually right. I, for example, try to practice some tracking because I know it's gonna be important in the coached jumps. But it's hard to see if I'm doing it the right way. You're all alone up there so no feedback. If we want to do such a BOSS (coached) jump, we write our name on the board in the manifest and then a BOSS certified jumper can take that jump with you. We pay a little more than a like for a normal jump, but it it includes the jump for the coach too. So it's mostly not hard to find a BOSS coach. Who doesn't likes a free jump? Normally it should take 5 BOSS jumps to get there, but if it takes more I'm not gonna be stressed about it. I just enjoy every jump I can do. Hopefully I can start with the BOSS jumps next weekend. Just do the same, enjoy your solo's and find a coach for your needed jumps. But you'll probably have to ask them if you want to move forward. I did my first jump in 3 months this weekend and I've wrote my name on the board for a lvl 4 refresh jump. But the few coaches around where just buzy having fun so after some time I just went up to one of them and asked if someone wanted to do the jump with me. No problem at all, 30min later I was up there. Just go and ask around, someone will love to jump with you.
  7. I'm from Belgium and did my AFF last year in France. I took an insurance with Europ Assistance which covered skydiving. We were with 3 students, 2 from Belgium and 1 from India :) I'll text him and will ask him what insurance he took. Edit: he used Worldnomads
  8. At our safety day last month there were some people who had questions about a two out. One of the senior instructors tolds us that the Australians have done all kinds of tests with a two out and the result was it's always best to chop if you are in this situation. Now I haven't seen him since then but I wanted to ask where to find some vids or articles about this because you always here or read multiple different answers and opinions. I certainly would feel better if I had only one canopy above my head
  9. Pit76

    Apprehension as I progress

    Hi, I've had similar issues after my AFF. I did drove to the DZ but couldn't push myself to signup for a slot in the plane. You can read about it here: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4857713 And in here there is even a more detailed explaination of it: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4860133#4860133 I drove a few times to the DZ, hung around and quietly got back home without jumping. Very frustrating, I was even a shamed. You just have to push through, don't let go of that dream! I'm glad I did even it costs me a lot of sleepless nights before jumpday. Winterstop is almost over here now, so it will be around 2 months after my last jump. I start to get nervous when I think about it but looking forward to it. Sometimes people ask me "if you are scared or have so much nerves when you jump, why do you even want to do it?" All I can say is that they should try it themselfs, then they would know
  10. Pit76

    Am I being selfish

    Yes. Many jumpers are like me and take a casual approach. I am proud of the fact that I have been jumping for 16 years, at least 10 jumps a year but never more than about 50 a year, so it has taken me this long to close in on 500 jumps. Many jumpers who have started after me long since quit the sport. As long as you stay within your skill limits, I don't think that this is a problem. Seth +1
  11. Pit76

    Am I being selfish

    Oh well, shall I lock myself up in the basement then and just play with my modeltrains till I'm old and worn out? Is not that a bit exaggerated? My kids can do whatever they want and can go to college later if they want to. I would even prefer they do
  12. Pit76

    Am I being selfish

    Here you go http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4857713;page=unread#unread Not the most elegant man in the air :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXAkuQEWAGs&t=66s