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  1. I live in Montreal. Do you have a DZ to suggest me ?
  2. I thought about going to the wind tunnel on my own before even starting my training. To see how I manage and feel.
  3. Yes all programs count 15-20 minutes in the wind tunnel.
  4. Hello I made a first jump in tandem and I'm thinking of starting my AFF training which is called PAC training in Quebec where I live. I am surprised to note that in Quebec, unlike in the United States or France, only the first jump is done with 2 instructors. The next three jumps are supervised by one instructor. Does this program seem safe to you?
  5. Hello, I made my first jump in tamdem 4 days ago. I am still amazed by the sensations that I experienced. A crazy idea germinates in my head: what if I did AFF training? However, I read on the internet that skidiving is not for all body types. I am a 54 year old woman, I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 140 lbs with a big breast. I'm a little stocky, not slender. Although I'm relatively fit and flexible, do you think my square shape is an obstacle to skydiving?