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  1. IK I jumped a Pilot for about 150 jumps and now a Pulse for approx. 150 jumps. I like the openings of the Pulse much more, because it opens faster (not hard!). The Pilot sniveled too much for my taste (but it was a very old canopy - maybe because of that). Also the Pulse has 95% on heading openings - I love it. It's true...the flare is not that good, but once you figure out the technique it's totally okay.
  2. Hi all I was wondering how much you know about the gear you’re owning. I have my own rig now since a while, but I’m realizing, that I know so little about it. I don’t know how to change a canopy/the risers/the pilot chute/kill line…..I'm happy that I know how to change the loop. What do you think….how far should the knowledge of a fun jumper go? And how did you learn it? When did you learn it? Looking forward your answers!
  3. Hi Bobby Without tunnel time, I guess it's quite common to not be perfectly stable during the first jumps and turning without wanting it. But you passed your level 3? If so, it's maybe not even necessary to go to the tunnel....I'm also very new in the sport (60 jumps so far), but I met already a few students who were able to pass AFF program without tunnel time. (But some of them needed to repeat some levels) I just went to the tunnel before AFF and after level 5 to feel more confortable and I wanted to be stable in freefall. And it helped me a lot. So if you are worried about turning without wanting it.....go for the tunnel Any yes - keep it up It's so much fun once you get over those first issues. Took me 25 jumps for my license in Germany. Have lot's of fun and patience....it's worth it
  4. Two years ago I started with 2 tandems and I really loved it and my friend told me he's thinking about doing AFF.... A few days later after lots of beers we signed up for the next season 2018. We watched a lot of videos during the months of waiting and went to the tunnel as well. For a long time I thought I'm psychologically well prepared to start! But as closer it came as more nervous I became Two days before the start I couldn't sleep or eat anymore....Level 1-3 were not real for me...didn't even realise what I'm doing....and then I got a mindfuck....had to do a floater exit and climbing out of the door scared the shit out of me....managed level 4 but level 5 was too much for me....was shivering the whole ride up to altitude....after that I stopped for 4 months....thought I'll never go up again. But I couldn't get it out of my mind and I knew, if I wouldn't try again, this will be something I will regret forever. So I went back and passed Level 6, 7 and my first solo on the same day. I was never so proud of myself in my life before. I'm now almost 32 and have 60 jumps now, my first rig and I can't wait for summer to be finally in the sky again <3 And I'm sure I'll do this sports for a very very long time.....
  5. Lines of the pilot are almost new.... Anyway when I jumped it the first time last week all my thoughts about the price were gone....just love it and it fits me good! Maybe after student gear it's easy to make me happy :P but the pilot flies lovely....my first downsize from a 190 to 170 was a good decision, I can fly and flare it much better.....my wingload is still only 0.8.... (:
  6. I've bought it. Not being patiently is expensive, but I couldn't wait longer.....But most important is, that I'm super happy with it and can't wait to jump it. Thanks for all your answers despite I've ignored them all :P
  7. I want my own rig now!!! Why don't you give me answer that I want to hear
  8. Thanks a lot for your inputs! I'll try to negotiate with mentioning that the AAD is almost worthless and will check especially the lineset of the pilot. At the moment there is a too small main canopy for me in the harness so the rigger will need to take that out and put the pilot in. So his work is also included in the price....does that make a difference?
  9. Pobrause, thanks so much for your answer. I hope the seller is willing to negotiate. I'll take a look at the rig tmrw and will try to evaluate in which condition the pilot is. I think I'll try to bargain it down to EUR 3500.-. I really like the seller (my future rigger) and I want that he also earns something with this deal.... Looking forward to some more opinions..... How can I attach a picture to a post???
  10. Hi all I have an offer for my first rig which I can try on tmrw (no possibility to make a test-jump with it) Javelin Odyssey DOM 2007 with 1300 jumps Reserve Speed 150 Sqf 0 jumps DOM 2007 Main Pilot 170 Sqf unknow jumps DOM 2008 Cypress DOM 2007 Offer is EUR 4000.- all airworthy until may 2019. I'll go for skydive holidays on Monday and it would be soooo awesome if I can go with my own rig. But because I'm so enthusiastic right now and it's a close call, I think I can't judge if this is a reasonable deal or not. Do you think it is okay? Any inputs are highly appreciate. Thank you so much!!
  11. Hi Tumas :) What is the problem with your Level 7? How long were you in the tunnel and were you stable in the tunnel? Then it should work outside as well! :D Very good that you didn't give up so far :) I'm also very new in the sports and I had big problems in the beginnig. Not so much with the levels themself, more with too much fear. After level 5 I stopped for 3 months because of the fear :( And I thought over and over agai: "maybve skydiving isn't for you" But I tried it again and now I couldn't be happier abt this decision. I just love it and it seems that you love it too! So don't give up you'll regret it probably! :) once you are in solo status it's awesome.... Good luck for you!
  12. Thanks for your advises :) I'm jumping in Germany close to the Swiss border. I know that they are jumping also in winter, but they told me, not a lot of times and only if they find enough people. And I'm not sure if I want to go up with these temperatures :P Algarve sounds like a very good option, especially because they are open daily! Going somewhere overseas would be awesome. But my budget is not allowing that at the moment and for only 1 week the long flight is not worth it....
  13. Same problem here :D I'm celebrating the day when I can see the plane flying away :P At least I'm not scared anymore of tumbling.
  14. Hi all I'm located in Switzerland and would like to go somewhere to jump in winter. Because I can't imagine to not jump for 6 months Can you recommend a good, not too far away place? Portugal and Spain could be very bad weather end November or end of February, right? Marocco? I guess Dubai desert would be a good choice but it's quite far away and probably quite expensive..... Any place that has the whole week business? Thanks a lot!!
  15. Hi there I´m very new in the sports and I have a lot of this thoughts. I can only answer to your questions 3, how I manage it : There are lots of older (sometimes way over 60) people on my DZ…..that’s a good fact for me. They are happy and they are still jumping. The owner of the DZ has a young daughter, he loves her very much….how can he teach her how to jump when he would know, that it is waaaay to dangeours. I keep in mind, that the risks are quite low, when you are jumping «conservative». Probably lower than riding a bike….isn’t that what the statistics are saying? For me, this statistics are helpful for my inner peace…. But the best thing for me to manage this thoughts is ignoring them. My feelings after a jumpday are just awesome. I drive home from the DZ with a big smile and as you said….I can’t stop thinking about it and the idea of not going back because of the risks is too painful for me :P And when I read your post....you will do your AFF, I guess your fear of regretting something is bigger than your fear of injuries.