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  1. Hi, Did you go through with your AFF. I'm starting my AFF soon and would love to know about your experience? Cheers ,
  2. Thanks for the effort Pit76 :) Appreciate it. I'll look into Worldnomads! Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, I'm a newbie and starting my AFF soon! :) My main concerns with going through the course is trying to understand Insurance! I've looked into a few companies but all seem to be providing insurance for residents of that particular country! Is there a company that covers all nationalities! I'm from India and will be doing my AFF in Spain. What all should a cover include and any recommendations on companies that cover Skydiving emergencies / medical requirements? What did you experienced divers do while starting? All help is appreciated! Cheers, Uttam
  4. Thanks a ton everyone. This helps! Any inputs in insurance?? Cheers
  5. Fellow Brethren, Greetings! :) Having always wanted to get into skydiving, I think this year is perfect. I'm looking for some thoughts on the following questions before I commit to an AFF! 1. Recommendation on a DZ famous within this community for student training / AFFs? -- I've looked into a particular DZ in Spain that fits my requirements but then research led to one in Belgium ( that offers a really affordable AFF ) and one in Russia ( detailed course description - the best one I've seen over a few DZ websites although obviously that may or may not effect the real course and also language might be a problem in Russia ). 2. A DZ near a wind tunnel will be great as I plan to get some tunnel time before my AFF. 3. Any info on Insurance ( third party ? ) and how it works in AFF Courses? I've searched online but could find nothing that makes sense to me. Are there companies that cover skydiving / emergencies etc ? 3. For info only - Why are students not given permission to wear a camera before a limited number of jumps. I've always thought that would be a great way to help learning the course? All / any thoughts will be greatly appreciated, Cheers, Blue Skies! Uttam