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    No doubt the replacement will be more MAGA/crazy, but we can hope they’ll be nowhere near as effective as McConnell (at least as effective as McConnell when he’s not glitching)
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    Obviously as a woman you do not understand the nature of a pissing contest and the need of a man to get the last squirt in.
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    The short version is: neurological tics can be stressed induced and temporary. Like being a famous baseball player - for a day.
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    McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November after a record run in the job I have the utmost confidence in the GOP to find an even worse replacement.
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    emergency handles? Best practice IMO = Loop for cutaway, D ring for reserve - belly fly and WS, though I do use a soft cutaway handle for CReW
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    why does there have to be a 'why'? Pretend you have the answer to 'why'.... what difference would it make and what would you do with that information? see where that goes into an endless counting of jabs with no outcome or purpose
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    If thats true the person has medical records. It might relate to his grudge - unemployable ? Needs money. Has a history. ....... would show up in any serological tests. FBI didnt do any serology ?! Paranoid personality with a history? Vietnam ? Has been living under some bridge or at the Molalah Motel with the Unabomber and the 'Commander' of the Upper Room ? Is headed for "The Place you would like ... Minnesota is Nice Country ... Get the show on the road ..." There is a file on this guy somewhere - - - may have received Voc Rehab services ? If that were to turn out true the FBI would have some explaining to do - how they missed DB Cooper in plain sight ?
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    I think this is the origin of the tic notion.
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    Trump recently said something oddly coherent. He was at a Nevada rally of diehard Trump supporters and he told them about his cognitive test he took a while back. He said it was actually very, very difficult, and that "there’s only about 2% of this room that can do it." Almost sounds like he understands that his strongest supporters have serious cognitive deficits.
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    Thanks, but this is the gun thread.
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    I was one of the principals involved in the video which was shot in 1984. I was in the the white Jerry Bird jumpsuit or the tail of the diamond in the freefall lipsyncing scenes. This video was a lot of fun to do and I agree with usedtojump, Pete was way ahead of his time. I only had about 400 jumps at the time, but the reason I was asked to be in the video was because of my CRW skills. The video was shown on national TV on PM Magazine (ABC). The project was a real pleasure be involved in.
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