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    Yeah, I am sure that dead woman is cheering for the freedom she preserved for her country...... I mean, the MOST important thing is that 2nd amendment rights were preserved.....
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    Good thing there’s no such thing as quantum satire.
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    Are you suggesting that Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, France, and other nations with far lower rates of gun death than the USA are not free because they have more restrictive gun laws? Or was that satire?
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    Ahh, the old days, when sex was safe and skydiving was dangerous, haha. I made my first 50 or so jumps on that type of gear. Those springs had a habit getting loose, dislodged, or popping out. They needed to be replaced, though. I remember the pin fix, not sure if it was legal but it worked. Just think, though, half of your jumps the reserve was marginally workable? That's black death, brother. Ha! Double Ha!, yer older than me! (Grinning cheshire-ly)
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    Sixty years ago, we only had access to surplus WW2 equipment. I always made certain that both reserve snaps were properly closed when I jumped. Nevertheless, one of the snaps would probably come open on about half of the jumps. Some jumpers would drill a small hole in the snaps and insert a pin to make sure the snap couldn't come open. This happened before modern equipment designed for skydiving was developed. Even the Para Commanders were in the future.
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    primary changes since 2000? Automatic activation devices are mostly mandated and are socially acceptable (i have one). Canopy flight mode training has stopped many people (not all) from killing themselves
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    from what i have read they pack like a same size velo, and a 306 is a max fit Katana 120 or 96 Velo, it would fit in a vector 310 not a 306 which is a max fit Katana 120 or Velo 96
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    This gets asked every so often. This is what I wrote a couple years ago.
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    So have most of the more thoughtful ones. Which is a shame; hearing how normal and thoughtful people think is valuable, and informs me. But no one likes being dogpiled forever Wendy P.
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