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    Was thinking today about all the time we "doubled down on woke" here in the US, and how conservatives of the time would have seen it. The first big one that comes to mind is the Civil War. The northern states had freed their slaves (mostly) but the south did not want new states to be admitted as no-slavery states - so the wokester liberals of the North decided to shove their sick, twisted ideology down everyone's throats by murdering hundreds of thousands of Americans. Conservatives lamented this travesty of wokeness - the "framers did not anticipate the enfranchisement of an ignorant population of African origin" and "did not contemplate for their descendants subjection to an inferior race." Then came suffrage. Wokesters of the time wanted hysterical women to be able to vote. Conservatives of the time would explain patiently from the depths of their leather chairs that women were unsuited to the mental task of deciding who to vote for. Men, who by definition could not be hysterical, were better suited. Besides, since the man ruled the household, what would giving women the vote do other than double the votes of married couples? But the libtards again shoved their wokeness down everyone's throat and forced the helpless women to take time away from their important chores to waste time voting. They really hated women. Then came interracial marriage. Conservatives knew that letting black men marry white women was the same as rape, and they valiantly fought to keep women safe from black men. One conservative noted that "if it needs lynching to protect woman's dearest possession from the ravening human beasts – then I say lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary." But again woke liberal losers decided that they hated freedom and wanted to shove black rape down everyone's throats. In 1967, loser lib Robert Kennedy took up the case, which made it all the way to the Supreme Court - and resulted in a ruling that banning interracial marriage was unconstitutional. Civil rights was similar. Conservatives had given blacks their freedom; what else did they want? Having separate schools, separate buses, separate bathrooms etc was necessary for the sake of children. No one wanted to have their innocent child in a classroom - or, worse, a bathroom - when a BLACK came into it! What would happen to the child? Who would protect them from the human beasts? When Martin Luther King started his crusade to abolish segregation he was well received by the idiot liberals, but conservatives knew it would end in disaster. Fortunately for them, MLK was assasinated by a brave hero before he could accomplish all his woke goals. Then there was the issue of gay rights. Smart states banned gay marriage and made it illegal to be gay at all. But the woke states allowed it, and as a result became godless and evil. Then another activist court made gay marriage legal for everyone and ended morality in America. And today we have trans rights, which the good conservatives of the time are opposing for all the same reasons. What about the CHILDREN? Drag queens in your son's SCHOOLS! Books about trans issues are PORNOGRAPHY and must be BANNED! Leftist liberals cutting off children's GENITALS! WOKE MADNESS! [/s] Our society has seen a long, unsteady march towards greater civil rights. From slavery abolition to women's suffrage to civil rights to LGBT rights, each step has seen conservatives fight back as hard as they can against new rights for groups of people. We are seeing the same fight today over trans rights. Sadly, one of the primary reasons we progress as a society is that the older generation dies off, and with them, a lot of the old hatreds and biases die as well. So in one sense progress comes not from enlightenment, but from a failure to propagate the hatreds to the next generation. Education has always been seen as liberal for this reason, and is a big factor in why today women think nothing about being able to vote, or being able to tell their husbands they don't want to have sex, or being able to marry a black man (or even another woman.)
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    Seen on another forum: Q: What do you call a Republican three-way? A: Extended family values.
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    The gag order has been reinstated on Trump, but Trump managed to slip in an attack on the judges wife before it was reinstated. One of Trump's key messages that is based on fact/truth is that the political elite are treated differently to Joe Average. Trump's trial and treatment in the courts is possibly the most public and blatant evidence of the truth that the rich and powerful get special treatment, and no he is not a victim of the system. Globally politicians get far too much and have lost sight of the fact they are servants of the people, not masters.
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    Note the above post from Hominid back in 2012.
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    Hi Jerry, I hope you’re doing great. I always ask the people that want to take our country back, what exactly do they mean. Their reply is usually to get rid of all of the democrats. And to go back to the good old days. clueless.
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    Hi Ian, I think this logo, on the left is from Strong: Jerry Baumchen PS) Now, where will people be able to get a new ParaCommander?
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    I still can’t believe we let women apply for credit cards by themselves without a husband to pay for it all. We need our country back!!!!
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    20:18 is not valid.. the plane can't be at 23 DME at 20:18. Your "reason" is invalid. The only way to make it work is to shift all numbers from the start 4 minutes, there is no evidence to do that. Further, 20:22 is accurate for 23 DME based on the map independent of the reports. It is clear 20:22 is the right one. It can't be both, even with comm delays, one is correct and one is wrong.
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    Now my husband is wondering why I'm laughing out loud... Wendy P.
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    To Bob Iger no less. It's a good thing Disney is woke and probably has characters who can do as Elon is asking.
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