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    Two things 1) Congratulations 2) Never post video of a skydive here unless you want it picked apart to the nth degree. (I'm not saying anyone is wrong)
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    I'm not sure I'd look at it quite like that. I think people are just trying to help with the learning curve, and have a laugh with - not at - you. Absolutely. Double absolutely.
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    Well that's good to hear, and yeah, the video is just a few seconds before exit, but it is kind of funny to watch. But... ...Yeah. I once saw a guy who was already outside the plane floating, duck his head back inside the door to take a last look at the light. I have to laugh, yobnoc, you do seem to be having a hard time here. Every time you post a video, people do pick it apart. But you do seem to have a good attitude about it, an open mind and a desire to learn. And that's a good thing.
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    Right before you climb out take a look (for the airplane you didn't see before.)
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    I’m 71, got rating at 38
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