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    Two things 1) Congratulations 2) Never post video of a skydive here unless you want it picked apart to the nth degree. (I'm not saying anyone is wrong)
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    I'm not sure I'd look at it quite like that. I think people are just trying to help with the learning curve, and have a laugh with - not at - you. Absolutely. Double absolutely.
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    It’s funny how kind history has been to George Bush. He stands head and shoulders above this clown
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    Well that's good to hear, and yeah, the video is just a few seconds before exit, but it is kind of funny to watch. But... ...Yeah. I once saw a guy who was already outside the plane floating, duck his head back inside the door to take a last look at the light. I have to laugh, yobnoc, you do seem to be having a hard time here. Every time you post a video, people do pick it apart. But you do seem to have a good attitude about it, an open mind and a desire to learn. And that's a good thing.
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    Right before you climb out take a look (for the airplane you didn't see before.)
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    What I want is a POTUS that isn't prone to adolescence. That's what I'm here for.
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    Finally, the day all right thinking people have been awaiting: definitive proof of the ill effects of sobriety.
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    Hi Keith, RIGHT THERE you are trying to derail the discussion. 'Oh, look over here.' How about staying on target? Trump is & always has been a racist. Agree/disagree? Jerry Baumchen
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    This reminds me of a political cartoon during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Canadian female speed skaters and figure skaters and the Canadian Womens’ Hockey Team had just earned gold medals, so the coach of the Canadian Mens’ Hockey Team encouraged them to “skate like girls!” Hah! Hah!
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    I’m 71, got rating at 38
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