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    Hi turtle, That went away when Pres. Obama left the building. Jerry Baumchen
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    Hi turtle, My window sticker; see attached. Jerry Baumchen
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    The relative stretchiness of dacron lines I believe is fairly well known, and important. I think there is something about the friction between dacron lines and slider grommets that is "just right". Ever since I've had my Pilot relined with Dacron, it has been "just right". I don't know if it is as simple as coefficient of friction or if it is a more complicated relationship with other properties, but I think dacron lines make it easy to get nice openings. I think that slippery line types, such as spectra make it more uncertain because of their different frictional or other properties. I have no experience at all with other types of lines, perhaps they also provide that just right interaction with the slider grommets. I think more of us that jump larger canopies should consider dacron when a reline is needed. Dacron's ability to not get snagged on velcro or other such similar natural or synthetic materials is also really nice. I always felt like I was destroying my lines when they would get snagged on some velcro from my jumpsuit wrist cuffs, or some vegetation that would get snagged... Anyway, I think early canopy designers benefited greatly from the good characteristics of dacron rubbing against grommets, and we would be grateful if other line types had that just right relationship, even if they weren't stretchy. Just a random ramblin, what do you think?
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    361,000 EV's sold in the US in 2018 (up 81%) Market for organic food in the US in 2018: $49 billion 13% of all fruits and vegetables sold in the US are organic Total market for sustainable products in the US in 2018: $128 billion 314,000 new home solar power systems were installed in the US in 2018 Statement in Nielsen poll: "I definitely will/probably will change my consumption habits to reduce my impact on the environment" Percentage agreeing: 75% (age 21-34) 46% (35-49) 34% (50-64) So it's going to accelerate.
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    That God exists, and will interfere supernaturally with any attempt to prove his existence (which many people claim.)
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    Ummm.....I pretty sure it's all about the magical turtles......I mean, who could resist a story about a big space turtle?
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    I too use a Quattro but any of the L&B altimeters should be fine. It comes down to how many alarms and how much do you want to spend.
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    I do get it - I wish more would. I do NOT put faith in the justice system. But I also do not put faith in believing that the government wouldn't turn into a tyrant either. Is it probable? Probably not. Is it possible - Well, yes. Its happening in places around the world as I type this.
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    I got my rigger to split the BOC into 2 with a simple stitch line and add a bridle cover, I can now select either a top BOC pouch or bottom, as I also was concerned about loos BOC. works nicely now, cost all of $20 and about 30 mins work, images attached, several friends have now made the mod also.
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    April made 12 months - I don't miss it.
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    Wolf is right about staying Hydrated an well fed. Stay healthy and stretch often. You will be suprised at how sore you can get after a few jumps. Bring a lunch an bunch of snacks. Lots of water. If im not picking some jumpers brain for advise im either eating,stretching, or sleeping. Above all else once you get over the I could die doing this thought you will start to have so much fun either during freefall or under canopy. They are 2 totally different experiences..Enjoy them both. Listen to your coaches and don't over think anything. Stay loose an hold your arch.
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    Everyday of my life since August 10th 1990 has been better and better. One day at a time it continues to be so.
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