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  1. Newer Rig for 2022. This damn weather has stopped me from jumping for 3 weeks. I also haven't been in sky since last year so I will need a Recurrency jump which I'm not worried about. Weather in Nebraska has been crap past 2 weeks so hopefully we get a break for the wind and rain soon. Hope rest of you crazy people are enjoying some sky baths for the rest of us. Blue Skies people

  2. I'm a student on jump 22. Finished Cat D and E saturday. I'm on tracking now. My instructor keeps telling me to just roll .y shoulders forward but not to de arch. I feel if I lift my butt itll be easier to track and roll shoulders forward. I get movement but not fast enough. Should I just lift my butt and de arch and forget about rolling the shoulders? Figure lifting butt will.roll them.forward anyways. I've been tracking away at 5.5k since jump 15 so I can turn 180 and get away but last jump my instructor was about 500 ft away when he pulled. What's a good distance you should track in seconds ? I hold track for 3-5 seconds.
  3. Wolf is right about staying Hydrated an well fed. Stay healthy and stretch often. You will be suprised at how sore you can get after a few jumps. Bring a lunch an bunch of snacks. Lots of water. If im not picking some jumpers brain for advise im either eating,stretching, or sleeping. Above all else once you get over the I could die doing this thought you will start to have so much fun either during freefall or under canopy. They are 2 totally different experiences..Enjoy them both. Listen to your coaches and don't over think anything. Stay loose an hold your arch.
  4. Love the place.but as a student unless your already friends with the group you will get the feeling your really not wanted there. Tandem wise they are great but as a student i cant seem to shake the feeling your really not wanted there.
  5. Im only on jump 9 so I guess I can't say much. I haven't had an issue spinning yet but sure it'll happen. I just relax an keep the arch position in mind at all times. Tunnel time is golden. I spent 1 hour so far in one an would like to go back but it's in KC an Im in NE so it's a bit of a drive so I wait till others go so I can hitch a ride. lol. Come to Redemption Boogie if you can make it. I'll jump with you anytime.
  6. If your doing a tandem then make sure to pay extra for a video..I did a tandem back in early 90s when I was 14yrs old.(illegal hehe) but my dad was cool and his friend had more jumps then I could count. Im on jump 9 and went thru the static line course. AFF course puts you right into the skydiving experience. I wouldn't even question it an just do it. The cost is no different then if you bought a car you didn't need. The money is well worth the experience an what you get out of the sport money cannot buy. Best of luck to you an come to Weeping Water Ne (Lincoln Sport Parachute Club) if you ever drive thru Nebraska. Blue skies my friend. Don't think about it. Just do it
  7. As a current student I've been able to land with few feet of target 5-6 jumps so far. I've noticed even with wind it's almost like an instinct that you have that kinds helps me feel my way around up there to get as close as possible to target. Ive also noticed some people just cant figure out the pattern.Over all I've learned the stronger the wind the closer you want to stay to target. hanging in play area for a bit longer helps me when i notice wind picked up. Over all I have had 1 plf an i meant to attempt it so I know how to land. it really does help to just roll as instructed. seen some bad plfs since june
  8. Ok folks. few more jumps into student course an I'm loving it. Now Im at the point where I need to learn to be able to judge landing patterns for up to 14mph winds. I have landed on target 6-7 times but last time I missed by a bean field lol. I noticed once I made last turn into wind my canopy slowed way down in regards to moving forward. What are some good tips as to how to judge when to make my turns so I don't miss my target. I felt in my gut I went too far on my landing pattern at 1000 ft. but is there tips that can cut learning curve or is it something Ill develop with time. I flying a nav 260 i believe so it's a "Floater" i understand instructor advise is where to go but the more info the better questions I can ask him this weekend.. thanks again peeps
  9. as a student with only 6 jumps to my name. I started bc I did a tandem last year. Once I landed. I was so calm an clear minded I actually went home an self taught swing/option trading to myself over winter months. it gives me motivation to do more with myself then I feel Im capable of doing. Jumping from a plane proves you got balls. or guts. so nothing else in life should scare you. I feel I can take on the world after jumping. Thats why I jump
  10. ive found i like the analog type just for the simple fact that its a simple well tested device that is used by most jumpers. stronger an able to withstand the plf im sure ill have eventually( ive seem to have a nac to land on target each time so far) Digital seems less bulky but if analog comes with adjustable finger strap ill stick with those types for first few years as with most equipment im training with (9cell) im all about bugging instructors. lol
  11. thanks. yeah the altimeter im using for training is a simple wrist one with rubber loop that goes around fingers. They seem to hurt my fingers when using toggles. so i was looking online just snooping an noticed that altimeter for cheap. Given you get what you paid for so i decided to see what all the real jumpers thought about it. Ill continue to use dz meter but eventually want to get a more comfortable an less bulky device. but all in due time. I love the sport an what to get as involved in it as possible. Like a DZ rat just looking for crumbs
  12. wanted to thank everyone for their 2 cents on last question. next question is....What does anyone know about the NEPTUNE DIGITAL ALTIMETER? found one for 50.00 any experiences? [
  13. amen on advise online. I will always listen to instructor. I always make sure to keep eye on pilot as I fall so it helps keep arch solid an gives me ability to focus on counting secs. for proper steps for that jump. I think bending the knees an relaxing are a big part of arching. since the guys jumping infront seemed a bit stiff they would tumble backwards often. Im grounded due to high wind for the weekend but will update soon as possible. over all it's a simple process. Relax,arch an pull on time.
  14. event was labeled wrong in beginning. it was a carvan900 at weeping water. great event with alot of good jumpers. i enjoyed myself an got the little ones excited about planes an skydiving stuff. next event is the redemption boogie in plattsmouth NE. thats an event worth travelling to if possible.
  15. now im ready for freefall this weekend....whats the best way to set up body position after hanging from a cessna 182 wing strut. My arch is relaxed an I don't panic so its just a matter of being able to get to belly/earth position fast enough to no fail the jump. given the first will be automatic pull once clear of plane. I see people before me release an start flipping backwards. I noticed their body looked like a stiff X so if I keep my arch relaxed I should fall right..Any tips will help. I love hanging from that plane as much as next person but it leaves you in such a bad position with little time to correct if spin or flips happen. last guy looked like he almost hung himself.