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  1. Christopherg


    Wolf is right about staying Hydrated an well fed. Stay healthy and stretch often. You will be suprised at how sore you can get after a few jumps. Bring a lunch an bunch of snacks. Lots of water. If im not picking some jumpers brain for advise im either eating,stretching, or sleeping. Above all else once you get over the I could die doing this thought you will start to have so much fun either during freefall or under canopy. They are 2 totally different experiences..Enjoy them both. Listen to your coaches and don't over think anything. Stay loose an hold your arch.
  2. Christopherg

    Lincoln Sport Parachute Club

    Love the place.but as a student unless your already friends with the group you will get the feeling your really not wanted there. Tandem wise they are great but as a student i cant seem to shake the feeling your really not wanted there.
  3. Christopherg

    Level 4 (stoked)

    Im only on jump 9 so I guess I can't say much. I haven't had an issue spinning yet but sure it'll happen. I just relax an keep the arch position in mind at all times. Tunnel time is golden. I spent 1 hour so far in one an would like to go back but it's in KC an Im in NE so it's a bit of a drive so I wait till others go so I can hitch a ride. lol. Come to Redemption Boogie if you can make it. I'll jump with you anytime.
  4. Christopherg

    Hey everyone!

    If your doing a tandem then make sure to pay extra for a video..I did a tandem back in early 90s when I was 14yrs old.(illegal hehe) but my dad was cool and his friend had more jumps then I could count. Im on jump 9 and went thru the static line course. AFF course puts you right into the skydiving experience. I wouldn't even question it an just do it. The cost is no different then if you bought a car you didn't need. The money is well worth the experience an what you get out of the sport money cannot buy. Best of luck to you an come to Weeping Water Ne (Lincoln Sport Parachute Club) if you ever drive thru Nebraska. Blue skies my friend. Don't think about it. Just do it