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  1. I'm glad you recovered ok. Just keep in mind that a diving or spinning line twist can quickly lose altitude if you are not paying attention. You solved it thankfully before decision altitude. If you feel high gforces and spinning, consider just chopping it in the future. There is no shame in cutting away at the first sign of a bad canopy whether its the extremely long opening time or the spinning line twists.
  2. kat00

    "long" WS containers - who makes them?

    Supposedly, UPT also has a long option for the Vectors. I had heard rumors about it and I asked some UPT people about it at their booth in march and they confirmed it but didn't have one with them at the time. I haven't seen it on their site though. The aerodyne long option looks nice and appears to be used by most Aerodyne wingsuit team members. The Aurora is probably the most specific in terms of aerodynamic design if you are into PPC.
  3. kat00

    Perris jet

    Perris has limited airspace and we can push its limits some days from 12.5. I know last time we asked when they offered a halo jump and were denied. Plus this is a DC-9 not a cargo/military jet. You go down a stairs to jump. As a frequent jumper there, I am just making an educated guess based on past experience. They are now supposedly trying to fly it in october at the skydiving hall of fame/museum event so we shall see.
  4. kat00

    Perris jet

    They have taxied it around the DZ before during the fall. It's probably just one of those things where they need to fire it up every so often now. Jump tickets are supposed to be 100+ bucks. Plus, I have a feeling they won't allow us to wingsuit from it.
  5. kat00

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    I too use a Quattro but any of the L&B altimeters should be fine. It comes down to how many alarms and how much do you want to spend.
  6. kat00

    California in August

    Perris will get over 100 but its a dry heat. Between 2-4 you often get the dust devils and some gusty winds. At the DZ briefing they will tell you all about dust devils but they are easy to avoid. Also, sometimes they will start earlier than normal because teams are training for nationals and trying to beat the heat. In general, keep to the shade and you will be ok. One little trick if you are sub 100 jumps is to aim yourself for the east edge of the grass that borders the dirt/student landing area. That way you minimize your walk back in the heat
  7. kat00

    AFF wind tunnel

    Wind tunnel basics on your belly is the same. The coaching techniques I've seen are different. They start the wind speeds slow and refine your position on the net. Then they increase the wind speeds slowly to take you off the net and get you flying, The best thing is you are in that tube and tiny imperfections in the form are easily noticed. It's also a little different in that the wind is pushing you instead of falling so you might be a little sore afterward.
  8. kat00

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    I used a mantra of arch, legs, arms, breathe to get through my aff jumps. I failed many levels and when I started focusing on those things I started to pass. Try it on a creeper or bench so that you can build some muscle memory. Visualization is also a nice tool because you focus on seeing yourself doing it. Windtunnel is a fact of life that you might want to get used to. It's much easier to work on something for 15 mins in the tunnel while getting feedback between flights. If you ever want to learn to freefly this is a great place to do it as opposed to in the air.
  9. kat00

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    If you rent from Wicked Wingsuits it's a choice between Squirrel and Tony Suits. I think the Swift 3 is probably the best choice and can take you to hundreds of jumps and you could still be learning. While I was waiting on my swift 3 I rented a T bird and then R bird from them(before they had squirrel). You just need to keep in your jump number range. There is also Arcus Flight that deals only with Squirrel suits. Before you go to a FFC, you should have a long 8' bridle to deal with the burble. Even a small suit can cause problems with a shorter bridle. A Squirrel SkySnatch is a great all around Pilot Chute especially for wingsuiting but even for everyday use.
  10. kat00

    Speaking Altimeter

    Even if its LB it's not necessarily their domain. They seem to be tied to the tried and true not the more technically advanced. Long battery life as opposed to needing a usb recharge. Multiple confusing button pushes compared to a smartphone configuration. It's just a period of change in skydiving as tech enters and new players emerge. If you see something you like see if you can demo it or something and try it out. These new little startups could soon be the major players in a little while.
  11. kat00

    Fear is back

    Fear comes back after time off and it's a good thing. You are jumping from a plane which is not a normal thing to most people. Review your emergency procedures and then practice them. Most importantly just relax BTW, I would get the fear back while working on my A license by the next weekend. You will see it come back occasionally when you try new things as well. Just remember to relax, visualize your dive flow and you will quickly get back to where you were before
  12. kat00

    Helluva time deciding

    The perris tunnel is nice. They require you to spend some time in it before jumping which lets you simulate a lot of the early jump portions. If you are from utah you could do some of that in the tunnel there as prep. In the end, both methods get you to the same end goal of 25 jumps and an A license. The STP tandems are more involved than your basic tandem and force you to learn some basics like altitude awareness all while having the instructor right there. I personally love perris and the instructors are amazing. I'm sure spaceland is great too. The only downside to Perris in July is the heat which in turn causes dust devils and some stiff afternoon winds. Dust Devils are easy to avoid but if the winds get over 14 mph then students are put on hold. Its very predictable and mainly a mid afternoon thing but it is something to keep in mind.
  13. It's called a tandem factory. They mostly prioritized tandems over students. They still should have gotten you on a flight. Also keep in mind the weather is warming up which means more tandems. Being a student sucks in general. Fight for limited instructors especially if there is big money tandems showing up. If you can try to find a DZ with an otter or caravan. Those can really crank out jumpers compared to the smaller cessnas.
  14. Skydive Perris is a good choice. They are actually doing the Aussie National record jumps at Skydive Perris at the end of May. In may, at Perris your biggest hurdle is usually the mid afternoon winds picking up. They usually slow down at 3 or 4 though. If you have a car, you can head to surf in the early mornings and then jump the rest of the day
  15. I've played sports on artificial turf and that stuff will cut you up if you slide. If you are doing a demo with a jump suit its probably not bad on you. The typical freeflyer in shorts might not like the result. I was also thinking if it can cut into a human easily then its possible it could wear on a canopy easily too. There are also some concerns with the rubber pellets causing cancer. Landing might kick up a lot of those. I know it sounds cool especially for warmer climates where water is a commodity. I'm just not sure its the right mix of materials especially for those who don't have pro rating skills.