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  1. kat00

    Speaking Altimeter

    Even if its LB it's not necessarily their domain. They seem to be tied to the tried and true not the more technically advanced. Long battery life as opposed to needing a usb recharge. Multiple confusing button pushes compared to a smartphone configuration. It's just a period of change in skydiving as tech enters and new players emerge. If you see something you like see if you can demo it or something and try it out. These new little startups could soon be the major players in a little while.
  2. kat00

    Fear is back

    Fear comes back after time off and it's a good thing. You are jumping from a plane which is not a normal thing to most people. Review your emergency procedures and then practice them. Most importantly just relax BTW, I would get the fear back while working on my A license by the next weekend. You will see it come back occasionally when you try new things as well. Just remember to relax, visualize your dive flow and you will quickly get back to where you were before
  3. kat00

    Helluva time deciding

    The perris tunnel is nice. They require you to spend some time in it before jumping which lets you simulate a lot of the early jump portions. If you are from utah you could do some of that in the tunnel there as prep. In the end, both methods get you to the same end goal of 25 jumps and an A license. The STP tandems are more involved than your basic tandem and force you to learn some basics like altitude awareness all while having the instructor right there. I personally love perris and the instructors are amazing. I'm sure spaceland is great too. The only downside to Perris in July is the heat which in turn causes dust devils and some stiff afternoon winds. Dust Devils are easy to avoid but if the winds get over 14 mph then students are put on hold. Its very predictable and mainly a mid afternoon thing but it is something to keep in mind.
  4. It's called a tandem factory. They mostly prioritized tandems over students. They still should have gotten you on a flight. Also keep in mind the weather is warming up which means more tandems. Being a student sucks in general. Fight for limited instructors especially if there is big money tandems showing up. If you can try to find a DZ with an otter or caravan. Those can really crank out jumpers compared to the smaller cessnas.
  5. Skydive Perris is a good choice. They are actually doing the Aussie National record jumps at Skydive Perris at the end of May. In may, at Perris your biggest hurdle is usually the mid afternoon winds picking up. They usually slow down at 3 or 4 though. If you have a car, you can head to surf in the early mornings and then jump the rest of the day
  6. I've played sports on artificial turf and that stuff will cut you up if you slide. If you are doing a demo with a jump suit its probably not bad on you. The typical freeflyer in shorts might not like the result. I was also thinking if it can cut into a human easily then its possible it could wear on a canopy easily too. There are also some concerns with the rubber pellets causing cancer. Landing might kick up a lot of those. I know it sounds cool especially for warmer climates where water is a commodity. I'm just not sure its the right mix of materials especially for those who don't have pro rating skills.
  7. You need a canopy course. they film the landings and can help you correct things. That way they can correct if you look down to much, flare to early or late or whatever it is. Also, its not pretty but remember to plf. At least if you are ready to plf you can turn that into a stand up landing. I know you are low jumps but learning to fly the canopy in a variety of situations like high elevation and high temperatures is a valuable tool in the tool box. I don't jump at colorado high but at 1500 ft and desert temps I can feel a big difference in how the canopy handles versus a DZ an hour away at the coast. You will get it but seek out some local help so you don't break anything else!
  8. I would advise you to contact squirrel with you D-bag measurements. They can answer your question better than anyone.
  9. kat00

    Fear of Landing

    Why ask about something so crucial and basic yet schedule help in june? Part of skydiving is consistency and muscle memory. Getting help now is far better than letting bad habits continue to develop. Also, tell her to join the Womens Skydiving Leadership Network on facebook. Jeanine Bartholomew is running some canopy classes around the country through this program and will help tailor the learning to what she needs. It's also great support for women from other women.
  10. kat00

    Squirrel swift 3 versus funk 1

    The swift 3 is suitable post first flight course. Squirrel recommends 5+ jumps for a Swift while 50+ on a funk. So they should be fine on a swift especially factoring in the likely 7-8 week wait on a suit.
  11. kat00

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I've come to the conclusion there is no automatic awesome canopy. I know people jumping 9 cells, one person's spectre is amazing while another person gets constant twists. Epicenes, horizons or a winx are not a guaranteed magic solution. Skysnatchs, dynamic corners, semi stowless bags all help to reduce problems as well but are not a magic solution. The best thing is if you worry about openings and get twists often is to see a wingsuit coach and get some video feedback. I love getting just regular coaching to enhance skills and usually the coaches also film deployments as an added plus. Keep striving to get better at your flying and openings and you can likely do it on the ones discussed here.
  12. kat00

    THC & Dropzones

    I'm not sure you can stop it on a DZ since the THC vape pens don't look any different than normal vape pens. They also don't smell like a joint does. I think it's like alcohol at the drop zone bar. If you drink you are done for the day and most skydivers will police that if they see you with a beer. THC needs to be the same way. I see them coming out at the end of the day like beers and I don't think that is bad. It just needs to be properly self policed so that people are not smoking and jumping. Same goes for just about any "legal" but gray area substances like pain killers
  13. kat00

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    It's not easily visible but you can: https://shop.dekunu.tech/dekunu-wingsuit-mount-extra-bumper-attachment/
  14. kat00

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    Their mount is essentially like the Wedge mount from chuting star but it comes with a Dekunu case that has a velcro wrap. The wingsuit mode is nice but honestly you can't really stare at it unless you are solo. For flocking, the big alti screen is probably better. It would be much cooler if you could configure some of the display but thats all wishlist stuff.
  15. kat00

    Aon2 X2 or Dekunu One for Wingsuiting

    I have a dekunu. You can download the data in a flysight compatible file and view it in flysight viewer. They also have a wingsuit mode that displays altitude, speed and glide ratio. Aside from that I love the climb to altitude screen. The downside of Dekunu is that they are kind of a work in progress. It's much more polished and refined now than it was originally. It's just that some parts of it like bluetooth are not functional yet but they are releasing continuous updates. I'm hoping it can someday become a flysight replacement but we will have to wait and see.