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  1. Perris is awesome for beginners with the free organizing. You will find people at Perris still pay for coaching when you get into 4 way, free flying or wingsuiting. You can also improve a lot in the tunnel with a coach. The basics of turning points in the tunnel is the same as in the sky. Freefly is also good to learn in the tunnel where you can focus and refine skills really quick compared to flailing around in the sky. Generally, if you are stable in the tunnel doing static head down/up you likely won't be back sliding in the sky(if you are solo its still good to set up perpendicular to jump run though). Once you get the basics, europe has a lot of cool skills camps that take all skill levels. You will be in small groups where you can get feedback every jump as a group or some one on ones. Tora Tora puts on a few of these, there is angleweek lite for less experienced angle flying, and probably others. At your level, just keep jumping and get advice when you can or ask for feedback. As you start to gain experience and want to branch out into something like angles its best to pay for coaching. You get the one on one attention and learn it properly. Skydiving is an expensive sport and if you want to be good then coaching becomes one of those expenses.
  2. kat00

    Wingsuit-specific boogies/skills camps?

    There is stuff like March of the Penguins or Fin Flock in Europe which are WS specific. The bigger US boogies often have good organizers. I know the Big-O boogie had a really good list of WS organizers this past year. Next Level is run by the guys at Squirrel and has some camps throughout the year. I know at Perris there are a number of WS coaches hanging out in the fall/winter if you want some time coaching or people to fly with.
  3. kat00

    Two dropzones review for AFF

    Skydive Perris gets a lot of people from all over the world. Military from all over also comes to Perris as well. So Cal can be a culture shock though if you are coming from the ME. Nice thing about perris is the planes keep going regardless the time of the year. Chicago runs a slightly different program to standard AFF but they all get you to the same place. Also, if you feel something is wrong then speak up or ask for help. Especially if they were watching tv then you should interrupt them. They will help you, you just have to speak up and ask the questions in a nice way.
  4. kat00

    Wingsuit Coaching Northern Italy?

    I would just ask around at your dropzone or whichever DZ has the most healthy WS population. I wouldn't worry about brand just yet. I would recommend trying to find someone who can do your FFC but then also help you with your all around flying. You will want additional coaching to learn to back fly, fly fast, fly close, etc. I know there are a few squirrel/next level guys in northern italy but they do a lot of base so I'm not sure they would be tons of help but possibly worth an inquiry if you are really struggling to find someone.
  5. I used world nomads while I was in europe skydiving(from the US). They were one of the few that allowed general skydiving. you have to look hard at exclusions and fine print because most travel policies do not cover higher risk activities.
  6. kat00

    AFF Exit fear

    Forget about it and don't dwell on the past. Focus on visualizing success before you do it. Then on the plane ride try to focus on relaxing and visualizing success. I'm not sure what you mean by bad experience but hopefully you learned from it and took notes based on your instructors feedback so that you can make the proper adjustments.
  7. I think you hit on it in the currency perspective. I look at that as more having 12 jumps which is not a lot especially when it's spread out over 3 months. 100 jumps is something to be proud of. However, if you want to see improvement you have to keep at it and do it consistently. Switching suits may have thrown you off too. Skydiving is something where you need the practice and you need to keep at it consistently. I'm still learning at 750 jumps but then so are people at 25k jumps( or so they say). So keep at it. To put it into perspective, if you have only made 100 free throws in basketball, you probably can't just jump into a game yet and do well. Skydiving is cool that they let you jump with others after 25 jumps and getting your basic A license. It still takes a lot of jumping and refinement though to get good. For what it's worth, on your hundredth jump they should have made it so you succeed. Especially, if you were as close as you say
  8. kat00

    Wingsuits For Women

    I personally think skydiving in general is pretty gender neutral. When it comes to equipment, everything is customizable and built to your size. Wingsuiting is similar with custom built wingsuits. Squirrel probably has the best customization for suits with their Super Custom designs. You can pick designs and pretty much any color shade. It allows for some pretty unique patterns which gives you that personal style.
  9. I'm glad you recovered ok. Just keep in mind that a diving or spinning line twist can quickly lose altitude if you are not paying attention. You solved it thankfully before decision altitude. If you feel high gforces and spinning, consider just chopping it in the future. There is no shame in cutting away at the first sign of a bad canopy whether its the extremely long opening time or the spinning line twists.
  10. kat00

    "long" WS containers - who makes them?

    Supposedly, UPT also has a long option for the Vectors. I had heard rumors about it and I asked some UPT people about it at their booth in march and they confirmed it but didn't have one with them at the time. I haven't seen it on their site though. The aerodyne long option looks nice and appears to be used by most Aerodyne wingsuit team members. The Aurora is probably the most specific in terms of aerodynamic design if you are into PPC.
  11. kat00

    Perris jet

    Perris has limited airspace and we can push its limits some days from 12.5. I know last time we asked when they offered a halo jump and were denied. Plus this is a DC-9 not a cargo/military jet. You go down a stairs to jump. As a frequent jumper there, I am just making an educated guess based on past experience. They are now supposedly trying to fly it in october at the skydiving hall of fame/museum event so we shall see.
  12. kat00

    Perris jet

    They have taxied it around the DZ before during the fall. It's probably just one of those things where they need to fire it up every so often now. Jump tickets are supposed to be 100+ bucks. Plus, I have a feeling they won't allow us to wingsuit from it.
  13. kat00

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    I too use a Quattro but any of the L&B altimeters should be fine. It comes down to how many alarms and how much do you want to spend.
  14. kat00

    California in August

    Perris will get over 100 but its a dry heat. Between 2-4 you often get the dust devils and some gusty winds. At the DZ briefing they will tell you all about dust devils but they are easy to avoid. Also, sometimes they will start earlier than normal because teams are training for nationals and trying to beat the heat. In general, keep to the shade and you will be ok. One little trick if you are sub 100 jumps is to aim yourself for the east edge of the grass that borders the dirt/student landing area. That way you minimize your walk back in the heat
  15. kat00

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    If you rent from Wicked Wingsuits it's a choice between Squirrel and Tony Suits. I think the Swift 3 is probably the best choice and can take you to hundreds of jumps and you could still be learning. While I was waiting on my swift 3 I rented a T bird and then R bird from them(before they had squirrel). You just need to keep in your jump number range. There is also Arcus Flight that deals only with Squirrel suits. Before you go to a FFC, you should have a long 8' bridle to deal with the burble. Even a small suit can cause problems with a shorter bridle. A Squirrel SkySnatch is a great all around Pilot Chute especially for wingsuiting but even for everyday use.