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  1. Hi to all what do you call the stool on wheels where skydivers practice positions?
  2. I will definitely look it up. Thank you Sir.
  3. I know Eloy was the best, that is why I went there. But what can you say? That was my experience. Ok so it's not just me. Actually I can not blame them. I guess they focus on PROs or some of them are tired and not enthused anymore. But on the other hand, whos going to reimburse ppl who come from far away to the biggest and best dropzone in the world? anyways, I guess one learns with experience. The thing in sport though, is that its costly and one can not trial and error. My decision is that I will next summer go to a smaller drop zone probably in Cali. are there any suggestions? Thanks guys for your time.
  4. Thank you guys for the time taken to reply. yeah i know Chicago runs another program. I will have to search the weather and see if it is stable during summer. cali is a good choice but i have to research it as well. Im worried about big dropzones like chicago or perris because of my experience in arizona. small dropzones would be more relaxed and available compared to big ones. What i learned in Sebastian was not even remotely compared to what arizona offered. Yes i will seriously start searching for dropzones in cali that are small. As for Dubai, you're right mate it is close and probably one of the best in the world if not the best. But let me tell you a story. In 2013 when i went to Sebastian, the airfare, the lodging, food and transportation, plus whats important the A license, 25 jumps, and still i would have spent less than going to Dubai for the license alone. Thank you guys for your responses and my apology for not answering you separately. Im new to forums and don't know how to use it properly. i will keep updating this post if any new comes up. Peace love and respect Blue Skies
  5. Hello all I am planning ahead of time for summer of 2020 to redo my AFF. It all started with flex's jump. I went to Dubai in 2012 for a tandem and new right there I wanted to do this all the time. but there is no dropzons home. Parachuting is still a military activity in Saudi Arabia. so I went to the states. One thing worth mentioning is that I was not an athlete and had always childhood obesity. anyways, that done with, I went to Sebastian Florida, end of may begining of april 2013. Little did I know, the weather was not merciful. I stayed for a whole week, seven days from 8 till 5 and could only jump twice. my instructor was a British gentleman who in my opinion was a super instructor. I forgot his name. I met him in january 2016 in Dubai plam dropzone. He moved there. I had to leave. The following year , 2014, I decided to go to the best place, or that how it was advertised. I went to the desert to Eloy AZ. i stayed for a few days and did 6 jumps and left. The place is superb for teams and professionals and those who are getting their ratings. my experience was bad. Instruction was lazy. Oversight was lax. one of my jumps I picked a 185 canopy rather than 240 for students. the guy in the equipment room was busy watching a movie on the 1960 10inch TV that was on. I decided to leave. now, my next trip is summer of 2020. And was thinking of skydive chicago. I'm new here and could use some pointers. please feel free to comment on my experince. Looking forward to hearing from you. Blue skies